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As a glass perfume bottle manufacturer and Supplier in China, LOM Glassworks exported recycled, eco-friendly, best empty perfume bottles wholesale for 23 years.

A variety of sizes of 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, and other custom perfume bottles are available. Also available are sprayers, glass sticks, stoppers, atomizers, droppers, glass applicators and pumps for perfume and fragrance bottles wholesale .

In addition to clear perfume bottles, we also offer black, brown, green, pink, blue, red, purple, white, and the popular gradient colors achieved with surface treatment painting and gold and silver plating.

You can customize the  perfume bottle shapes from square, round, rectangular, shoes shaped, heart-shaped, and we also can offer you unique perfume bottles wholesale by your design.

Glass Perfume Bottles Manufacturer and Supplier For You

LOM Glassworks offers a wide variety of pre-designed and custom glass perfume bottles for sale. Our company supply china glass perfume bottles bulk in a variety of shapes and sizes.

We not only provide small glass perfume bottles wholesale but also provide large decorative glass perfume bottles and luxury perfume bottles wholesale. Here you can complete the one-stop purchase of glass perfume bottles. The following perfume bottles come in a variety of designs, colors, capacities, and closures.

Also you can contact us for custom glass perfume bottles. Let you know how we can make your new glass perfume bottle design come to life. Send us your inquiries and place your orders now!

Glass perfume bottle wholesale
Specializing in bulk order we provide wholesale price with minimum order quantity
Glass Perfume spray bottles Wholesale, perfume spray bottle wholesale
We off you glass perfume spray bottles wholesale with customizable in shape, design and size
Empty glass perfume bottles wholesale
Perfect to enhance the overall appearance of your product highlighting your brand
Coloured glass perfume bottles
Spice up your glass perfume bottles with a pop of colors. Colors and textures are available for custom-made orders
30ml 50ml glass perfume bottles
High-end Glass perfume bottles capacity can hold about 30ml-50ml of product. The size and it’s capacity is open for customization
Custom perfume bottles manufacturer
Turn your Glass perfume bottle ideas to reality partnering with us. We accept custom-made Glass Perfume Bottles to satisfy your needs
Empty perfume bottles with atomizer
Level up the look and style of you glass perfume bottles and enhance the overall appearance of your product with us
crystal perfume bottles wholesale
Showcasing luxury and high-end crystal glass perfume bottle perfect for your favorite fragrance and your brand
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Offering wholesale on our high-quality glass spray perfume bottles perfect for your fragrance or perfume business
Colored Glass Perfume Bottles

How to achieve the custom look of your glass perfume bottle?

Step 1. Feel free to message us with your design or idea. We will provide and create a sample blueprint of the design you desire.

Step 2. You can get the glass perfume bottle you want by converting 2D files to 3D files and prototyping.

Step 3. We will curate molding only for your design.

Step 4. Let us help you finalize your surface finish and texture choices.

Step 5. After sample approval, we can create your customized molds and begin production.

How We Make Your Perfume Bottles

Mason Jars

Glass Candle Jars Wholesale
We offer you Glass Candle Jars Wholesale with lids bulk, lids can be wooden, bamboo and metal. Color are in amber, blue, clear, frosted, colored.
Diffuser Bottles Wholesale
As a empty glass perfume bottles supplier, we also offer you diffuser bottles wholesale, luxury diffuser bottles wholesale with caps in different size. The empty diffsuer bottles can be black and square, you will have unique diffuser bottles.
car perfume bottle wholesale
We are the empty car perfume bottle wholesale with wooden and bamboo caps. You can choose luxury, vintage and custom car diffuser bottles.
Roll on Bottles Wholesale
Roll on Bottles Wholesale, roll on bottles manufacturers, glass roll on bottles wholesale, perfume roller bottles wholesale, empty roll on perfume bottles. 10ml roll on bottles wholesale
Essential Oil Bottles Wholesale
Essential Oil Bottles Wholesale, essential oil bottles supplier, We supply you essential oil bottles with dropper and labels service.

China Glass Perfume Bottles Wholesale and Supplier

As a professional glass perfume bottles supplier in China, we offer vintage, antique, fancy, recycled, stylish, refillable, unique perfume bottles wholesale.

Our company offers small perfume bottles wholesale as well as large decorative glass perfume bottles. With silk screen printing and electroplating, we are able to produce stylish glass bottles in a wide range of sizes and styles. Combining hot stamping, frosted, matte, and etched finishes.

Grow your business with wholesale unique perfume glass bottles from us. We can help you design the perfect china glass perfume bottles.

Custom perfume bottles wholesale

Luxury Perfume Bottles Manufacturer and Unique perfume bottles wholesale

As an empty perfume bottles manufacturer, we manufacture 400,000*500,000 glass bottles per day for food, beverage, and cosmetic packaging.

We use high-quality fine white glass for perfume spayer bottle bulk, with a very translucent surface, a better texture, and a higher price than some common glass raw materials.

  • One-Stop Solution

LOM Glassworks offers custom perfume packaging solutions, including wholesale perfume bottles, perfume bottles closures, and perfume packaging. Various closure types such as glass stick, atomizer, pump, dropper, silver overlay, glass applicator and spray.

  • Developing

A 3D drawing of your ideal perfume bottle can be provided to you within 7-24 hours by our engineers if you have specific requirements for perfume sets.

  • 3000+ Models

We offer more than 3000 perfume bottle models. Shapes include square, round, rectangular, as well as take-away shoe shaped and heart-shaped. You can choose from a variety of sizes, including 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, and  small Car Perfume Bottles.

