Top 6 Wholesale Diffuser Bottles in Australia

There has been an increase in diffuser bottle sales in Australia in recent years due to people opting to stay indoors and make their homes more comfortable. Reed diffusers are glass containers with reed sticks for diffusing fragrances and essential oils. There are many options in the market with different styles and designs that will fit your personality. You also can check diffuser bottles wholesale from our LOM Glassworks.


Aussie Candles Supplies


Established in 2005, Aussie Candle Supplies is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of soy candle supplies. They offer a large collection and range of glassware, waxes, wicks, dyes, fragrances, essential oils, as well as body care products and equipment. It was initially established as a candle manufacturing company and as the first importer and distributor of soy wax in the country.

  • Their reed diffusers include Aroma Jars, Eva Beads, Reed Bases, Reed Glass, Reed Packaging, and Reeds for Car Vent Diffuser.
  • Diffuser bottles are available in 10ml black, rose gold, Boston diffuser bottles, and Chicago diffuser bottles.


Candle Supply


First established in the candle making industry in 2004, they have been in the Candle Supply business since early 2005. They managed to import their first container of Soy Wax into Australia. At the beginning, they enjoyed supporting and training over 4,000 candle makers in both Australia and New Zealand about the joys and fun of candle making.

  • A wide variety of designs can be found in their product catalog, including clear and frosted glass diffuser bottles.
  • In addition, they offer a variety of caps to prevent essential oils and fragrances from leaking out of the glass bottles.


All Australian Candle Making


Lynne founded All Australian Candle Making Supplies and Kits 25 years ago. As technologies advanced in the late 90s, the business underwent a significant change. After learning the technologies, Lynne asked, like so many others, ‘who would look at my site? Lynne had to learn so much when she transitioned from the print age to the digital age. Over the next 25 years, she grew the business from a storage cupboard to a warehouse and office space.

  • The diffuser actively fills your home with designer scents 24 hours a day.
  • You can choose the fragrance for your diffuser and reeds. Candle fragrance can be added to their reed diffuser base for a complete package. Diluted fragrance will be drawn up the reeds to make a room smell delightful.




Based in Melbourne, Australia, Luxury Candle Supplies challenges the candle supplies market by offering premium products at a reasonable price. Luxury Candle Supplies clients are always one step ahead of the competition because they have access to the latest trends in interior design from Europe and Asia.

  • In their product catalog, they have a variety of glass bottle diffusers in stock and ready for shipping
  • They also have 200ml with Timber caps and Diamond glass diffuser bottles in addition to classic 100ml diffuser bottles.



Eroma Wholesale Pty Ltd



Eroma has always been at the top of the candle industry. The company has multiple showrooms and distribution outlets in Australia, as well as manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

  • They offer a wide selection and variety of glass diffuser bottles, including Boston, cubic, and round glass bottles
  • You can also choose from a variety of diffuser bottle colors, including amber, clear, frosted, matte black, matte white, frosted navy, and transparent white.


Adelaide Moulding and Candle Supplies



Adelaide Moulding and Candle Supplies specializes in offering products to a variety of industries that have only been available to professionals. All products come in convenient small sizes with user-friendly information and instructions. They offer expert advice and will guide you in choosing the right glass diffuser bottles for your needs.


  • The company offers a variety of Candle Making Supplies, including waxes, wicks, dyes, scents, glassware, moulds, and equipment.
  • In order to distribute your orders to your door in the fastest and cheapest manner possible, they use top performing Australian and international freight companies. By shopping online, customers are guaranteed to purchase the world’s best products at the most competitive price.



New companies emerge every year that offer high-quality glass diffuser bottles at competitive prices. You can find many companies to find the right glass diffuser to fit any of your desired designs and aesthetics. This includes classic and elegant glass diffuser bottles and vintage glass diffuser bottles with a variety of caps and enclosures to accessorize with.

If you are looking for diffuser bottle wholesale and manufacturer in China, welcome to contact us for free diffuser bottles samples and get the quote now!

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