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Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale

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We are Your Best China Glass Beer Bottles Manufacturer

LOM Glassworks is a manufacturer of glass beer bottles based in China. We specialize in providing robust and high-quality glass beer bottles. If you are interested in packaging your product, LOM Glassworks can make your project a success.

If you’re seeking a reliable glass beer bottle supplier and wholesaler for your business, LOM Glassworks can help. We have a large inventory of products in different capacities, designs, and features.

Glass Beer Bottles from LOM Glassworks Support Your Business!

Amber Glass Beer Bottles
12 oz and 16 oz Amber Glass Beer Bottles with Swing Tops and Crown Caps
Green Glass beer bottles
8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, and 42 oz green beer bottles with screw caps and swing top
Brewing beer bottles
Beer labels can be added to brewing beer bottles in amber, blue, green, and clear colors.
500ml Glass beer bottles
Glass beer bottles of 500ml capacity are recyclable. Brown glass bottles keep beer well intact.
Glass Beer Bottles with swing top
Swing-top glass beer bottles are of excellent quality and provide a professional service.
Empty Beer Bottles
Empty beer bottles in clear, blue, brown, and green with swing tops and crown caps are available.
750ml Glass Beer Bottles
The amber glass sparkling beer bottles for sale come in 750ml bottles
Red Glass Beer Bottles
Glass grolsch beer bottles available in 11oz, 16oz, and 33oz sizes with stopper
Blue Glass Beer Bottles
12oz, 16oz, 22oz, and 750ml blue glass beer bottles with EZ cap swing tops and screw caps

Custom Glass Beer Bottles Supplier (3)

  • Glass Beer Bottles size

    We provide you with empty glass beer bottles. Glass beer bottles are available in sizes such as 4oz, 6oz, 7oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 32oz, and 40oz, 330ml, 500ml, 750ml, and 1 liter.

  • Glass Beer Bottles Color

    We offer re-usable glass beer bottles and heritage glass beer bottles in colors such as clear, green, blue, red, brown, and black that is UV protected.

  • Glass Beer Bottles Type

    It is possible to get both screw caps and swing tops on the bulk beer bottles. Colored glass bottles of longnecks and small bottles can be obtained.

Glass Beer Bottles Manufacturer Support Your Project (3)

  • Glass Beer Bottles Bulk

    Empty glass beer bottles are commonly used for DIY homebrewing. You can paint beer bottles, or pick more colorful bottles. You can also use it to make beer bottles, including ginger beer bottles and sugar beer bottles.

  • Glass beer bottles for sales

    If you need labels or silk printing, we can help you. And we will send you the beer bottles in bulk in your own packaging design, both in carton and pallet packaging. Get in touch with us for more information.

  • Glass Beer bottles suppliers

    Caps and closures for glass beer bottles are available from us in bulk. Swing tops will fit with special glass beer bottles, and different colors of screw caps work with both small and large glass beer bottles.

How we make glass beer bottles for you
glass beer bottles manufacturers production line

Your Reliable Glass Beer Bottles Manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer, we manufacture glass beer bottles from environmentally friendly materials. We offer excellent printing, engraving, and embossing services that will enhance your brand. Our glass beer bottles are perfect for storing and packaging your beer products.

You can find all kinds of glass bottles at LOM Glassworks. They are available at very affordable prices. When you need glass beer bottles for your business, you can always rely on LOM Glassworks.

Glass Beer Bottles Wholesales, Manufacturer and Supplier
LOM Glassworks

Glass Beer Bottles Making Machine
The automatic production line can orderly making bottles according to the glass beer bottle weight
Glass Beer Bottles Mold
We make molds according to your drawings and make different shapes and sizes of glass beer bottles
Glass Beer Bottles Forming
The glass gobs are cut by the timing blade into equal weight and sent into mold.
Glass Beer Bottles Production Line
The same production line can produce five or six different shapes of glass beer bottles.
Glass Beer Bottles Annealing
This step is very important, which determines the stability forming effect of glass beer bottles.
Glass Beer Bottles Inpection
Check any split, crumbles. deformation, molded seam, out of vertical, hammered apperance, thin walls, blisters and cord.

section Glass Water Bottles


glass beer bottles
glass beer bottles wholesale provides you with high-quality glass bottles.

Promotion Glass Beer Bottle

  Hot selling manufacturer customized glass 330ml beer bottles with swing top.

Manufacturer sale amber liquor beer glass bottle, amber glass beer bottle with clip lid, provide free samples 24 hours online service glass beer bottle with different volume ..


