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Your Best Glass Packaging Manufacturer
Since 1999
LOM Glassworks Supply you a variety of glass bottles and glass jars with one-stop packaging service
Your Best Glass Packaging Manufacturer
Since 1999
LOM Glassworks Supply you a variety of glass bottles and glass jars with one-stop packaging service
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LOM Glassworks - Your Expert Glass Packaging Manufacturer

With more than 22 years of experience as a leading glass packaging manufacturer, our clients are in more than 108 countries and regions. The glass bottle and jar manufacturing services of LOM Glassworks can be customized to suit your needs.

In order to meet the requirements of the food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, all of our glass containers have passed FDA, G.R.A.S, SGS, and UV certification. Additionally, we offer caps and closures so that you can have a one-stop solution for glass packaging.

Custom Your Glass Bottles and Glass Jars From Leading Glass Packaging Supplier

At LOM Glassworks, we have 8 production lines with the most advanced full-automatic 6s, 8s, and 9s glass bottle-making machines in the world. Our daily glass bottle and glass jar output is 400,000 pieces.

Sufficient stock of glass containers at LOM Glassworks can help you solve the stock shortage problem if you are looking for a trusted manufacturer for your urgent order.

If you have a bottle design, please email it to us, and our designers will make 3D files for you within 24 hours. The molding team will then make a prototype mold within 15 days.

Get your glass packaging project started now with LOM Glassworks.

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All Types of Glass Packaging Support Your Business

Lompak is now able to serve you as your glass bottle manufacturer, whether you’re a brand, importer, or distributor.

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Glass Packaging Manufacturer in China

Dependable Glass Packaging Manufacturer Over 22 Years

The LOM Glassworks Company can provide you with more than 3000 kinds of glass bottles and jars, making it one of the best manufacturers of glass bottle packaging in China.

Our D&R team and mold team will assist you in making the sample within 15 days, so you can control the cost. Whether you are a glass bottle brander, glass bottle importer, or glass packaging distributor, we are your custom glass bottle manufacturer.

To help you create a unique finish for your project, we have our own surface finishing workshop. In addition to screen printing, polishing, embossing, electroplating, UV coating, 3D effect, decorative effect, and peach blossom, other treatments are available.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about surface treatment.

How We Manufacture Your Glass Bottles and Glass Jars

For you glass packaging project, LOM Glassworks focus on every detail
Raw Material

Raw materials for making glass bottles include sand, soda ash, limestone, and cullet. ECO-friendly glass packaging is our priority. In order to ensure the quality of the glass, all raw materials are treated by removing iron and placed in a mixing hopper.


To meet the molding requirements of liquid glass, a tempering glass packaging manufacturer provides eco-friendly glass materials that are heated to 1600 °C in our automatic furnaces with even strokes and no bubbles


Molten glass gobs are cut into equal weights using a timing blade and sent to a separate mold. By blowing and blowing, narrow glass bottles are created. The press-and-blow process is used to make wide-mouth glass jars.


Through the annealing process, glass bottles will be moved to an annealing lehr, where they will be quenched.

Surface Finish

Surface treatments like engraving, electroplating, frosting, spray painting, crackling, and 3D decoration are options for glass bottles.


We can make custom boxes and labels for any glass packaging you need, whether you are a brand, an importer, or a distributor.

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Why You Choose LOM Glassworks As Your Glass Packaging Manufacturer?

LOM Glassworks is a manufacturer and supplier of glass bottles and glass jars, having been in the industry for years. LOM Glassworks provides the highest level of customer service and offers a competitive price along with the highest quality products. Our goal is to become your preferred manufacturer of glass packaging.

  • For regular glass bottles, free samples are offered
  • With competitive prices without sacrificing quality
  • Fast delivery allows you to meet any emergency
  • Security packaging for your glass bottles and glass jars
  • In-depth product inspections before delivery

Whenever you need us, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today.

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Your Glass Packaging is Subject to Strict Quality Control.

LOM Glassworks is one of the leading glass packaging manufacturers and suppliers in China with more than 22 years of experience in production.

Each of your bottles and jars is thoroughly inspected before packaging. With an average of 8 – 10 years of experience in glass packaging, we have a quality inspection department as well as technical engineers. The quality of our products is closely monitored during the melting, molding, inspecting, and packaging processes.

Following the creation of glass bottles and jars. The engineer will visually inspect the product to ensure that there are no defects, bubbles, or deformations. Perform a light inspection before you palletize or package cartons.

Talk to us today about your glass packaging project.

What Our Customer Are Saying...

We are LOM Glassworks. We make excellent glass bottles, jars & Jugs for you.

Glass Packaging Customer From USA
CosmeticsUSA Importer

Rick is providing us with excellent service. His response time is excellent. LOM Glassworks is fortunate to have Rick on staff. I will definitely do business with him again.

Glass Packaging Importer From Europe
PerfumeEurope Brand Manufacturer

LOM Glassworks is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. They have an excellent team that is very efficient, experienced, helpful, and informative. It was a pleasure working with them.

Glass Packaging Brander from Africa
Liquor and PharmaceuticalAfrica Brander

Being a new pharmaceutical company, we are looking for a competitive price to be able to enter the market. I would recommend LOM highly because of the effective communication, the rapid delivery, and the quality of the product. Excellent seller.

How To Get Your Glass Products
1. Exchange Design Ideas
2. Designing Drawing
3. Printing 3D Models
4. Make Mould
5. Sampling
6. Mass Production

Glass Packaging Making

LOM Glassworks has been manufacturing and exporting glass packaging in China for over 22 years.

In addition to producing glass containers of high quality, LOM Glassworks is also committed to bringing them at affordable prices.

Count on us for stylish and functional high-quality bottles, which will greatly reduce your time and costs.

Glass bottles are among the largest selections offered by LOM Glasswork in China. Whether you’re looking for decorative corked bottles or beauty cream lotion and pumps, we have you covered. We offer a wide variety of jars and bottles directly from our factory to meet your needs.

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