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LOM Glassworks, manufactures and supplies glass wine bottles in wholesale. These containers are available in different sizes that are perfect for wine and liquor display in your kitchen counters and hallway tables. Ensuring strict product quality control, we make sure that our glass wine bottles have thickened glass to ensure high permeability, tinplate does not leak and environment friendly.

Our specialize glass wine bottles are made from high-quality glass, this glass wine bottles are resistant to high temperature and can be used to make liquor storage, alcoholic beverage storage and wine preservation bottles. We feature durable and slim design glass wine bottles to fit to most fridge door shelves and your pantry while adding accent and elegant designs to your glass wine bottles. No more bad tastes and no chemicals leaching into your wines, liquor and alcoholic beverages, this glass is manufactured to be food-grade, lead-free, reuseable, recyclable, and eco-friendly.


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Different Colors Glass Wine Bottles Wholesale

Glass Wine Bottles Wholesales and Suppliers in China
Glass Wine Bottles Bulk in different Shapes

Different Shapes Glass Wine Bottles Wholesale

All of LOM Glassworks Glass Wine Bottles For You

All of our glass wine bottles are untreated, easy to fill, and can be endlessly recycled. With our selection of distinctively shaped, durable glass wine bottles, your wines and liquors will stand out on the store shelves. Our trading team are always available to negotiate and 100% support you in making your glass jar packaging idea to reality.

Glass Wine Bottles Wholesale and Supplier For Your Business

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We have a great line and variety of sizes available for you. We introduce 4oz, 5oz, 125ml, 175ml, 187ml, 250ml, 375ml, and 750ml glass wine bottles.
Customization can be done in terms of the colors our client specifications. We have red, blue, glitter, green, clear, mercury, light, stained, yellow, black, purple, sparkly, brown, matte black, and cobalt blue.
Closure caps and accessories available to securely fasten your wines and other liquor products are stoppers, plugs, corks, screw tops and metal lids.
Finish Option
Finish Option
We have a great range of surface finish available, decorative etched glass wine bottles, frosted glass wine bottles, empty glass wine bottles with personalized labels, glass gift wine bottles and matte black wine bottles.
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