TOP 7 Glass Jar Manufacturers In UK

Putting great emphasis in the branding of your product comes with a responsibility of choosing the right packaging for your business. With the global trend of being eco-friendly and making everything much more efficient and sustainable the glassware packaging industry is thriving with potential growth and continuously being developed. United Kingdom has made changes in the recent years in utilizing glass containers as these packaging are reusable and can be recycled. We at LOM Glassworks has compiled few of the manufacturers of glass jar containers in United Kingdom.


Patessons Glass Ltd


Highly renowned for their sustainability campaign in opting to manufacture glass jar wholesale contianers in the United Kingdom as a form of packaging for businesses in the food and beverage. They started their journey in the glass manufacturing and distributing industry since 2007 and continued their growth and development in that field. Acquired countless of customer within the country as well as overseas clients.


  • Patessons Glass offers various glass jars in their product catalog such as Small Food Jar, Hexagonal Jar with Cork, Tall Standard Jar, Standard Jar, Tall Food Jar and Round Food Jar.
  • Various sizes and and style are available in their product catalog and enclosures can be customized according to your preference.


Allied Glass


Applauded for their achievements in the field of manufacturing and distributing of glassware packaging and most especially with their glass jar containers, they have built a premium glassware manufacturing empire with their outstanding record in delivering exquisite service and and quality assurance to their customers. They specialize in providing glass jar that can be custom-made and intricate details can be added.


  • Glass Jars are available in standard and in premium catalogs. Both categories are manufactured and produce with top-grade raw materials to produce a high-quality and durable glass jars.
  • There are a variety of customization process that the company offers such as labeling and molding a specific and unique shape for your glass jar packaging needs.




A glass jar and bottle manufacturer and supplier in United Kingdom with over 60 years of industry experience has dominated the industry with their innovative and aesthetically pleasing glass jar designs for their clients in various fields such as food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. They have been serving clients for years with their great customer service and outstanding product line with great product quality.


  • Their glass jars available in stock and in store can highly be custom made and personalized depending on your preference and the look that you are going for.
  • Variety of colored glass jars with unique and pleasing aesthetics are available in different product capacity and shape. There are options to customize your favorite glass jar enclosures.

Glass Bottles


With their established career in the field of glass manufacturing and distributing they have been supplying glass jars and containers for packaging around the country. The Glass bottles not only manufacture outstanding quality of their glass jars but also assisting and guiding their clients with absolutely great effort to help them achieve the glass jar goals they are looking for.


  • They have various glass jars available in stock in crystal clear glass and with thick base and durable side walls.
  • The glass jars available can store product in 50ml to 500ml product capacity with great enclosures that can be customized with various colors and size diameter to fit your glass jar.


Bruni Erben


Their streak in providing the glass jar and containers for packaging especially in UK has lead them to be one of the top and famously known manufacturer and distributor of quality glass jar bottles in the United Kingdom. They have been a great aid to their clients that needs various glass jar containers in an affordable and wholesale prices. There are a lot of options to choose especially in customization process.


  • The glass jars that are available in stock are Barril Jar, Bonta Jar, Cee Standard Jar, Cilindrico, Alto jar, Cuadrado Jar, Evolution Jard and many more.
  • These jars are available in various sizes that can cater a great range of product capacity with its wide mouth the glass jars are easily accessible and convenient to use.




Been one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of glass jar container in United Kingdom they have been recognized as a great distributor of countless of glassware containers to support businesses in the food and beverage industry. They are equipped with modern technology that helps them produce seamless and top-grade quality glass jar products for their clients in bulk and efficient procedure.


  • They have a variety of glass jars available in the inventor. One of the categories is the Budget Glass jars that are great for wholesale and affordable priced glass jar containers for your food and beverage packaging needs.
  • The glass jars comes in various sizes and shape and can be used in preserving and storing jams, food, smoothies, oats and so much more.


Beatson Clark


Definitely one of the outstanding player in the market of glass jar manufacturing and distributing industry. They are equipped with glass jar manufacturing facility that enable them to produce bulk glass jar containers to cater large-scale orders for their clients. They are placed in the industry for having competitive prices in the market.


  • Glass jars available in their catalog comes in various shapes and can be used as Jam Jars, Preserving Jars, Honey Jars and o much more.
  • There are various jars that can be customized with embossing your product label and logo in the glass jars making the glass jar unique and one of a kind.




Primarily known to be a manufacturer of glass jar in an effiecient, environmentally friendly and safe way, they are continuing their growth and venture in the field of glass jar manufacturing and distributing targeting clients form various countries and being able to increase their production line. They are highly focused in quality assurance and making sure that every glass jar container and their product is in superb quality for the clients to enjoy.


  • Glass jars are made in 100% natural ingredients and is able to provide a food safe container. They are equipped with impermeable enclosure that is great for storing foods and beverages for longer period of time.
  • They also have decorative glass jars that can be used for center pieces that are unique in style and can be customized according to your preferences.




The increasing recognition of the glass jar manufacturing and distributing industry in United Kingdom has placed them in the global market with high expectations. The companies listed are still continuing their research and development for their glass jars making it easy to access, convenient and efficient to produce and is highly sustainable to support the environment. They have put in detailed thought to each process they have been doing in order to promote glass jar as the main packaging container and solution for your and business in the industry of food and beverage.




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