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Having developed, designed, manufactured, and marketed different kinds of glass candle jars for more than 20 years, LOM Glassworks specializes in research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of glass candle jars. We are aiming to provide you with heat-resistant glass jars for candles at this stage.

Our facility features a world-class management system and surface finishing system, allowing us to supply you with premium glass candle jars wholesale, decorative glass candle jars wholesale, frosted glass candle jars wholesale, unique candle jars wholesale and colored glass candle jars wholesale.

All your glass candle jars for sale are strictly inspected by our team to ensure no bubbles, no cracks, no deformations, and safe packaging.

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All of LOM Glassworks Empty Glass Candle Jars Wholesale and Manufacturer For You

As a professional candle jar manufacturer in China, LOM Glassworks offer a wide range of sizes in 4oz glass candle jars with lids, 6oz candle jars, 8oz glass candle jars, 12oz glass candle jars, and 16oz glass candles jars. With our best  heat proofglass candle containers, you can do DIY, pray, religious, Christmas, and apothecary.

Our custom candle jars  wholesale can accommodate just about any shape of the candle, including wide glass candle jars, tall, long, thick, square, straight-sided glass candle jars, glass skull candle jars, embossing on glass candle jars, etching on glass candle jars, and painting on glass candle jars. Also, we supply glass candle jars with lids wholesale and bulk, with lids available in cork, silver, wood, bamboo, and metal.

All of our glass candle jars are recycled, cheap, funky, pretty, luxury, unique, vintage, and fancy. We offer a variety of distinctively shaped, durable glass jars that make your product stand out on store shelves. We are always available to discuss and assist with your glass candle jar packaging idea.

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Glass Candle Jars with lid wholesale
Cear candle glass jars with lids wholesale in rose gold color
amber glass candle jars wholesale
Amber glass candle jars wholesale with bamboo lids in bulk,
Black Glass Candle Jars wholesale
Custom empty black glass candle jars wholesale with sliver lids for candle making in bulk
Square glass Candle Jars wholesale
Square glass candle jars wholesale, candle vessels wholesale for candle making
Clear Glass Candle
Clear glass candle jars wholesale in painted can do colored, frosted and decorative finish
frosted glass candle jars wholesale
Frosted glass candle jars wholesale with wooden lid
Colored Glass Candle Jars wholesale, wholesale candle jars with metal lids
Textured colored glass candle jars wholesale with metal lids
Luxury Candle Jars, luxury candle jars with lids wholesale
Elegant Luxury candle jars wholesale with mercury finish
Small Glass Candle Jars
Perfectly made for mini scented candle aromatheraphy candles. Clear textured glass emphasizes the natural and unique colors of your candles
30ml Candle Glass, candle jars with lids wholesale
Empty painted small glass candle jars with lids wholesale
Large Candle Jars
Pineapple shaped engraved customized glass candle jars for1days, 3days,5days, 7days,15days and 30days.
Lotus Glass Candle Jars
Lotus Glass Candle Jars for pray, religious, 1days, 3days, 7days,15days
Matte Black Glass Candle Jars
Matte Black glass candle jar wholesale with lids for candle making
fancy glass candle jars
Elegant Luxury Trendy pineapple engraved candle jars with Lid for decorative
8oz glass candle jars wholesale
8oz glass candle jars with lids wholesale,wide month preserve glass jars, durable and recyclable
Glass candle jars in painting

Custom Color and Different Finish

We offer a wide range of glass candle jars wholesale in a variety of sizes, as well as traditional and modern styles in round and square shapes. You can choose from a variety of glass candle jars with lids wholesale.

Empty glass candle jars can be painted or colored, making colors in black glass candle jars, white glass candle jars, amber glass candle jars, blue glass candle jars, green glass candle jars wholesale, pink candle jars wholesale, brown candle jars, red glass candle jars wholesale, and purple candle jars.

These jars can be used as luxury gifts, decorative centerpieces, or elegant art displays. Create something truly unique and personalized with our glass jar packaging and let your imagination run wild. Wholesale bulk glass jars are available for candle making wholesalers.

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Different Lids and Custom Packaging

Make your lids and glass jars fun, unique, and functional. There are a variety of designs and sizes available in our catalog. We offer glass candle jars with wooden lids wholesale, as well as glass candle jars with metal lids wholesale. For lids, we have cork lids, silver lids, wooden lids, metal lids, and bamboo lids.

There is a wide variety of LOM Glassworks glass candle jars and bottles available in a number of sizes, shapes, and colors. It is our guarantee that our bulk glass jars are made of high-quality glassware to ensure that they are durable, functional, and recyclable.

Now is the time to order your glass candle jars.

Lid option for glass candle jars

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Luxury fancy unique Glass Candle jars Wholesale

Candle Glass Jar Manufaturer, glass candle jar wholesale, candle jar supplier


The company aims to deliver outstanding service and high-quality custom glass candle jars wholesale and packaging, as well as pre-designed and personalized jars. The quality and safety of your glass candle jars have been certified by SGS, TUV, FDA,, and GRAS.

Our one-stop service offers efficient, affordable one-stop shopping where all of your requirements and details are taken care of.


Empty Glass Candle Jars Bulk, Empty Candle Jars Wholesale


We realize small entrepreneurs and our valued clients from all over the world may need an extra helping hand and more time to bring their glass candle jar concepts to life. As a glass candle jar packaging supplier, we will work with you and your business to establish and achieve the ideal glass jar packaging for your brand and business.


