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Glass Milk Bottles Wholesales in China

Expert Glass Milk Bottle Wholesale and Manufacturer in China

The LOM Glassworks is a glass milk bottle company. We have been manufacturing bulk milk bottles since 1999.

Our wholesale glass milk bottles are food-safe, BPA-free, and of high quality to ensure that milk tastes fresh. Their capacity ranges from 200 ml to 500 ml. There are clear glass milk bottles and tinted glass milk bottles that can be used for parties or decorations.

Feel free to contact us if you need glass milk bottles.

All of LOM Glassworks Glass Milk Bottles To Support Your Business

A glass milk bottle supplier in China can provide you with old fashion glass milk bottles and vintage glass milk bottles. They are all recycled and reused.

You can make them square or round, like a dollar tree. Custom glass milk bottles are also available here. There are so many types of glass milk bottles, from gallon glass milk bottles to mini glass milk bottles. These bottles have capacities ranging from 8oz glass bottles to 12oz glass bottles, 200ml glass milk bottles to 500oz glass bottles.

If you are looking for wholesale glass milk bottles with lids and straws, please contact us.


Glass Milk Bottles With Lids Wholesale
Glass milk bottles are equipped with lids to help secure and maintain the freshness of the your product, beverages and milk.
Clear glass mik bottles with lid
Glass milk bottles are equipped with lids to securely fasten the contents of your glass milk bottles. Lids are customizable in surface finish, color and features.
Glass Milk Bottles with handle
Glass milk bottles are quipped with handles perfect for safe grip of the glass bottles. Features extra safety of your beverage, product and milk.
vintage glass milk bottles wholesale
Vintage aesthetic to appeal your customers showcasing a classic and vintage design of glass milk bottles.
milk bottle shaped glasses
Our glass milk bottles are customizable in shapes. We are equipped with 3D printers to meet all your specifications for crafting your desired glass milk bottles.
12oz glass milk bottles wholesale
We have a extensive inventory of variety of sizes and product capacity for our glass milk bottles this includes 12oz glass milk bottles.
300ml glass milk bottles
300ml glass milk bottles are perfect for storing beverages, milk and many more. It can be used as a perfect give-away gift with its unique and classic design.
Small glass milk bottles
Small glass milk bottles are ideal for samples sizes of your products and perfect for carry on glass milk bottles that you can use everywhere you go. Compact in design and travel friendly.
best glass milk bottle with Cork
Cork enclosure for your glass milk bottles will give you an extra appeal of design and accent to your ordinary glass milk bottles.

Glass Milk Bottles Manufacturer Support Your Business (3)

  • 1-Size of glass milk bottles

    A variety of sizes available for your selection includes 4oz, 7oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 64oz, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml, 2Litre, and 1/2 gallon

  • Shapes of glass milk bottles

    Shapes such as square and round are common. The shape can be customized, which could be a wide mouth for homemade yogurt. Small glass bottles could be used for drinks and beverages.

  • -Caps and Closures of glass milk bottles

    In addition to clear glass milk bottles, we also offer painted glass milk bottles, such as blue glass milk bottles, amber glass milk bottles, and white glass milk bottles.

LOM Glassworks is your one-stop shop for your wholesale glass milk bottle needs. (3)

Glass Milk Bottles Manufacturer and Wholesale-LOM Glassworks

Glass Milk Bottles Manufacturer and Supplier For you

Glass milk bottles are available in square and round shapes. Whether you want small glass milk bottles or large glass milk bottles, we have different sizes available.

Besides the size, we offer you glass milk bottles with lids wholesale, the lids can be cork lids, metal lids and plastic caps, silicone lid and wire carrier, cork lids, screw lids and stoppers.

In order to meet the needs of our clients, we offer design and customization services. Our other glass containers include mason jars and glass jars for the food, beverage, and cosmetic industries.

Let LOM Glassworks be your one-stop solution for milk packaging.

Glass Milk Bottles Wholesale and Supplier For You

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Glass Milk Bottles Wholesale and Supplier


As one of the leading manufacturers of wholesale glass milk bottles. We have everything you need at affordable prices. We have a wide variety of varieties of glass containers in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors – so you’re sure to find the right packaging for your business.

As a glass milk bottle manufacturer, we provide you with a design that makes a glass milk bottle more functional, refillable, and resealable, as well as unique.

Additionally, we offer labeling, printing, embossing, and decoration services for glass milk bottles.

Glass Milk Bottles Caps

Empty Glass Milk Bottles with Lids Wholesale


There are also more options like glass milk perfume bottles, glass milk tea bottles, glass milk liquor bottles, and glass milk spice bottles. We produce milk glass bottles made from eco-friendly, re-usable food-grade glass material, which can be used to store babies’ milk, breast milk, nut milk, cow milk, oat milk and frozen milk.

If you are looking for vintage glass milk bottles wholesale, we can do custom labeling, painting glass bottles, and printed glass bottles for you. For your glass milk bottles project, you will have antique, fancy, and fresh glass milk bottles.

Glass Milk Bottles Making Process

Glass Milk Bottles Vs. Plastic

Milk bottles made of glass are reusable and recyclable. Plastic containers can also contain BPA, but these are free of it. In storing milk and other beverages, glass milk bottles are a great option to ensure that the product is protected from harmful contents that might mix with it if it is packed in plastic.

Caps For Glass Milk Bottles

Accessories that are available in gold, silver, and many more colors to choose from that keep the products inside glass milk bottles from becoming soiled include the lids for the bottles. Corks and silicone stoppers ensure the glass milk bottles are leak-proof, plastic caps, pour spout caps, screw caps, and straws. You can customize the accessories in six colors: red, yellow, green, blue, black, and white.

Appliance Of Glass Milk Bottles

Empty milk bottles are often used to store milk such as chocolate milk, organic milk, coconut milk, breast milk, and mockup. Empty milk bottles are also often used as decorations at parties and Christmas.

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