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Diffuser Bottles Supplier and Manufacturer For Your Business

LOM Glassworks has been a leading glass diffuser bottle wholesaler and supplier in China for over 23 years.

Our services and products have been upgraded over the last decade in order to offer the highest quality wholesale glass diffuser bottles on the market. Due to our high-end automatic machines, specializing in the manufacturing of glass bottles made from borosilicate, soda-lime glass, clear glass, and crystal glass, we have perfected the formula, the molding process, and the production of world-class quality glass diffuser bottles.

In order to provide 100% tailored-fit customer service, our trading team is ready 24/7 to support your growing glass diffuser bottles business. Be part of our growing clientele from around the world. We look forward to hearing from you!

LOM Glassworks Offer You One Stop Solution for Diffuser Glass Bottles Wholesale

Our wide selection of Glass Diffuser Bottles has the right bottle for your scents, aromatherapy, perfume, essential oil, and reed diffuser.

Our Glass Diffuser Bottles are great for enhancing your home’s fragrance and for enhancing your store shelves by showing off a unique design that is unique to you.

There are frosted diffuser bottles, crystal clear diffuser bottles, embossed decorative diffuser bottles, luxury diffuser bottles, and so many more to choose from. We have mini, large, round, square, cube, as well as customizable capacities and shapes.

LOM Glassworks is your perfect reed diffuser bottle wholesaler and supplier for glass diffusers.

Round Diffuser Glass Bottles Wholesale
100ml diffuser bottles wholesale with screw-on metal caps, made from aluminum with an anodized finish.
Small 50ml Diffuser Bottle
These mini fragrances would be suitable for home and car perfumes. The glass diffuser bottles have a minimalist wood accent.
Large 500ml Diffuser Bottle
Diffuser bottles with tinted glass for your homes, office spaces, and events.
200ml Square Diffuser Bottles
Square 200ml glass diffuser bottles providing a professional appearance to your aroma and fragrance.
Custom Empty Diffuser bottles
You can customize these glass diffuser bottles with your own touch. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and capacities.
Clear Large Diffuser Bottles
Clear large diffuser bottles are the best choice for reed diffuser, available in 250ml and 500ml sizes
Glass Perfume Diffuser Bottle
Featuring modern design caps and lids, this fragrance and perfume are chic and clean-looking.
Reed Diffuser Bottles Wholesale
This centerpiece will bring beauty and fragrance to your office and home.
Blue Coloured Diffuser Bottles
With calming and gentle colors, your glass diffuser will stand out.

Custom Glass Diffuser Bottles Wholesales For You (3)

Glass Diffuser Bottle Supplier Offer More Service (3)

  • Diffuser Caps of Glass Diffuser Bottles Wholesale

    We supply glass diffuser bottles with a variety of closures and caps, including wooden stoppers, glass stoppers, corks, screw caps, aluminum caps,, and wooden caps.

  • Glass Diffuser Bottles Wholesale can do any color diffuser bottles

    We provide clear diffuser bottles as well as colored bottles for decoration. Any color you like can be used, such as black, gold, silver, white, blue, gray, green, amber, rose gold, and matte black.

  • Surface Finish for Glass Diffuser Bottle supplier

    Luxury diffuser bottles wholesale can be customized with color painting, silk screen printing, frosting, stickers, embossing, and hot stamping in gold and silver.

LOM Glassworks-Glass Diffuser Bottles Supplier

Perfume and fragrance diffuser bottles made of glass are very practical. For aromatherapy and essential oils, we offer diffuser bottles in bulk.

Clear diffuser bottles and decorative glass diffuser bottles have a capacity of 50 ml to 500 ml. Besides large and small diffuser bottles, we also offer wholesale mini empty car diffuser perfume bottles.

In addition to clear diffuser bottles, frosted diffuser bottles, and colored diffuser bottles, you can choose black glass diffuser bottles, amber diffuser bottles, white diffuser bottles wholesale, and blue diffuser bottles,, and gold diffuser bottles. Please contact our professional team if you have a specific color in mind. Our services include painting, screen printing, frosting, and embossing.

For more information, please contact us.
Square diffuser bottles bulk

Diffuser Bottles Wholesale and Supplier
LOM Glassworks

car diffuser glass bottle wholesale
Car diffuser bottles wholesale with mini capacity 6 or 12 ml and different wooden covers
Essential Oils Bottles Wholesale
Essential oils come in different colors and capacities. Brown and blue are the most common colors. Other colors are also available.
Glass Candle Jars Wholesale
Custom glass candle jars with wooden lids, metal lids, and bamboo lids available.





