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Glass Juice Bottles Manufacturers-LOM Glassworks

Glass Juice Bottles Manufacturer In China Over 23 Years

A wide collection of custom glass juice bottles are available at LOM Glassworks. We are one of the top glass bottles manufacturing company in China to produce and create high end glass juice bottles. We have stock options readily available in a wide range of different shapes like square glass juice bottles, eiffel twoer fruit juice glass bottles, donald duck orange juice glass bottles in 8oz, 12oz 16oz and 32oz.

Glass Juice Bottles Wholesales For Your Business

Glass juice bottles are the ideal packaging for your sweetened or carbonized beverages. Upgrade your juice packaging to glass bottles to ensure spill-proof and leakage resistant of your products. Glass juice bottles are perfect for homemade juices or for large juice manufacturing company. We offer a extensive line of designs, sizes, and color. And also accept logo printing, embossing, and engraving of the product labels. Contact us now and let us know how we can be of service. Order now!

Glass Juice Bottles Wholesales Boost Your Brand (3)

  • Appliance of Glass Juice Bottles

    Glass juice bottles are perfect for storing and preserving your favorite juice and sweetened drinks. Multi-purpose usage like for fruit juices, lemonade juice, grapes, tomato, apple juice, cranberry and so much more.

  • Size of glass juice bottles

    Sizes that are available pre-designed are 8oz, 12oz, 16oz and 500ml. The glass juice bottle sizes are available in customized sizes.

  • Best Glass Juice Bottles in Ball Shape

    With our high-end 3D technology we are equipped with innovative technology to mold and form your desired shapes and sizes of glass juice bottles.

More Details About Glass Juice Bottles (3)

  • Caps and Closure of glass juice bottles

    We have an broad range of accessories to tightly secure your sweetened beverage and fresh juice, we have metal lids and caps, swing top, cork, metal lug cap, crown cap, tamper evident caps, screw caps and wooden caps available for you.

  • Label design of glass juice bottles

    Label Designs are available from printing, engraving, laser printing and embossing.

  • Types of Glass Juice Bottles

    A wide range of glasses are available for you. We have empty, small, decorative, large and so much more designs to choose from.

Glass Juice Bottles Manufacturing
Glass Juice Bottles Manufacturers and Suppliers

Glass Juice Bottles Manufacturer and Suppliers For you

Glass Juice Bottle Manufacturing Process:

1. Purchasing and Receiving The purchasing and receiving staff places all orders, handles all incoming raw materials and inspects all goods to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality product.

2. Forming Forming is the process of shaping raw glass into the desired shape. All of our forming is done by hand, right here in our factory.

3. Sand Blasting Glass is blasted with a mixture of sand and water to create a surface texture which helps to prevent slipping.

4. Engraving Engraving is the process of making a permanent mark on glass. Our engraving equipment is computer controlled and capable of creating a variety of complex and detailed engravings.

5. Rinsing After an engraving is completed, any excess sand or residue is washed off in a water bath.

6. Drying After rinsing, the glass is dried in an oven to ensure its cleanliness.

7. Assembly Assembly is the process of inserting closures or other components into a glass piece. All of our assembly is done by hand, right here in our factory.

8. Quality Control & Inspection Quality control and inspection is the final step in our production process. Every bottle and every batch of glass is inspected to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality product.


Custom Glass Juice Bottles Manufacturer and Wholesale

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Securely Seals the Quality of the Fresh Juice

We at LOM Glassworks ensures that your product maintains its authentic flavor, quality and freshness using glass bottle packaging.Glass is an impermeable material that keeps air and other liquids out, which means that glass bottles never affect the product’s flavor or freshness. Glass bottles also help the packaging’s internal temperature stay the same, so products don’t spoil.

Durable and Leak Resistant

Glass is one of the safest materials you can use for your consumable products. It’s non-toxic and doesn’t require any other material lining. Recognized as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA, and being the only widely-used food packaging material to do such, proves why glass is a great choice for food and beverage manufacturers.

Display Appeal

Glass has been, and will always be, considered premium quality. A glass bottle’s shelf life extends for years and its color never fades. LOM Glassworks, glass bottles are transparent and can show off your product. Utilizing various glass colors can also incorporate your brand’s colors and/or overall identity.

Sustainable and Environment Friendly

LOM Glassworks supplies glass bottles that are made from 100% natural sustainable raw materials, which are infinitely 100% recyclable. Using glass helps reduce additional waste, which is an ideal benefit of all product packaging since recycling is becoming an even bigger topic and action for many consumers.


Glass Juice Bottles vs. Plastic Juice Bottles

As a world class manufacturer of glass juice bottles we can assure that upgrading your product and brand packaging to glass bottles will make your products look sophisticated and have a high-quality appeal, which makes them a great option for both packaging and display purposes, glass will not leach chemicals onto food and beverages because it’s non-permeable and non-reactive. It is also great for reusing and recycling.

How to choose caps and closures for glass juice bottles?

There are a variety of caps and closures that you can choose to secure and maintain the quality of your products. Here are the following.

Screw-on lids with lug finish makes round juice bottles easy to open and close often

Snap-on caps also makes any type of beverage bottle easy to open, some styles are tamper-evident to offer extra security to consumers.

Swing top caps give bottles a special look and include a stopper that stays attached to the bottle.

Tamper-evident caps are great for food and beverages and build the brands credibility and trust.

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