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Glass Jars Wholesale in China For Your Project

 LOM Glassworks is an established glass jar manufacturer and wholesale in China.

As a child-proof glass jar expoter, we specialize in food grade jars wholesale and heat-resistand jars for bulk  storage jars, spice jars, cosmetic jars and candle jars.

We offer both large and small custom glass jars, ranging from 5ml glass jars to 1oz glass jars, and capacity ranges from 2oz to 64oz and 5 gallon. In addition to clear empty glass jars, we also offer colored glass jars wholesale. These include black, blue, purple, red, amber, frosted, and green in a variety of shapes and size.

Buy glass jars  wholesale in bulk from us!

Your Best Glass Jars Wholesale in China

Here you can find wholesale glass jars with lids. The custom jar lids are wooden lids, cork lids, bamboo lids, metal lids, plastic lids, and glass lids. Our glass jars and lids come in black, gold, and copper colors, as well. All lids are airtight, sealable, and pumpable.

Glass Candle Jars
Recycled glass candle jars wholesale, color in amber, black, frosted with metal lids, wooden lids and bamboo lids.
Glass Cosmetic Jars, china cosmetic jar
Glass cosmetic jars wholesale, colors in clear, black, frosted, amber with bamboo lids and wooden lids.
Glass Candy Jars
Glass candy jars for storage with lids for decorative, candy buffet, penny, apothecary
Glass Spice jars
Glass spice jars with labels, bamboo lids, black lids. cork lids and shaker tops, shapes in round and square
Glass Canning Jars
Glass canning jars with gasket and lids in clear, blue, amber,size can be large and small
Glass Honey Jars
Glass hoeny jars with lids and dipper, shapes in round, hexagon and custom stripes.
glass mason jars wholesale, glass mason jars bulk, mason jar factory, customized mason jars bulk,
Glass mason jars wholesale with lids, handles, plastic lids, straws and screw lids in wide mouth
Yogurt Glass Jars
Yogurt glass jars with plastic lids, metal lids and cork lids, size in 2oz, 3.5oz, 4oz and 8oz
Glass Cookies Jars
Clear glass cookie jars with sealed lids, glass lids, wooden lids for decorative and food storage
Glass Tea Jars
Glass tea jars with lids for sun tea, coffer, sugar or rice, colors can be clear, forsted, black
Glass Food Jars
Glass Food jars with lids for food stroage, lids can be bamboo, metal and wooden, clamp lids
Glass Gallon Jars
Wide mouth Glass gallon jars with airtight lid, handle, capacity in half gallon,1gallon, 2 gallon, 5 gallon
Glass Cream Jars
Empty small glass cream jars for cosmetic in clear, frosted and amber, size in 1oz, 30ml, 50ml,
Glass Jelly Jars
Vintage glass jelly jars with lids for sale, size in 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz for strawberry and grape
Glasss Apothecary Jars
Vintage glass apothecary jars for bathroom, kitchen with glass lids, metal lids and cork lids

Custom Glass Jars With Lids Wholesale (8)

Colored Glass Jars Wholesale With Lids (9)

  • Black Glass Jars Wholesale
    Black glass jars wholesale for candles and cosmetics. Matte black and frosted black finishes are also available. Sizes include 2oz, 3oz, 4oz, and 8oz.
  • Clear Glass Jars Wholesale

    We offer clear glass jars with airtight lids, wooden lids, cork lids, bamboo lids, and colors in black, silver, and gold for candlemaking, food storage, and decoration.

  • Amber Glass Jars Wholesale
    Amber glass jars with wide mouth for cosmetics, candles, spices, herbs, bathroom, and lotion. Sizes include 2oz, 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, and 9oz, plus large amber glass jars.
  • Green Glass Jars Wholesale

    Vintage, antique, large, dark frosted green glass jars wholesale with lids, cork lids, and metal lids for candles, cosmetics, storage, and apothecary.

  • White Glass Jars Wholesale

    Green glass jars with lids for candles and cosmetics, with frosted or matte finishes. Available in 30 ml, 100 ml, and 200 ml.

  • Red Glass Jars Wholesale

    Antique and vintage red glass jars with lids for candles, china mason jars, apothecary, storage, and canning. Available with metal, wooden, or bamboo lids.

  • Purple Glass Jars Wholesale

    Vintage purple glass jars with lids for weddings, cosmetics, candles, and mason jars.

  • Pink Glass Jars Wholesale

    Vintage pink glass jars for candles, flowers, and face cream, they can be frosted, tall, and ribbed.

