Candle lids Wholesale and factory in China

LOM Glassworks offers a range of high-quality lids to fit your glass candle jars. We offer metal, wooden, bamboo, plastic, and glass lids.

Candle Lids Wholesale in Bulk at The Best Price.

Glass candle jars and tumblers with lids in different sizes, neck diameters, and bottle styles are available in numerous colors, frosted textures, etched shapes, and embossed designs.

Your logo can be customized on matching metal lids, wooden lids, or bamboo lids. Lids come in a variety of colors such as silver, copper, black, brown, gold, pink, and bronze to further emphasize the design of your package.

If you are looking for candle lids wholesale for your glass candle jars, contact with our professional team now

Bulk and Wholesale Candle Lids For Your Project

Flat candle lids

Your logo can be printed on 9cl, 20cl, 30cl, and 50cl flat candle jar lids.

Metal candle lids wholesale

Recycle Screw metal candle lids in sliver, black and gold.

Decorative metal candle lid in sliver and copper finish.

candle topper lids

Candle topper lids  prevents tunneling and coring

gold candle lids

20cl and 30cl gold candle jars, colors can be custom in any color

Rustic candle lids

70g rustic candle lids with a handle easy to use.

Custom candle lids

We can make mold for your custom candle lids and do finish as your request.

cork candle lids wholesale

Cork candle lids in medium and large, 62.5mm at the top and 58mm at the bottom

Bamboo Candle Lids

Bamboo candle lids with a rubber seal are available in a variety of sizes.

candle topper

Custom candle topper do as your design, scented candle cover

Wood candle lids wholesale

Sealed wood candle lids in engrave, etched and embossed for decorative and logo

embossed candle lids

Metal embossed candle lids for decorative improve your brand.

decorative candle lids

Unique custom decorative candle lids in gold, copper, sliver and black.

Matt colored candle lids

We offer matte finish for metal candle lids wholesale in any color you want.

custom candle lids wholesale

Custom candle lids in different shapes with galvanized, hand making,

Best Candle Jar Lids Wholesale and Bulk Price

We have the best price for the lids of mason jar candle jars, decorative, prayer, wedding, and party candles.

With these lids, you can keep dust off your candle while maintaining its scent. The options include metal candle lids, wooden candle lids, cork lids, PVC lids, bamboo candle lids, glass candle lids, and plastic candle lids.

We provide eco-friendly and recycled candle lids wholesale in various sizes, including 9cl, 20cl, 30cl, and 50cl. We have rustic bronze, hammered copper, black, silver, gold, white, rose gold, brown, and pink colors. For custom candle lids, you can choose square or round shapes or choose unique metal candle toppers.

Glass candle lids can be finished with a brushed and matte finish as well as paint-colored. The lids of candles can be embossed, engraved, or etched with your logo to enhance brand recognition.

LOM Glassworks Candle Lids Wholesale & Supplier

Leak Proof Oil Candle lids

To keep your candle safe, all candle lids and covers are leakproof.

A Various of Size For You

We offer candle lids in sizes of 9cl, 20cl, 30cl, 50cl and custom design.

Different Finish For Candle lids

Candle lids can be matte, brushed, chromed, or engraved.

Multiple Materials For Candle Lids

Materials are in wooden, bamboo, metal, plastic, cork and plastic.

Free Candle Lids Samples

Welcome to contact our team for free candle lids samples.

Custom Candle Lids Service

Custom candle lids cover do your personalized for your brand.

Bulk and Wholesale Candle Lids

No matter if you are a candle maker or a candle supplier. Here you can find the right candle lids.

We provide high-quality wooden candle lids wholesale, bamboo candle lids wholesale, metal candle lids wholesale, and custom luxury candle toppers wholesale.

These lids are all eco-friendly, universal, and fancy. Good sealing with rubber seal, screw thread, and cork plug.

These covers look gorgeous on container candles, and keep dust and debris at bay. Browse all of our lid styles below.

  •  Metal Candle Lids

The metal screw lids and flat metal lids can be chromed or matte plated, and the colors can be black, gold, rose gold, platinum bronze, and copper. Also, you can add an engraved logo on the lids to make your candles more unique.

Candle lids wholesale China-LOM Glassworks
Candle lids wholesale China-LOM Glassworks


  • Wooden and Bamboo Candle Lids

Also, bamboo and wooden lids are suitable choices. Both are environmentally friendly and more comfortable. Also, you can emboss a logo or a label on the top of candle lids.

wholesale candle lids china-LOM Glassworks


  • Glass Candle Lids

For scented container candles, glass is the ideal material. It resists heat well and is visually attractive.

glass candle lids


  • Custom Candle Topper

Over the years, the candle topper has become more textured and luxurious due to the development of the candles industry.

Candle Topper Wholesale

Also, we offer glass candle jars in bulk and wholesale. You can choose from round, square, pineapple, and Lotus shaped candle jars. You can choose from colored candle jars, mercury jars, turreted jars, frosted glass candle jars and labeled jars. Find out more about our candle jars and contact our team to learn more.

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