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Nail Polish Bottle Manufacturer in China

Your Excellent Nail Polish Bottle Manufacturer in China

Our factory supplies nail polish bottles wholesale and have a large stock of nail polish bottles with 3000+ specifications available for you.

We are also a custom nail polish bottle manufacturer. With custom design, you can choose the capacity between 2ml and 30ml, the necks in 13/415, 15/415, and 18/415, and different colors and custom shapes with different materials of the nail polish caps.

Whether you are a glass packaging importer or a nail polish manufacturer, LOM Glassworks is your one-stop-shop cosmetic packaging solution in China. You can find high-quality, antique, upmarket, recycled, vintage, and unique  empty nail polish bottles here! Contact us for free samples.

Empty Glass Nail Polish Bottles Supplier and Manufacturer For You

If you are looking for a cost-effective nail polish bottle solution, LOM Glassworks has got you covered! As a glass nail polish bottles wholesale, we aim to provide competitive prices for empty nail polish bottles with high quality, versatility, and affordability.

We provide wholesale mini nail polish bottles and large nail polish bottles bulk in different shapes, including square, round, rectangle, skull, rose-shaped, and models with wooden caps, bamboo caps, plastic caps, and crown caps.

Check out our styles below; if you are interested in custom nail polish bottles, please contact us.

Glass Nail Polish Bottles Wholesale
15ml Square glass nail polish bottles with gold nail polish caps
Mini Nail Polish Bottles Wholesale
Supply you mini nail polish bottles in bulk with custom sliver cap
Empty Nail Polish Bottles Wholesale
Square clear antique empty nail polish bottles wholesale in bulk
Square Nail Polish Bottles Wholesale
Square Nail polish bottles wholesale with brush and caps
Empty Nail Polish Bottles with Brush Wholesale
15m clear empty nail polish bottles with brush and black cap
Unique Nail Polish Bottles, wholesale nail polish bottles
Custom unique 8ml nail polish bottles with UV gold cap
10ml Nail Polished Bottles wholesale
10ml amber nail polish bottles in round shape with black caps
15ml Nail Polish Bottles wholesale
15ml empty nail nail polish bottles in custom shapes
Fancy Nail Polish Bottles
Fancy nail polish bottles with white painting and black caps

Promote Your Business with Custom Nail Polish Bottles (3)

  • Nail Polish Bottles Sizes

    Our custom nail polish bottle sizes range from 3ml to 5ml to 7ml, 8ml, 9ml to 12ml to 15ml, and 20ml. We offer neck sizes of 13-415, 15-415, and 18-415 as standard sizes.

  • Nail Polish Bottles Shapes

    We offer shapes such as square shaped, rectangle, and empty round nail polish bottles, in addition to aesthetic shapes like heart shaped, skull shaped and shapes in rose, twisted, ball, cat and pumpkin.

  • Nail Polish Bottles Colors
    With UV, painting, and electroplating, we offer clear nail polish and colored nail polish bottles. You can choose from green, pink, red, white amber, blue, gradient, and black nail polish bottles.

Custom Nail Polish Bottle Manufacturer and Supplier

We supply custom empty nail polish bottles with brushes wholesale. You can design your own nail polish bottles as well. We will make the drawings within 12 hours, create a custom mold within 10 days, and deliver a wide range of wood and bamboo caps for you.

In addition to offering unique nail polish bottles, we can make custom nail polish bottles labels according to your request and engrave or print your logo on nail polish bottles. And decorative nail polish bottles in various finishes, including UV, screen printing, silk screening, engraved, frosted, hot stamping, electroplate, matte, and gold finishes. Request a quote today!

