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Glass Container Production

Manufacturer of Glass Containers in China-LOM Glassworks

We have been a natural gas-based glass container manufacturer and supplier since 1999, and have switched our coal production to natural gas.

The raw materials are obtained from top raw material suppliers, are non-toxic, and are food-safe. All your glass containers have been tested for quality.

There are 8 production lines with a daily output of 400,000. In addition, we maintain a large inventory of conventional glass containers that can meet your needs quickly.

All Types of Glass Containers to Support Your Business

There are more than 3000 models of glass bottles and glass jars in high-grade transparency with smooth surfaces, no bubbles, and no wrinkles. You can also get one-stop packaging solutions from LOM Glassworks.

Small Glass Containers
Small Glass Containers with lids for food storage, spices and candles
Glass Cosmetic Containers
Glass cosmetic containers with lids, choose frosted, amber, black and clear
Glass Pantry Storage Containers
Best large glass pantry storage containers, shapes in round and square
Glass Spice Containers
Best glass spice jars, spice containers glass, lids can be wooden lids, metal lids and bamboo lidglass
Glass Candle Containers
Glass candle containers with lids, colors are in frosted, black, amber, white and colored
Glass Flour Containers
Best large glass containers for flour and sugar, round and square airtight with lids
Glass Candy Containers
Antique vitage glass candy containers with lids, shapes can be custom in dog,chicken, rabbit
Glass Juice Containers
Best airtight glass orange juice containers with lids. 12oz, 250ml and 500ml
Glass Honey Containers
Empty glass honey containers with lids in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, shapes in round, hexagon and square
Glass Milk Containers
Custom empty glass milk bottles with lids, 8oz, 10oz, 16oz and 32oz
Glass Salad Dressing Containers
Vitage glass salsad dressing pourer containers in 9oz, 16oz with metal lids and plastic lids
Decorative Glass Containers
Large and small decorative glass containers with lids for food storage, bathroom, christmas
Glass Liquor Containers
375ml, 750ml, Liter custom empty fancy glass liquor containers with cork for sale
Yogurt Glass Containers
120ml, 7oz Greek yogurt glass containers with cork lids and plastic lids.
Glass Beer Containers
Best empty glass beer bottles in clear and amber, capacity in 375ml, 500ml, 8oz and 12oz.

Glass Containers Wholesale and Supplier For Your Business (3)

  • Glass Container manufacturers

    For kitchen storage of spices, flour, salads, sugar and other foods, you can choose small and large-high-quality glass containers. At the same time, bulk glass containers can be used for water, juice, drinks, liquor, chemical laboratories, and decorations.

  • Colored Glass Containers wholesale

    If you need wholesale glass containers, LOM Glassworks offers frosted glass containers, clear glass containers, green glass containers, brown glass containers, etc. In addition, we can paint your products in a variety of colors to meet your needs.

  • Glass Containers Wholesale with closure

    A variety of caps and closures are available for different glass containers. Our glass containers wholesale includes cork, metal lids, wooden lids, bamboo lids, swing-tops, pumps, and sprayers.

High Quality Glass Containers Wholesale Over 23 Years From China

Glass containers with lids wholesale are available from LOM Glassworks. Our glass is 100% recyclable, approved by FDA, and passed the GRAS standards.

Here you will find one-stop packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, personal care, food, and beverage industries.

There are over 3000 sizes and shapes of glass containers to choose from, which will satisfy your packaging needs.

Glass Containers Supplier-LOM Glassworks
Glass containers wholesale in China

Expert Glass Containers Manufacturer in China-LOM Glassworks

Glass bottles and jars manufactured by LOM Glassworks are safe and non-toxic. They are an excellent choice for the food, beverage, and cosmetic industries. The flavor of the products stored inside will not be affected. You can also customize glass containers and do surface treatments to match your branding.

Tell us your idea, our engineers will provide you with 3D drawings, and our mold teams will create your style mold for you quickly.

Glass Containers Wholesale For Glass Bottles and Glass Jars

Glass Bottles Wholesale, Glass Bottle Manufacturers, Glass Bottles wholesale
We supply you heat resistance glass bottles in various size for food and beverage, soada, liquor, cosmetics and body care.
Glass Jars Wholesale, Glass Jars Manufacturer and Supplier-LOM Glassworks
We supply wide mouth glass jars for candle, food storage, lotion, cream jars and decoration in any color and finish.
Caps and Closure for glass containers
Caps and closures are usefully for glass containers, you can choose metal, plastic, wooden, bamboo for your bottles and jars.

section Mason Jar Glasses

Certification for Glass Bottles
Certification for Glass Bottles
Cerfitication for Glass bottles
Certification for Glass Bottles


Why Choose LOM Glassworks as Your Glass Containers Supplier?

Glass Containers wholesale and manufacturers
Glass Containers wholesale and manufacturers
  •  Professional teamsTo improve your satisfaction, our mold team, engineer team,, and QC team should conduct training once a month and summarize the experience. Customer feedback should be collected by marketing every month.
    • Fast and reliable transportation should be provided.

    Through years of experience, we have built up a network of express companies and forwarder companies that we collaborate with to ship your glass containers to your local port. We will be able to assist you with a  customs clearance service if you let us know that is needed.

    • Fast delivery

    A total of 6 production lines produce different kinds of glass bottles and glass jars. Bottles can be customized. Delivery time is generally 20 to 30 days. If it is an inventory item, delivery occurs within a week.

    • Safe packaging

    There are a variety of packaging options available to you. Glass containers can be packaged using pallets, cartons, or cartons with pallets to reduce damage rates.

How Your Glass Containers Are Made?


Glass Bottle Manfacturer

Blow and blow Process

The bottles are formed by blowing compressed air into glass bottles. It is blown onto the melted gob and pressed to form the mold.

Soon, the embryo is developed to the upright position, reheated, and held more air. Thus, its shape is completely established. This method is used for bottles with smallmouths, such as wine glass bottles, beer glass bottles, and soda glass bottles.





Press and Blow Process

Glass Jar Manufacturer

The plunger and air are used to shape the bottle using the press and blow method. The plunger pushes the melted gob into the mold until it fits, and then blows air until the shape is appropriate.



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