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LOM Glassworks offers you an amazing set of swing top glass bottles that are also stylish and crafted with 3D models to give them a ravishing look. Depending on your specifications, these swing top glass bottles are available in different shapes and sizes. Our sizes are 4oz, 5oz, 7oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 17oz, 25oz, 32oz, 40oz, 10ml, 150ml, 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 310ml, 500ml, 750ml, and 1000ml. They are reusable swing top bottles made of thick glass and come with a keeper top.

This glass bottle is great for water, tea, and liquor. Great for sauce, vinegar, and oil. Using food-grade, dishwasher-safe, clear, durable, swing top glass bottles from our technical team, we have created a classic design.

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 A variety of beverages and oils can be stored and served in elegant and stylish swing top bottles. A solid plastic food-safe rubber seal secures a heavy-duty, zinc-plated steel wire swing top closure.
Crafted from top-notch quality borosilicate glass, soda-lime silica glass ensuring thick and durable walls for beverage, oil, vinegar storage.
Clear Square Glass Bottle with Swing Top
Our swing top glass bottles are available in clear square model. The clear and transparent swing top glass bottles are ideal for minimalist and modern style.
Swing top Clear Glass Bottles
This Swing Top Clear Glass Bottle is ideal for beer, juice, milk and many more. Easier to distinguish the contents inside the clear glass bottle.
Featuring in the shade of amber, this swing top glass bottle are perfect for the classic look for beer, juice, and many more beverages.
4oz Swing Top Glass Bottles
We have an extensive range of beverage capacity for our Swing Top Glass Bottles this includes in 4oz. We can cater all your swing top glass sizes and shapes.
Blue Swing Top Glass Bottles
This Swing Top Glass Bottle has a distinctive color blue profile, a great choice for unique and stylish beverage bottling.
Flask Clear Glass Bottle with Swing Top closure is ideal for storing alcoholic beverages and maintaining it’s brilliant quality and unique taste.
Swing Top Clear Glass Bottles in product capacity of 500ml is perfect for everyday use. Easy to carry and compact in design.
We offer a affordable and cheap full range of swing top glass bottle design manufactured with state-of-the-art machines and facilities ensuring we produce only world-class quality swing top glass bottles.

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  • Swing Top Glass bottles Supplier

    Swing top glass bottles come in any size and capacity you like. You can find 4oz, 5oz, 7oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 17oz, 25oz, 32oz, 40oz, 10ml, 150ml, 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 310ml, 500ml, 750ml, and 1000ml.

  • This facility comes equipped with the best 6s, 8s and 9s full-automatic swing top glass bottle making machines and 3D printers to meet all your needs.

  • We can meet all of your requirements for your swing top glass bottles, including making a custom shade of color to make the bottles stand out on the shelves.

More Details About Swing Top Glass Bottles (4)

  • The closures come with highly durable metal wires that keep glass bottles sealed and safe for a long time.

  • With elegant details, your swing top glass bottles are handcrafted in a way that guarantees the highest level of product quality.

  • Flat bottoms high quality flat bottoms can ensure that your swing top bottles are placed on the table smoothly and are guaranteed during transportation.

  • It is an environmentally friendly way of ensuring food safety, as high quality rubber has the ability to fully seal the swing top glass bottle.

Swing Top Glass Bottles Manufacturer and Suppliers

 In China, we are known as the best swing top glass manufacturers. We supply food grade and ISO certified glass bottles to small and large companies worldwide. Currently, we have clients from over 108 countries and regions, as well as 25 distributors.

We can guarantee that we make quick samples for custom orders within 15 days. We can make 10 million pieces a month on five lines. To keep our acceptance rate above 99%, we maintain strict perspectives. And we have 3D printers. With 3D printing, we can see what the mold looked like at the beginning.

Our swing top glass bottles are tested with various kinds of professional testing equipment, including electronic bottom wall thickness measurement, impact resistance testing, thermal shock testing, and stress testing to ensure world-class quality. Contact us and we’ll contact you within 7 hours.

Swing Top Bottles Wholesale For Your Business

The blow valve creates the bottle by blowing the first shape along the inside of the mold. It determines its shape by flipping it again
On a cooling plate, the glass bottle is quenched and cooled by a conveyor belt. These processes help glass bottles and jars to stay stable and evenly heated.
We pack all bottles according to the customer's instructions and arrange them on export corrugated cartons, then seal them with winding film.

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Swing Top Glass Bottles Wholesale in Bulk


We are one of China’s leading glass bottle manufacturers. We make swing top and flip top bottles at factory prices.

Note that glass bottles are made from a fully recyclable and reusable material. They are durable and environmentally friendly. Because glass is inert, the smell and taste of the contents are not absorbed, so the contents are preserved exactly as they were produced. The bottles are available in green, amber, and blue colors. For an instantly recognizable shape, choose glass bale wire Tennessee Spirits bottles.

Many beverages and oils can be stored and served in glass swing bottles. It is food-safe, airtight, and ideal for water bottles, soda bottles, oils, and more. The sizes of the swing top bottles vary from 60ml to 1L. We offer swing top bottles in round and square shapes. In addition, we have amber swing top bottles in stock, including 330ml, 500ml and 32oz 1L, ideal for home-brews that need to be protected from UV light. You’ll get fast delivery, cost-effective service, and a one-stop solution at LOM Glassworks.

Put custom prints on your swing top glass bottle surface to create emotional connections with your iconic brand.

What are the benefits of swing top glass bottles?
Swing Top Glass bottle closures create a strong hermetic seal for preserving and aging wine, oils, and vinegar. With a leak-proof metal clamp and silicone stopper seal, these are a great look for unique aesthetics. Its airtight seal will keep contents fresh for longer. Glass is inert, so aromas and tastes of contents are not absorbed, so your work is preserved as it is.
Which industry use swing top glass bottles?

Due to their unique look and airtight seal, swing top glass bottles are primarily used for beer, especially growlers. They’re also useful for storing cooking oils, tea and syrups on the shelves. They’re also used in the cosmetic industry for bath oil.


The usage of swing top glass bottles?

Swing top glass bottles are perfect for recycling, water storage, beer, juice, home brew, wine, and preserving. The container and its feature of securely closing and locking the freshness and quality inside the glass bottles make it perfect for household and restaurant use.

Two styles of swing top glass bottles?

Crolsch-style bottles are known by many names- swing top bottles, flip-top bottles, but the term ” grolsch” comes from the distinctively shaped bottles used by the brewery.

Two types of clear swing bottles are available, one with a shorter neck and rounded shoulders, and one with a longer, tapered neck and flared shoulders. With an attached swing top and rubber plug, these tall glass bottles create an airtight seal when closed.
The accessories of swing top glass bottles?

The EZ-Cap flip top bottles come with a completely reusable swing top that makes it easy to cap and uncap bottles with no tools required. Each bottle is sealed with a silicon gasket lid and has a durable wire for an airtight enclosure.

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