Glass Nail Polish Bottles Wholesales
Empty nail polish bottles wholesale

What Made LOM Glassworks Standing Out

  • Custom Service
    Design and create your ideal nail polish bottles
  • Expert Experience
    Skilled and professional technicians support us
  • Certification Support
    Obtained FDA, GRAS, SGS, and TUV standards
  • Free Nail Polish Samples
    Offer free samples for quality approval
  • 3000+ Models
    Sell over 3000 nail polish bottles

How We Make Your Glass Nail Polish Bottles

Batching and Melting
Make sure the liquid glass is bubble-free by heating it in our automatic furnaces at 1600 °C.
Blow Glass Forming
The gobs are cut into equal weights and sent to the molds with the timing blade. Blow and blow glass nail polish bottles are made.
Annealing and Conditioning
Your glass nail polish bottles is formed, annealed and quenched to ensure that it remains stable.
Check for splits, crumbles. Deformation, molded seams, out of verticality, thin walls, blisters, and cords.
Surface Finish
Further surface treatments such as labeling, silk screening, baking, painting, electroplating, matte, and frosted.
We can export corrugated cardboard that has been wrapped in winding film to make it easier to export.

LOM Glassworks – Ideal Nail Polish Bottles Supplier


With over 22 years of glass bottles and glass jars production experience, LOM Glassworks supply nail polish bottles wholesale or in bulk and offers best products with OEM and ODM services. LOM Glassworks offers many shapes, sizes, and features. You also can have custom nail polish bottles service here.

  • Multiple Shape

We offer you wholesale nail polish bottles, You can purchase unique nail polish bottles, small nail polish bottles and large nail polish bottles as well as square nail polish bottles, empty round nail polish bottles, heart-shaped nail polish bottles, skull nail polish bottles and more. There are over 3000 specifications to choose from.

  • Various Capacities

Our glass nail polish bottles sizes are 5ml nail polish bottles, wholesale 8ml nail polish bottles, 10ml nail polish bottles, 12ml nail polish bottles wholesale, 15ml nail polish bottles.

  • Caps and Closure

Our nail polish bottles and brushes perfectly complement our glass nail polish containers. We make nail polish bottles for cosmetic use. They are recycle easy to fill and comply with many health standards.

  • Advance Facilities
Utilizing high-precision machines, inspection equipment, and innovative manufacturing systems, we produce nail polish glass bottles in our advanced facilities. It ensures that your nail polish glass bottles are the right size. Therefore, we can guarantee you an environmentally friendly and safe production.
  • Offer Free Samples
You can see the quality and color of the material. Also, determine whether the volume, the neck size, the caps and brushes are a comfortable fit for you.
Nail Polish Bottles Drawings

China Custom Nail Polish Bottles

Feel free to message us if you are looking for something unique. We can customize your unique nail polish bottles. Your needs will be met by the team!

Glass nail polish bottle sizes, colors, shapes, bottle closures, nail polish neck dimensions, and nail polish finish options are available. You can order in nail polish bottles bulk because we have enough materials to make your sample or idea a reality.

You can always trust LOM Glassworks for any nail polish bottle project. Contact us 24/7 for help. Request a quote today! 

How to custom your personalized nail polish bottles?
  1. Please provide us with drawings or samples of glass nail polish bottles, nail polish caps, and brushes.

If it is a style we have done, we  will send you free samples for your reference within 24 hours.

If we don’t have the same style, we will give you an estimate of the mold cost and provide you with a quote within 7 hours.

  1. It will take 10 to 15 days to complete the mold.
  2. I’ll send you the nail polish sample in 20 days for confirmation.
  3. Place an order once the sample is approved.
  4. After receiving advance payment, your order will be completed within 20 days.
  5. Carton or pallets are used for packing. You can also customize your own packaging.
How to design your nail polish bottles?
  • Design the shapes of nail polish bottles
As a nail polish bottle manufacturer, We offer wholesale custom nail polish bottles. Molds can be created in any shape you want.
  • Confirm the volume 
The common volumes are 5ml, 7ml, 8ml, 9ml, 10ml, 12ml, and 15ml.
  • Verify the nail polish bottle’s dimensions and wall thickness.

The length, width, height and wall thickness of the nail polish bottle determine the product capacity.

