Top 6 Wholesale Glass Diffuser Bottles in Uk

Recent years UK’s candle making and diffuser industry has been rising to its prime as people are trying out ways to upgrade the look of their homes and making it more pleasant. Various fragrances and essential oils are introduced in the market and that comes along with their packaging, the glass diffuser bottles are highly demand in United Kingdom as the manufacturers and distributors that are based in the country are offering a great range of designs and styles for your glass diffuser bottle needs.


Candle Shack


Candle Shack is known to be a luxury candle manufacturer and supplier of candle making supplies and equipment that is established in 2010. Their company remains family owned and is based at West Carron Works in central Scotland. All of their candle manufacturing takes place here, where state of the art technology and artisan craftsmanship combine to produce candles for some of the worlds leading luxury brands.


  • They have stylish glass diffuer bottles in stock such as 100ml squat circular diffuser glass bottle in clear, gloss black and frosted. They diffuers glass bottles are available in etail and wholesale.
  • They also offer competitve prices for their glass diffuser bottles and is equipped with durable thick glass for long-lasting use.




Ampulla has been serving glass diffuser bottles, fragrance bottles and decanters that are exquisitely crafted from high quality clear glass. They have sleek and simple design in order to allow eye-catching scented oils to shine through. Their glass diffuser bottles are perfect for packaging room fragrances with tempting scents such as warming cinnamon or relaxing lavender.


  • Their glass diffuser bottles, fragrance bottles and decanters are available in the following sizes: 3.5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml.
  • They offer competitive prices and they offer wholesale and bulk glass diffuser bottles with minimum quantity requirement for their clients.


Supplies for Candles


A visionary glass diffuser bottle manufacturer and distributor, Supplies For Candles was established way back 2016 after spotting an opportunity to bring high-quality candle supplies to the UK market. In the recent years they have been serving over 60,000 customers and have recruited over 100 members of staff across two different locations in the UK to expand both our product range and offer the best customer experience.


  • Supplies for Candles we offer a range of supplies for home fragrance when candles aren’t an option, such as reed diffusers & car diffusers.
  • They have a great variation of products available in their website such as frosted glass bottle diffuser, clear glass bottle diffuser and tinted glass bottle diffuser.




Colorlites has been offering glass diffuser bottles throughout Europe and many more contries for over 35 years ago. The co-owners share a wealth of over 60 years of industry knowledge, enabling them to understand and deliver our customer’s needs. They supply glass packaging to the Aromatherapy, Cosmetic, Food, Home Fragrance & Beverage markets,  catering for everyone from the small hobbyist to large multi-national companies.


  • They prioritize their glass diffuser bottles to be ranged in the competitive market with its affordble price and high-quality glass.
  • They offer a range of glass bottles, glass jars, candle glass, diffuser bottles and associated componentry, is one of the largest available in the market place,  and we supply hundreds of stock lines to our customer base located in the UK, throughout Europe & Beyond.


London Luxury Candle Supplies


In the glass diffuser bottle industry for years as a manufacture and world-class distributor, they have been offering a great range of products for the market in various platforms and industry. They have always strive to provide a exceptional glass diffuser bottle designs and styles that are affordable and easy to use. They have clients from all over the world and within the country.


  • Glass diffuser bottles available in their websites are Animal Print Glass Diffuser Bottles, Classic 100ml Diffuser gift Sets, Bohemian 200ml Glass Diffuser Bottles, Diamond Glass Diffuser Bottle Gift set and so much more.
  • Various sizes, shapes, colors and styles are available on hand in their websites and can be customized according to the aesthetics you are going for.



Innovated Packaging Solutions


Innovated Packaging Solutions is a rapidly growing, already established glass packaging supplier based in Hyde, Greater Manchester that specializes in providing high quality glass packaging for food, drink and beauty products. They also affordable glass diffuser bottles that are in great shape and can be used for various fragrances and essential oils available in the market.


  • Glass Diffuser bottles are great for the environment, as it can be reused and recycled with no problems
  • They enhance the scent and fragrances of your essential oils and sweet scents of your fragrances.
  • Glass diffuser bottles lasts longer and is very durable and add a luxury value to your homes.


LOM Glassworks

For more than 23 years, LOM Glassworks has been a leading supplier of diffuser bottles in China.

We offer wholesale glass diffuser bottles of the highest quality, upgraded over the last decade. High-tech automatic machines, specializing in borosilicate, soda-lime, plain, and crystal glass bottles, have helped us perfect the formulas, the molding processes, and the manufacturing of high quality glass diffuser bottles.

Diffuser Bottles wholesale and manufaccturer-LOM Glassworks

  • Diffuser bottles range from 50 ml to 500 ml in capacity. Also, we provide wholesale mini perfume bottles for car diffusers.
  • A diffuser bottle can be frosted, crystal clear, embossed, luxurious, or a combination of all. Various sizes and shapes are available, including mini, large, round, square, and cube.



In the United Kingdom market for Glass diffuser bottles they have a great selection of glass bottles that are perfect for every business. They offer a great variety in the sizes, shapes and designs for their glass diffuser bottles and all glass bottles are made in high-quality sustainable materials. They market for glass diffuser bottles has been growing ever since and is dominating in the area of home care and upgrading the aesthetics of households and office spaces.

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