Top 8 Essential Oil Bottles Wholesale Uk

The global market for essential oils was estimated at USD 18.6 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 20.28 billion in 2021. The industry for essential oils glass bottles has recently been rising in the global market due to its demand. There are a lot of factors that may contribute that people seek to find the best essential oil glass bottles for their fragrances and essential oils. There a variety of designs and sophisticated styles that may charm your way in various essential oil glass bottle manufacturer and distributor companies in United Kingdom.


Glass Bottles


With their significant growth in the industry of essential oil glass bottle manufacturer they have already established glass packaging supplier based in Hyde, Greater Manchester. They are more famously known to be sustainable options glass essential oil bottle manufacturer that do not cause so much damage to the environment.


  • They have various features that are suitable for every essential oil enthusiast such as child-resistant dropper and leak-resistant caps and glass bottles.
  • They have various sizes and shapes that is ideal for different bottling essential oils and fragrances.


Essential Oils Direct


Essentail Oils direct, offers you high quality essential oils and aromatherapy products direct to your home or business. They have been operating in the industry since 1993, building up an enviable reputation and a deep insight into the industry. The two decades worth of experience means they are perfectly placed to source the finest products on the market and offer you professional advice across a whole range of products.


  • They have a variety of essential oils offered in their product catalog more especially essential oil glass bottles that are durable and available in various colors.
  • They have hollow glass essential oil bottles perfect for your needs at an affordable price. They offer a great selection of various essential oil glass bottles in different product capacity.


Wares of Knutsford


A great option for clients who prefer classic and pleasing design of glass essential oil bottles. They have a large collection of bottles gathered together under the banner of Aromatherapy and Pharmacy Bottles. They have many customers experimenting and creating gorgeous and soothing lotions, creams and fragrance oils thus essential oil glass bottles are greatly in demand with beautiful styles and design present in their catalog.


  • They included a wide range of essential oil bottles from a tiny one of 5 mls all the way up to 1 litre in clear and amber glass.
  • They also have minimalist design and feel to their glass essential oil bottle products with cap enclosures in wooden and gold caps and can be customized according to your preferences.


Berlin Packaging


Since 1989 with over 100 years of professional experience they pioneered in creating a company that supplies essential oil glass bottles and containers for their clients who are in need of beautiful and durable glass essential oil bottles. They have been in the industry for years and has been one of the famous glass essential oil distributor throughout the country with numerous clients on their care.


  • They offer free consultation for your glass essential oil bottle needs and for you to have a great understanding on what will be the perfect fit for you and your brand.
  • They have 8oz and 16 oz Amber Glass Boston Round. They also have sampling sizes such as 10z and 3oz essential oil glass bottles with various shapes and sizes.




Ideon are known to be UK Suppliers of glass essential oil bottles and containers, and is part of Ampulla Ltd, a partner of Amphorea Packaging. They offer individuals and companies the opportunity to purchase small quantities of trade goods, including packaging, containers, caps and accessories. They have a great line of products that are available in stock and ready to be shipped from their warehouses.


  • The have 100ml Clear Glass Dropper Bottle With Dropper Cap And Insert 100ml glass dropper insert. The cap features a tamper evident band and includes a clear dropper insert, for easier and efficient use of essential oils.
  • They also have a variety of product capacity and different colors of glass bottles available in the product catalog.





They are a family owned business that is  focused on providing a friendly, great service and they are constantly sourcing stylish, efficient and affordable packaging. They are located in Hyde, Greater Manchester and are constantly expanding and, due to customer demand,they have branched out into European distribution. They have been in the industry and known to deliver innovative and stylish glass essential oil bottles for their clients.


  • They have 200ml Karen Diffuser Bottle with gold diffuser cap and Bung that is perfect for your essential oils and fragrances, They also have amber glass dropper essential oil glass bottles with dropper cap for convenient and easy to use glass bottles.
  • They have various essential oil glass bottles with different product capacity and glass design such as Blue, green, amber, clear and frosted.




They have been in the industry in the last 170 years. The Baldwins has helped establish 12 shops and has flourish to be London’s oldest herbalist. They have a great range of empty glass essential oil bottles that are perfect in shapes and sizes. They have variety of glass essential oil bottles that are equipped with droppers and plug insert for convenient using of essential oils and fragrances.


  • They have Alpha Amber Glass Bottle with Standard insert in 10ml and 5ml that is perfect for sample and trial sizes of essential oils and fragrances.
  • They have thick glass bottles that are with perfect durability and can be reused and recycled for sustainability.



Fresh Skin Beauty


Established since 2010, Freshskin Beauty have been supplying premium natural health and beauty products to individuals, hobbyists and wholesale customers who seek the best essential oils at cheap prices. They have been offering glass bottle packaging that are affordable and stylish that are perfect for essential oils and fragrances. There are a lot of options available in designs, shapes and sizes for their essential oils and are great in product quality.


  • They primarily offer essential oil glass bottles in wholesale and in kits. There are different product capacity that can cater to your needs.
  • The glass essential oil bottles are equipped with black cap and amber glass bottles with temper evident sealing. They have a great quality glass essential oils bottles in terms of durability and aesthetics.




With the rapid changes that has been happening in the global market for essential oils, it is without a doubt that the essential oils glass bottle and packaging market has  tight competition especially in United Kingdom with a lot of consumers and potential clients raving for essential oils to further improve the ambiance of their homes. There is a great selection of companies that you can trust in selecting the best glass essential oil bottle for you and your business.

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