  • Confirm the neck size of the nail polish bottle.
The usual size is 13/415 and 15-415 to match the nail polish caps.
  • Make nail polish bottle drawings
Create a 3D model of the product to visualize its shape and then modify it.
  • Estimate nail polish bottles weight
Using 3D drawings as a basis for estimating weight.
  • Select a surface treatment and effect
 We provide empty glass bottles wholesale. We can also do surface treatment according to your specifications. For instance, you can do logos on the surface of the glass bottle with silk screen, hot stamping, plating, engraving, and color spraying. etc. to achieve this.
What are the surface finish you can choose for nail polish bottles?

As a nail polish bottles manufacturer, we’re experienced in nail polish shapes. Not only do we supply empty clear glass nail polish bottles, we also offer unique nail polish bottles with different finishes.

  •  Spray Painting
 In accordance with the Pantone color card number you provided, we spray paint the glass nail polish bottles and caps. The colors can be black, green, pink, red, white, blue, and gradients.
  • Hot Stamping and  Screening Printing
On the surface of the glass bottle, the logo or description of your brand can improve the customer experience and help promote your brand.
  • Frost 
The clear nail polish bottle can frost to a translucent effect. You can see the inside of it quite well.
  • Matte
Matte treatment could be the matte black surface of the glass nail polish bottles that gives them a textured feel.
With the above surface treatment, we can also provide more surface treatment. If you are interested, please contact us.
How to make the safe packaging for your nail polish bottles?

As a glass bottle manufacturer in China, we have extensive experience packaging glass nail polish.

We use cartons for packaging small glass bottles, followed by pallet packaging for intestinal membrane treatment.

When packaging large glass bottles, palletized packaging can save you money. The bottles can be stacked neatly on the pallet. In our packaging department, we adjust the quantity of packaging for each pallet based on the container’s height.

How much does a bottle of nail polish cost?
Generally, the cost of glass nail polish bottles is determined by the weight of the bottle and the quantity of the order.
The size and quantity of nail polish containers affect the cost. For large orders, our 4 nail polish bottle production lines can produce all the time so the cost will be very competitive.
In addition, the type of finish you choose also affects the cost of the nail polish bottle.
Therefore, our quotation will be based on the shape, weight, and quantity of your order. We have over 3,000 kinds of molds in our mold room, and you can save money by not paying for molds.
Contact us about ordering your glass nail polish bottles bulk.
What is the standard size of a nail polish bottles?
As a nail polish bottle supplier and manufacturer, we provide you with wholesale empty glass nail polish bottles with brushes, ranging from 3ml to 20ml.
Nail polish bottles are available in 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 7ml, 12ml, 8ml, and 20ml sizes for 11/415, 13/415, 15/415, and 18/415.
These cute and small nail polish bottles are easy to store and carry. They are also portable.
You can purchase clear nail polish bottles here, as well as different colors and shapes in a variety of materials like plastic, bamboo, and wooden caps.
What shape is a nail polish bottle?
As a nail polish bottle manufacturer, we offer common rectangular, square, and round nail polish bottles wholesale in bulk to you.
If you are looking for empty nail polish bottles supplier, you can find fancy, cool, pretty, beautiful, unusal, cute, aesthetic glass nail polish bottles in small and large capacity in our catalog, such as heart-shaped, skull-shaped, rose-shaped, twisted design, ball-shaped, cat-shaped, pumpkin-shaped, bear-shaped are all selling very well.
Please let me know if you would like a custom glass nail polish bottle shape. In addition, if you send us drawings and samples, we can produce 3D drawings within 24 hours for your reference and complete mold production within 10 to 15 days so that you can receive the first sample.
Are glass bottles good for nail polish?
Since nail polish solvents soften polymer bottles, the color of the nail polish cannot be seen through aluminum bottles. Glass is both the traditional and best choice for this job.
Among the many solvent mixtures used in nail polish are naphtha, xylene, toluene, acetone, various ketones, and others.
Plastic bottles can be negatively affected by solvents, especially those containing low molecular weight hydrocarbons, that diffuse through the walls.
LOM Glassworks, a professional nail polish bottle manufacturer, we make good quality glass bottles. Moreover, glass has great heat and cold resistance. We guarantee lead-free, arsenic-free, low iron content, and UV-protected glass.
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