Custom Candle jar Manufacturer and Wholesale


Since LOM Glassworks was founded in 1999, we have had more than 20 years of development and production experience producing various kinds of glass products to be a professional candle jar company. Right now, we are striving to provide our valued clients around the globe with high-quality glass containers. We are always looking forward to our next milestones.

How to place your candle jar order from us?

If you are looking for candle jars with lids wholesale, please let us know the size, color, and shape. Please follow the steps below:

1. Send us a picture of your candle jar sample, or choose an item from our website or catalog for details.

2. Due to the fact that we have been exporting candle glass jars wholesale for 23 years, our sample room consists of all the candle jars you might want.

3. Our samples are usually clear. We will be happy to make your items in a specific color: midnight blue, amber, black, frosted, matte, hot stamped, screen printed and electroplated. You will receive a sample proof in 7 days.

4. If you need custom candle jars wholesale, we can new candle jar designs and produce the mold. Send us your samples for reference. A trial mold will be made, and the proof will be made and surface treated within 7 days.

5. Once the sample is approved, we will begin mass production.

6. We also offer labeling and lids for candles. The lids can be made with metal, bamboo, or wooden materials; you can customize the color and engrave your company’s logo on them.

7. Custom packaging and decorative accessories.

8. Shipment arrangements

We offer carton packing plus wrap-around pallets so that your products can be delivered safely.

What's the types of Candle Jars?

We have supplied glass candle holders wholesale for 23 years and know more about glass candle jars and candle tumbler jars, which mainly can be distinguished from the shapes, lid, and surface treatment.

1. Candle Jar Shapes

The most common shapes of glass candle jars include round, square, mason candle jars, straight side, apothecary jars, jelly jars,  cylinder jars wholesale, and Southeast Asia’s most popular pineapple jar and lotus shapes.

2. Candle Lids

Glass candle jars have different types of lids that define their type

  • Glass candle jars with metal lids
  • Glass candle jars with cork lids
  • Glass candle jars with bamboo lids
  • Glass candle jars with wooden lids
  • Glass candle jars with glass lids

3. Surface treatment

Identify the types of glass candle jars based on the finishes.

  • Frost glass candle jars
  • Painting colored glass candle jars
  • Matte glass candle jars
  • Amber glass candle jars
  • Blue glass candle jars
  • Mercury glass candle jars
  • Embossed glass candle jars
  • Decorative glass candle jars
  • Electroplated candle jars

For more information, click here.

What Are The Different Types Of Candle Lids?

We offer you candle jar and lids wholesale for you, the lids are metal lids, wooden lids, bamboo lids, glass lids, and plastic lids.

  • Metal Lids

Metal screw lids and flat metal lids are made of aluminum and steel in anodizing. The colors available are black, gold, silver, red copper and bronze. You can engrave your logo on the lid, which promotes your brand more effectively.

  • Bamboo Lids

The bamboo lid is an eco-friendly choice with rubber gaskets to prevent leaks during transportation.

  • Wooden lids

From oak, beech, lotus and many other species of wood, wooden lids can be chosen with the grain of the wood itself. Color can also be applied to wooden lids.

  • Glass lids

With a transparent glass lid, the color of the candle inside can be seen clearly. This material is very stable.

You may choose from the links below to view all of our candle lid options.

What colors of candle jars you can choose?

We provide unique glass candle jars wholesale and colored glass jars to make candles at a competitive price.

Black and white frosted glass candle jars wholesale are very popular, and the matte effect is also very popular.

Clear glass jars can be sprayed in black, white, blue, brown, green, red, blue, and pink using color spraying equipment.

Through electroplating, we can make custom candle jars bulk into gold, silver, copper, and bronze, which looks very shiny.

Decorative glass candle jars in mercury and luxury, elegant, vintage can be made by baking and painting.

Please check here for more details about the surface finish on custom candle jars wholesale.

What different sizes of candle jars?

Glass candle jars of all sizes are available in bulk, including wide, tall, thick, long, round, square, and small.

When choosing your custom glass candle jars wholesale, the first thing to consider is the size.

Wholesale candle containers and bulk are available in 4 ounces, 6 ounces, 8 ounces, 10 ounces, 12 ounces and 16 ounces.

Candles for praying in religious gass jars such as pineapple candle jars, lotus candle jars, and large straight side candle jars are generally available in 1 day candle jars, 3 day candle jars, 7 day candle jars, 15 day candle jars and 30 day candle jars.

Custom packaging for your glass candle jars?
  • Pallet packing

On the pallet will be neatly placed the glass candle jar packaging from the production line.

Based on the capacity of the container, the packaging workshop can determine the pack.

Once that’s done, wrap your glass candle jars in pallet wrapping film for a more compact and safer packing.

Pallet packaging is the most affordable type. It can also make good use of the container space.

  • Carton Packing

Cardboard boxes can be printed according to your specifications, reflecting your branded candle jars.

When candle jars come down from the production line, they are put into a carton of small boxes in an orderly manner, so that they can be well protected from collision breakage.

  • Customized Internal Small Package

Empty glass candle jars wholesale can be packed with the lids together in small printed cartons and then packaged in export cartons before being pallet wrapped.

You can save money on local repacking by using this method for wholesalers and retailers.

Please contact us if you need assistance with packaging.

Why Glass Is the Perfect Materials for Glass Candle Jars

Frequently, candle containers will not be able to withstand heat, so the heat from the candle will be able to break the container.

For the purpose of making glass jars, glass is ideal due to its high level of heat resistance. We supply heat resistant glass jars for making candles, our glass candle jars are made from thick enough glass to withstand the heat generated by candles.

Furthermore, glass candle jars offer a beautiful view of the candle burning process as well as the beauty of the wax as well.

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