  • Blue Glass Jars Wholesale

    Blue glass jars with lids for pharmacy, candles, and cosmetics. Available in light blue and cobalt blue.

Different Finish For Your Glass Jars (7)

  • Etched Glass Jars Wholesale

    We mask, machine etches, and paint each bottle individually, creating a unique work of art. For glass jars, lasers are a popular alternative to traditional methods due to their accuracy and speed.

  • Frosted Glass Jars Wholesale

    A glass jar can also be improved by using frosting to make it look quite unique, vintage, and more elegant. Frosting can be done in white, black, amber, blue, and any other color.

  • Painting Glass Jars

    With spray paint, you can transform any glass jar. Glass jars can be painted in blue, red, pink, green, blue, and any other color. The color can be blended in if you want a faded appearance.

  • Embossed Glass Jars

    An engraved and embossed logo adds strength to a company’s message, and a relief logo enhances a brand’s identity. We can engrave and embossed for your brand.

  • Label of Glass Jars

    An effective label must convey product information while fitting the purpose of the product. We can assist you with a label design, production, and application.

  • Mercury Glass Candle Jars Wholesale

    Your glass jars will look shiny and creative with the Mercury finish, you can add any design, such as a circle, star, or picture.

  • Electroplated Glass Jars

    By electroplating metal cations dissolved in water, the metal forms a thin, coherent layer on the electrode. Make the glass jars more wear-resistant, reflective, and attractive. 

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How we Make Glass Jars For You

Raw Materials
For glass jars, we mainly use sand, soda ash, limestone, and cullet. These raw materials are mixed in a specific ratio.
Batching process
The raw materials are mixed in hopper machines. Batches are created. The melt is supplied via a conveyor belt.
Glass Melting
About 1600°C of heat is applied to the raw materials in a melting furnace. Each furnace is completely automated.
Press and Blow Process
By pressing and blowing, glass jars are shaped. In the section, a plunger pushes it into the mold.
Annealing and conditioning
Glass jars are allowed to cool before being moved into an Annealing Lehr.
Surface Treatment- Glass Jars
Decorate, label, or protect against abrasion with surface treatments.

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Glass Jars With Lids Manufacturer and Wholesale


As a professional glass jars manufacturer and wholesale in China, we offer different styles of food-grade, child-proof, and cheap eco-friendly, heat resistant glass jars with lids bulk and china glass containers to the world.
Due to the expansion of the market, our production line has been converted from gas coal production to natural gas production. This will result in more environmentally friendly and higher quality products.
We offer a wide range of empty glass jars including spice jars, cookie jars, honey jars, sugar jars, milk jars, yogurt jars, jam jars, and glass jelly jars for the bathroom, and laundry room.
For decoration, clear and colored glass jars are available such as amber glass jars, blue glass jars, black glass jars, green glass jars, and purple glass jars. You can tell us any color you want.

China Glass Jar Wholesale In Bulk

  • Wholesale Glass Jar

The Factory offer the most competitive wholesale price

  • Fast Production
We produce 400,000 bottles daily on 8 lines. That makes the production time very short.
  •  Free Glass Jar Samples.
To help you choose glass jar size and capacity, we offer free glass jar samples.
  • Low Quantity

No-stop production and large inventory to meet any quantity requirement.


What shapes of glass jars can be choose from us?
We offer small glass jars wholesale, mini glass jars bulk and big glass jars wholesale in both large and small sizes.
Glass jars are often used for food storage, cosmetics, and candles. Shapes include round glass jars, square glass jars, hexagonal glass jars, heart-shaped, bear-shaped for honey jars, rectangular, etc.
Please contact us if you are looking for a glass jar manufacturer. Our mold team will create a customized mold for you in just 10 days, and we produced most of your product in just 20 days.
What the capacity of glass jars can choose from us?

Wholesale glass jars and lids are available from us. Sizes available include 1 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, and 64 oz.

If you want big glass jars wholesale, you can get half gallon jars, one-gallon jars, two gallons, three gallons, four gallons, five gallons, or even extra-large gallon glass jars.

What surface treatment for your glass Jars?
If you are looking for unique glass jars wholesale for food storage, you can choose between clear glass jars and colored glass jars. Colored glass jars are finished by spray painting.
We also provide labeling service, frosted, matte, etching, hot stamping, screen printing, and cracked finishes.
If you want to learn more about embossed, mercury surface treatment, check the decoration information here.
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