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LOM GLassworks Glass Liquor Bottles are widely known and used for their nonporous nature,  and their ability to prevent contaminants and chemicals from leaching into products. Our glass liquor bottles are a popular choice when it comes to storing and preserving alcoholic beverages.

We take pride in ourselves in being one of the highly sought-after Chinese wholesale glass liquor bottle manufacturer who strive to produce top notch quality glass liquor bottles from scratch. Our processes include mixing raw materials, melting, molding, and annealing. We also offer customized packaging like embossed labels, laser screen printing, and engraving.

We are noted as one of the best glass manufacturers in China. We have been supplying food grade and ISO certified glass liquor bottles to many small companies and big companies all over the world by wholesale. We proudly present that we have garnered clients form over 108 countries and regions,we also have 25 distributors worldwide. Send us a message now for inquiries and quotations. Order Now!

All Of Glass Liquor Bottles From LOM Glassworks

Our glass liquor bottles are manufactured from thick and durable glass that are perfect solution for either a small-scale home distillery or a large retail operation. Whether you are making your own whiskey, distilling and bottling your own vodka, liking to buy empty liquor whiskey bottles, or need liquor bottles for your own special tequila, LOM Glassworks has a wide range of glass liquor bottles perfect for you.

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  • Glass Liquor Bottles Manufacturers

    The sizes are available in 3oz, 8oz, 32oz, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 750ml. We are open to customized shape and size customization.

  • Glass Liquor Bottles Wholesales

    Shapes are available in classic round and slim design, square, and customized shapes such as gun, roses and skull designs.

  • Glass Gun Liquor Bottles

    Colors available are crystal clear, white milk, blue, black, red, green, brown, amber and any personalized colors according to your request and specifications are possible.

Glass Liquor Bottles Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glass Liquor Bottles Manufacturer and Suppliers For you

LOM Glassworks manufacturing facilities is equipped with modern equipment capable of producing more glass containers at a shorter time. We produce top grade  glass liquor bottles, crystal white/super white flint glass bottles in outstanding quality, high-transparency, and smooth surface finish. The daily output 200,000 to 400,000 pcs daily. This gives us a huge advantage in accommodating bulk orders.

To improve and enhance the image of your brand we cater customization options include applied ceramic labeling (ACL) technology, acid-etching, engraving, hot stamping, screen printing, shrink sleeves, spray coating, and pressure-sensitive labeling. Accessories for glass liquor bottles includes a tamper-evident screw finish or an authentic wood T-top cork, stopper, metallic lid, screw caps, and swing top caps.

As one of the most trusted glass liquor bottle manufacturers, we can guarantee you that we can create the best glass liquor bottle packaging for your products. Feel free to send us a message and our customer support we’ll get in touch with you. Order now!

Glass Liquor Bottles Supplier and Wholesale

Glass liquor Bottles Suppliers

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Why Choose LOM Glassworks?


We are a distinguished and trusted glass liquor bottle and packaging supplier

We aim to provide an outstanding service and world-class quality of customized glass liquor bottles and packaging. We offer pre-designed and customizable glass liquor bottles. Our glass liquor bottle have passed the SGS, TUV, FDA and GRAS ensuring the quality and safety of our glass liquor bottle. We manufacture top grade quality glass liquor bottle.

Choosing LOM Glasswoks will guarantee efficient, affordable one-stop service were all your requirements and details are fulfilled.

We cater your orders no matter how big or small

We understand small entrepreneurs and our valued clients from all over the world may need extra helping hand and time to make their glass liquor bottle concepts and ideas come to reality. We dedicated to support you and your business as your glass liquor bottle packaging manufacturing supplier to create and achieve your ideal glass liquor bottle packaging for your brand and business.


 More than 20 years of development and production experience


LOM Glassworks was founded in 1999, for more than 20 years of developmental and production experience we specialize in researching, designing, manufacturing and marketing various kinds of glass products. At this stage, we strive to provide our valued clients from around the globe world-class quality glass containers. And we are always looking forward to the next milestone.





In terms of storing and preserving the exceptional taste of the liquors and alcoholic beverages it is best to opt for glass bottle packaging. Glass bottles are widely known and a popular choice to give off elegant look  and ideal for preserving the quality of the product. Glass are known to be nonporous in nature meaning it doesn’t absorb any of the product placed inside and it doesn’t mix with  any product or materials used in the manufacturing of the glass that may contaminate the liquor or alcoholic beverage. There is a very low chance of spillage and leakage of the liquors. Glass bottles are a great choice for either small-scale home distilling or a large-scale distilling.

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