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Essential Oil Glass Bottle Suppliers And Wholesales

Glass Oil Bottles Wholesales

Essential Oil Bottles Wholesales And Manufacturers For Your Project

LOM Glassworks is known to be one of the  trusted and highly esteemed manufacturing company that was founded in 1999. With over 20 years over professional experience and specialized research and designing, we have become a reliable Glass Oil Bottle supplier serving over 108 countries and regions.

We can offer different shapes and sizes of glass oil bottles that can be used for container for castor oil, fish oil, hair oil, car oil, coconut oil, engine oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, body oil, and so much more. As an experienced glass oil bottle manufacturer and supplier, we can fully meet some special needs of your cosmetics and beverage, food, personal care, home and pharmaceutical industry. We also provide one-stop packaging and accessories services.

As one of the most trusted glass oil bottle manufacturers, we can guarantee you that we can create the best glass oil packaging for you. Feel free to send us a message and our customer support we’ll get in touch with you. Order now!

Your Best Essential Oil Bottles Manufacturer in China

We have an extensive collection of glass oil bottles in bulk available in variety of specifications. They come in different colors, such as brown, clear, amber, black, blue, dark, decorative, green and we can do custom glass oil bottles. We also offer glass oils bottles in various sizes  –1oz,  4oz, 8oz, 16oz,  30ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml,and 1 Quaret.

Glass Oil Botte with Gold Stopper
Glass Oil Bottle equipped with stylish and unique look perfect for kitchen. Gold stopper doesn’t only showcase a beautiful design but the stopper securely holds the oil contents of the glass oil bottle.
Glass Oil And Vinegar Bottles
Glass oil bottle is great for product storage such as oils and vinegar that can be used in the household. Slim design for easy grip feature.
Glass Oil Bottle Dispenser
Glass Oil Dispenser is great for distributing oil in a decent amount and secures the contents withing the glass bottles. Leak-proof and corrosive resistant mechanism.
Empty Glass Bottles for Olive Oil
Maintaining the freshness and excellent product quality of the oils that you are serving, our glass oil bottles are equipped with silicon closure for airtight freshness of the oils.
Clear Glass Olive Oil Bottles
Classic design perfect for a cozy and clean look of your kitchen. Clear glass Oil Bottles are made with thick glass ensuring its durability. With its clear glass you can easily the contents of the glass oil bottle.
Amber Glass Oil Bottles
Suitable for photo sensitive or light sensitive oils. It’s shade is ideal for maintaining the effectiveness of the oil and maintains its freshness. Perfect for body and facial oil glass bottles.
Green Square Glass Oil Bottles
It’s unique shape will be perfect for your home. The Green Square Glass Oil Bottle is made with thick glass that ensures it it durable, recyclable and reusable glass oil container.
Glass Olive Oil Spray Bottles
Glass Olive Oil Spray Bottles, its feature with trigger sprayer is great for distributing and controlling the amount of dispensed oil.
Smalll Glass Oil Bottles
Small Glass Oil Bottle is ideal for sample sizes, travel friendly and compact feature of the glass oil bottles. Carry your desired oils for a trip, camping or as a special gift.

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  • Colors of glass oil Bottles

    Our colors are available in shades of brown, amber, black, blue, dark, decorative and green. We accept personalized request for your orders.

  • Custom Packaging of glass oil bottles

    Our packaging guarantees secure and low rate of breakage of the glass oil bottles. We ensure that iur glass oil bottles will be delivered safe from us to your business.

  • Shapes of glass oil Bottles

    An extensive line available for the shapes of glass oil bottles to choose from we have round, squarem customized and with handles.

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Glass Oil Bottles Manufacturing
Glass oil bottles Manufacturer and supplier

Glass Oil Bottles Wholesale for You

LOM Glassworks manufacturing facilities is equipped with modern equipment capable of producing more glass oil bottle containers at a shorter time. We produce top grade glass oil glass bottles, crystal white/super white flint glass bottles in outstanding quality, high-transparency, and smooth surface finish. The daily output 200,000 to 400,000 pcs daily. This gives us a huge advantage in accommodating bulk orders.

Glass Oil Bottles Wholesale and Supplier For You

Glass Oil Bottles Suppliers

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Glass Oil Bottles Manufacturer and Suppliers For You

We at LOM Glassworks are here to offer great discounts for our world-class quality glass oil bottles. Clients from the food industry are raving our glass oil bottles fro its durability, design and its feautures. If you are looking to purchase glass oil bottles or containers for your business, LOM Glassworks offers a variety of food-safe glass bottles and jars to hold your homemade oil, cooking oil, vegetable oils, oloive oils and so much more. We also provide many shapes and sizes of necks, ensuring that you’ll find a container that suits your specific manufacturing needs.

Be part of our growing clientele and send us a message for any inquiries and quotation. Order now!


Olive Oil in Plastic Bottle Vs. Glass Oil Bottles

The glass oil bottle are perfect for olive oil storage for the reason that glass is nonporous and impermeable, which means that glass oil bottle won’t change the flavor, color or smell of the product inside especially olive oils. Using Glass for olive oil bottles and other food bottles also give your product a high-class look that enhances the quality of the brand. Customers will also appreciate that glass oil bottles can be reusable and recyclable.


Accessories closure for Glass Oil Bottle

We have a variety of accessories that are great for glass oil bottle closure. Accessories that are equipped with our glass oil bottles are perfect for keeping an air-tight and secure closure for your oils. We supply and manufacture a broad range of metal lids, plastic lids, stainless steel Stopper and dispenser that are great for dispensing a controlled amount of oil, liquid or product of your liking.


Metal Lid – are great closure for glass bottle that securely fastens the container keeping harmful contaminants away from the product inside the bottle.

Plastic Lid – Airtight seal that secures the oils and other products inside the glass bottles. Customizable in shape, colors and size.

Stainless Steel Stopper – Corrosive resistant and leak-proof mechanism available for you. These features allows easy access to the contents inside the glass oil bottles].

Dispenser -Top grade manufactured dispenser for glass oil bottles are used. We ensure the durability of the dispenser and great in controlling the amount of oil.

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