Diffuser Bottles Supplier In China

LOM Glassworks offers high-quality arsenic and lead-free diffuser bottles that won’t react with your essential oils and will resist heat and corrosion. Fragrance shelf life will be extended.
  • Various types 
The sample room and mold room have more than 3000 perfume bottles and diffuser bottles. You don’t need to open the molds by yourself, we can make the product design you want.
  • Shiny white material
Aroma bottles and fragrance bottles are made of fine, translucent white material that is more expensive than ordinary beverage bottles and storage jars.
  • Various surface treatments
We offer empty diffuser bottles wholesale in bulk, and also offer decorative diffuser bottles. The diffuser bottles can be colored sprayed, sandblasted, matte black, frosted, heat transferred, silkscreened and other surface treatments can be done.
  • Provide label and decoration
Our packaging services include labeling, cap packages, aroma sticks, and decorative flowers, when you receive the aroma bottles, you can directly fill them.
We offer plastic inner parts with an aluminum outer cover, wood or bamboo cap, which can be matched with a plastic inner stopper, and a PTFE gasket for reliable leak-proofing.
How to custom your diffuser bottles for LOM Glassworks?
As a professional diffuser bottles wholesale and supplier, we supply small glass diffuser bottles like car diffuser bottles, oil diffuser bottles, and large glass diffuser bottles in 250ml and 500ml.
You can customize your own unique, fancy, pretty, decorative, and luxury diffuser bottles.
  • Shape and capacity
Our professional will confirm the shape and capacity of your custom diffuser bottles.
  • Sketch and confirm the size
Based on your requirements, our engineers will design a bottle drawing and confirm its size within 24 hours.
  • Calculate Weight
By producing a 3D model and drawing, we can determine the thickness and weight of the glass bottle, which is very important for glass diffuser bottles
  • Sampling
The first sample made on the production line usually takes 7-10 days after the size and weight are confirmed
  • Sample Approved
When the first sample is ready, we send you samples for confirmation.
  • Start Mass Production
For large production, we make double-drop molds, 15-20 days mold time
  • Fast lead time
In an 8-day production line, we produce 400,000 bottles daily, so the time it takes to complete your order is relatively short. The normal lead time is 15-20Days.
  • Labeling Service 
Send us your label design, we’ll make the ticker as per your request.
  • Surface Treatment
We provide wholesale clear diffuser bottles and can do surface treatment for your unique diffuser bottles, such as silk-screening, heat transfer printing, color painting, frosted, matte black, electroplated, etc.
  • Closure Choice
We also provide matching no-leakage reed diffuser caps in aluminum, wood and bamboo. The diffuser stick and decorative flowers are also available.
  • Safety Packaging
If you are a glass bottle importer and wholesale or run a branded aromatherapy and perfume company, you can customize your own packaging boxes with us. Our aromatherapy bottles are usually packed in cardboard boxes and wrapped with pallet wrap to ensure their safety and facilitate unloading.
What's the capacity of diffuser bottles?
We offer reed diffuser bottles wholesale over 23 Years, We have mini diffuser bottles, standard aromatherapy bottles, and large diffuser bottles.
Mini diffuser bottles are car diffuser bottles in 5ml, 6ml, 8ml, 10ml, 12ml, 13ml and 15ml
Regular diffuser bottles in 50ml, 100ml, 120ml, 150ml, 170ml, 200ml and 500ml.
Large diffuser bottles are in 1000ml,1250ml, 4300ml,5000ml.
Feel free to contact our professional team for a price quote.


What's the color of glass diffuser bottles?
What's the shapes of glass diffuser bottles?
What's the surface finish of diffuser bottles?
What's the closure for diffuser bottles wholesales?
How to packaging your glass diffuser bottles?
Where to buy empty diffuser bottles?
Create Your Homemade Reed Diffuser

If you want to make your own Reed diffuser, all you need is the following:

  • Glass Bottle Diffuser from LOM Glassworks
  • Pure Liquid Coconut Carrier Oil
  • Essential Oil combinations of your choice

STEP 1. Prepare the LOM Glassworks glass diffuser bottles. Choose any design, color, or size of diffuser bottles from our extensive selection.

STEP 2. Fill your glass diffuser bottles with coconut carrier oil.

STEP 3. Add your preferred essential oil to the mixture and stir slowly.

It is now ready to give as a gift or place in your home to fill your home with a naturally refreshing scent.

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