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LOM Glassworks manufactures and exports Food Processed Glass Jars, Perfume Bottles, Medicine Bottles, Liquor Bottles, Cosmetic Bottles, Chemical Bottles, Caps, Spray Pumps, and other glass closures in various designs and qualities.

Our over 20 years of experience, backed by a special emphasis on customer satisfaction, has led us to become one of the top glass bottle manufacturers in the business. We provide our customers with a comprehensive solution for their packaging needs by providing the highest quality of accessories for every bottle we produce. This results in our products being more affordable than others, which has lifted us to the position of leadership in the glass container business.

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Forerunner of LOM Glassworks

On 1st October 1999, LOM Glassworks Co., Ltd was established in China
LOM expanded its product line.
2004-Commercial Production
Commercial production began with a 40-ton-per-fountain capacity.
2006-Second Expanded
The capacity of furnace 1 has been increased to 60 tons
2008-ISO 9001 & GMP
Our ISO 9001 and GMP certifications are world-class
2011-Flint Glass Production
Flint's glass production began.
2013-Third Expanded
The capacity of furnace 2 was initially 40 tons
2014 and 2015-Super Flint and Crystal Glass Production
Furnace 3 and Furnace 4 started at 60 tons per furnace
2016-HK Fair
Meet us at the Exhibition every year
2018-Surface Finishing Factory
Electroplating, hot stamping, polishing, screen printing, embossing, engraving, frosting, coating, and more.
2020-2021-Invested a plastic products factory
Dispenser pumps, trigger sprayers, diffuser caps, and other plastic caps are available.

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What makes LOM Glassworks a good glass container supplier? It’s all about trust. LOM glassware is used every day in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as in countless other environments.

Since LOM Glassworks has been in this industry in China for years, the company has a positive reputation in the market. We at LOM Glassworks ensure that you have a happy glass packaging experience once you choose our company.

Due to its advanced 6S, 8S, and 9S full-automatic machines, and first-class production management system, LOM’s glass packaging stands out from the competition.

Major facts about LOM Glassworks

Providing quality products is our main objective. We make sure that only quality products are delivered to our clients. Our entire range of products is manufactured from quality materials and is duly checked at each stage of the production process. A variety of parameters are monitored, including quality, durability, and finishing.
We have a diligent team of professionals, which work hard to achieve total client satisfaction. The team understands the requirements of the clients and offers them a desired range of products. We adopt only ethical and fair recruitment practices for a highly skilled and experienced workforce.
We manufacture perfume bottles, liquor bottles, drinking bottles, cosmetic jars, candle storage containers, and beverages. Therefore, we have been able to build a prestigious list of clients in countries such as the United States, France, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Turkey, etc.

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