  • Quality Assurance
SGS and Asian Inspection have conducted strict quality inspections on all your perfume bottles bulk.
How We Make Glass Perfume Bottles?
As a perfume bottle  supplier, we manufacture wholesale perfume bottles by melting, molding, annealing, inspecting, and decorating ingredients.
  • Batching

The main raw materials for glass perfume bottles are silica sand (SiO2), sodium oxide (Na2O) from soda ash, calcium oxide (CaO) from limestone/dolomite, and dolomite (MgO), feldspar (Al2O3). These raw materials are prepared in a certain proportion and mixed uniformly by a mixer.

  • Melting
Using high temperatures in a furnace, the glass mixture is melted into a bubble-free and homogeneous liquid glass.
Perfume bottles are manufactured using two melting furnaces. One is the crucible furnace, which consists of a small kiln for optical glass and colored glass.
In a pot furnace, raw materials are melted openly at temperatures of 1300 degrees Celsius and 1600 degrees Celsius. It is also an electric melting furnace with flame heating.
  • Molding
Molten glass liquid is sliced and divided into small, uniform-weight balls. The balls are then transported to a mold, cooled to a plastic state of viscous liquid, and then solidified.
The methods of molding can be divided into two categories: manual molding and mechanical molding.
  • Annealing
High temperatures affect the shape of glass during the formation process. In order to reduce the thermal stresses of the glass, it must be annealed to remove and reduce the thermal stresses.
  • Inspecting
The engineer will inspect the appearance of the production line, and through strict light, an inspection can identify bubbles, stresses, or sand particles. It is an integral part of the quality control process for glass perfume bottles.
  • Decoration
The bottles coming off the production line are clear glass bottles. The surface can be further treated by adding some decoration. In addition to OEM and ODM services, we also provide perfume bottle caps.
How to custom your own glass perfume bottles?
As a custom perfume bottle manufacturer and supplier, we are committed to providing our customers with the most cutting-edge and high quality products and services. Custom perfume bottles can be ordered with a minimum quantity of 30,000 pieces. Moreover, we have a large selection of common styles in stock with a minimum order quantity of 2,000 pieces.
  • Design Concept
Contact our designers to discuss perfume bottle design and develop the perfume packaging project. With a stylish cap and high-quality surface treatment, your perfume bottle will stand out.
After you confirm the size and shape capacity of our existing glass perfume bottle model, we will send you free samples for reference.Tell us your perfume bottle shape, size, decoration, and other requirements.
For perfume bottles, we can provide 3D renderings and models for proofing. 3D rendering drawings allow you to clearly see the shape, color and decorative lid effect of the perfume bottle.
  • 3D printing prototypes
Based on your feedback, we offer pre-production 3D printing. It will help ensure a smooth project completion. After you approve the 3D model, we will make the first sample of glass perfume bottles and send them for your approval. After sample approval, mass production is arranged.
  • Customized packaging
We provide wholesale glass perfume bottles in addition to customized packaging services, to enable you to make a one-stop purchase.
How to package your glass perfume bottles?

To ensure bulk perfume bottles arrive safely at your warehouse during transportation, we pack them in cartons, place them on pallets for wrapping film, and offer individual perfume bottle carton printing, customized wooden boxes, and luxury perfume boxes.

What Colors Are Available For Glass Perfume Bottles?

As a professional custom perfume bottle manufacturer, LOM Glassworks offers empty  perfume bottles wholesale in clear and colored stock perfume bottles.

It is possible to add labels, logos, and coating effects to perfume containers.

A suitable color can better display the bottle’s characteristics, as well as better reflect the scent of different perfumes.

Colors on the Pantone color chart can be single, such as black, amber, green, pink, blue, red, purple, white, and brown, and can also be customized with metallic plating effects, such as silver, gold, bronze, and copper.

Your personalized perfume bottle can also be customized with gradient colors.

What's the size of glass perfume bottles?

Based on our experience with exporting wholesale glass perfume bottles and industry reports, 50-150ML glass perfume bottles are the best sellers as they are convenient and compact. Our perfume bottles come in 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 150ml. 200ml and 250ml and 500ml.

Also, we offer 2ml, 5ml, and 10ml wholesale small perfume bottles for perfume samples.

What's the shapes of glass perfume bottles?

Custom Perfume Bottles Wholesale

A variety of shapes and sizes are available for our perfume bottles. These include teardrops, Heart Shapes, heels, human body shapes, square, round, rectangle, flowers, lighthouses, Eiffel Towers, and many others. Our designers are happy to design the shape that you desire, and they can do the first model immediately.

What's the surface finish you can make on your glass perfume bottles?

We make unique perfume bottles wholesale by labeling, engraving, spraying, silk-screening, hot stamping,  painting, frosted, matte.

  • Labeling

We can make your brand more visible and memorable to consumers with metal markings or paper labels.

  • Engraved

Your logo can be engraved on the mold of your glass perfume bottle, giving it a bumpy texture that will last forever.

  • Painting

We make your perfume bottle collection more unique by painting the surface with a monochrome or gradient coating.


  • Silkscreen and Hot stamping

To improve the aesthetics of the perfume bottle, have your logo or design silk-screened or hot stamped on the surface in either white, gold, or silver.

Your perfume will look more mysterious if it is matte and frosted.

What caps and closure you can choose from LOM Glassworks?
As a professional perfume bottle wholesale supplier, we also offer caps and closures for perfume bottles.
There are many types of closures you can use on your perfume bottles, such as a glass stick, stopper, atomizer, spray, pump, dropper, and glass applicator and roller.
We can also engrave your closure with a logo or customize different shapes, unique designs if necessary.
Why are perfume bottles made of glass?
It is common for perfume bottles to be made from glass since it is safe, recyclable, environmentally friendly, and retains fragrance well.
Additionally, glass perfume bottles look more luxurious than plastic, and can be custom finished to enhance the appearance.
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