Decorating Labeling

As a professional manufacturer of glass bottles and jars in China, LOM Glassworks has experience in decorating glass containers. Our services include decals and transfers, labeling, etching, frost, hot stamping, cracks, screen printing, polished, spray painting, electroplating and embossed. 

Decals and transfers

A decal can be printed in any shape or color on any type of glass bottle or jar, whether it is round or square, or irregularly shaped. Semi-automatic equipment makes your branding highly aesthetic.

  • Fits different shapes of bottles.
  • Colorful are acceptable.


Our label design can be oval, rectangular, or custom label sentiment to make your products more unique. 

A label is to represent your best brand, he can better communicate your brand and product information, and we can provide label production.




You can engrave any shape and pattern onto your glass bottle, making it feel bumpy. This is a great way to advertise your brand.


Frost finish

You can also decorate your glass bottles or jars with frosting to give them a full surface blur or translucent look. 

Frequenty, frosted glass bottles are applied to white or black spray black, and then frosted black. But blue and amber bottles can also have frost effects. 

Frost plus decal decoration can enhance the elegance of your glass containers, such as glass candle holders, beverage bottles, perfume bottles, etc..

  • Frost can be combined with silver hot stamping and screen printing decals
  • Frost makes your product appear more mysterious and elegant.
  • Frost can be all or a part.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is also known as metal printing, where only the text and image will be printed on metal foil and then transferred through a heat transfer machine onto a glass container.

  • Choose the metal color from gold, silver, copper, or bronze.
  • The metal will add value and shine to your product.
  • The hot stamping will last a long time.
  • It can be precise in every position.

Cracks Finish

Cracks are formed by placing the hot bottle directly into water during the production process and letting it work out quickly.

Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is a popular method for directly decorating your glass containers from direct face-to-face. 

The environmentally friendly reactive ink is suitable for automatic machines on glass and is available in 1 to 4 colors; if more colors are available, the cost and time will be higher. The decoration rate must be vertical or horizontal.


  • Enhance your product’s attractiveness and durability with a label.
  • It’s waterproof, scratch-resistant, and wrinkle-free.
  • Screen printing can be completed quickly to facilitate mass production.



Generally used on perfume bottles and high-end bottles, polished finishes make your bottles more shiny.


Spray Painting and Gradient Coating


Spray painting can be used to achieve gradient colors as well as colorful spray paint effects. You can also use matte black paint.

  • You can choose from a variety of color effects.
  • This can be combined with other processes to highlight the product.


 If your clear bottle is electroplated you will get a layer of metallic color on the surface, except for the top of the bottle and the inside, or you can choose to electroplate only the raised logo.

For luxury wine bottles, essential oil bottles, glass candle holders, etc., the color can be plated as metallic, gold, silver, red copper, brass, or various colors.

  • The color of the bottle is more vibrant and shiny.
  • The bottles are more luxurious.



This is because the mark is presented on the mold, which is generally used for custom molds of red wine bottles, beer bottles, perfume bottles, and diffuser bottles.

  • A mark used to identify your brand.
  • Reflects your brand better.
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