  • Different styles, sizes and colors are available
  • Possibility to decorate with screen print, decals, frosting
  • Do any logo for customer on the glass for promotion.
  • Safety for food, Non-toxic, odorless and heat-resistant materials

Place of Origin: China
Material: Flint Glass, Brown Glass, Green Glass etc
Color: Flint, Dark Green, Black
Brand: LOM
Sample: Available
Industrial Use: Liquor
Feature: Eco-Friendly, Stocked
Capacity: 330ml, 550ml etc
Model Number: LOM-B032
OEM: Yes
Certificate: SGS, FDA
Production Capacity: 20,000pcs/day
Surface Handling: Silk, Decal, Hot Stamp, Coating, Galvanization and etc
Packaging Details: Paper Carton or Exporting Use Pallet


Glass Beer BottlesGlass Beer BottlesGlass Beer BottlesGlass Beer Bottles

Certification for Glass Bottles
Certification for Glass Bottles
Cerfitication for Glass bottles
Certification for Glass Bottles


Why LOM Glassworks is Your Right Choice

LOM Glassworks manufactures and supplies glass beer bottles in China. We have extensive experience manufacturing glass beer bottles. This allows us to provide superior and classical bottles. For your glass beer bottle wholesale, please select the points below.

Glass Beer Bottle Wholesale
glass beer bottle wholesale offers a variety of different shapes and capacities.
  • Size

We offer glass beer bottles for large breweries, microbreweries, and home breweries. You can choose from 250 ml, 330 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, and 40 oz.

  • Customized

To meet your high standards, we can customize your glass beer bottles. The details, colors, shapes, and designs you choose will be created just for you. You can always get logo printing, engraving, and embossing services from LOM Glassworks.

  • Colors

There are many colors of glass beer bottles. Transparent green, brown, amber, blue, black, red, and frosted are all available. The amber glass bottles can prevent a large percentage of ultraviolet rays from entering the bottle and destroying beer. These bottles can also be used as sensory drinks. For malt wine, apple, and even champagne, transparent, green, and blue glass beer bottles are suitable, but they should be kept out of direct sunlight.

  • Style

LOM Glassworks is your best option for glass beer bottles. The bottles we provide are impressive and outstanding. When displaying your products in the market, they are the most eye-catching. The design of our glass beer bottles is more stylish and appealing.

There is a wide selection of glassware at LOM Glassworks, including steatite, stubby, Belgium, Britain, Netherlands, Germany, long neck, large bottles, forty, growler, small bottle, and gallery.

  • Caps and closures

There are three main types of beer bottle closures: swing cap, crown cap, and wire hood. Crown caps are typically 26mm and 29mm in diameter. If you’d like to choose a closure, please contact us.

We also have large-capacity glass growlers, glass wine bottles, spirit bottles, and champagne bottles.



Why Glass is Perfect for Glass Beer Bottles?

Glass bottles are often used by beer manufacturers to store beer. It is because glass beer bottles can withstand heat better than plastic and can accommodate the carbon dioxide produced during beer fermentation.

  • Taste

Beer can only be packaged in glass, as there is no need for plastic lining to prevent beer from tasting funny. A beer bottle made of amber glass protects beer from 99% UV rays and ensures freshness.

  • Experience

In addition to beer brewing celebrations, glass beer bottles are also used for other occasions. 66% of beer drinkers prefer glass bottles to cans (17%), according to a survey. 72% of beer drinkers say glass bottles are better than cans, while 14% say they prefer them. Consumers agreed to glass beer bottles can last for longer, and only 26% said cans.

  • Recyclable

Since glass bottles are made of sand and other natural ingredients and are safe for the ocean, they are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and non-toxic.


Why Some Glass Beer Bottles Are Brown or Green

Around the 19th century, beer bottles became popular because brewers believed that glass bottles could keep beer fresh for longer.

Manufacturers and suppliers of beer found that transparent glass bottles were not suitable for beer, since the beer in them would change its flavour and make people smell bad. To solve this problem, beer manufacturers began using brown glass beer bottles to protect beer from the sun.

There was a growing demand for brown glass beer bottles after World War II, but there was a shortage of raw materials, so beer manufacturers turned to green beer bottles. Although green bottles do not block ultraviolet rays as well as brown bottles, they have become increasingly popular.

With this method, you can apply a layer of coating to the glass bottles to preserve their taste. Additionally, you can choose from red beer bottles, black beer bottles, and blue beer bottles.

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