Top 6 Perfume Bottle Manufacturers In USA

In the recent years years the perfume industry has seen so much growth in USA. There has been a lot and an increase of consumers who are fascinated and intrigued with the hit of these luxury fragrances especially in fragrances that are viral in different social media platforms. The  manufacturers of glass perfume bottles has expanded and their target market and caters a great range of clients within the region and overseas.

If you are looking for a great guide in showing you some of the leading glass manufacturers in the USA, we at LOM Glassworks are here to help you with that journey!




Started as a manufacturer of wine glass bottles, COVERPLA has made its name and developed their company as a fragrance and skincare packaging manufacturer and distributor close to Grasse, the fragrance capital of the world since 1946.  They primarily offers services to their clients both locally and internationally decorating, injection molding, and pump assembly.


  • They have a category to custom and build your very own bottle. Great selection being able to personalize your perfume and fragrance glass bottles according to your preference and needs.
  • In decorating your very own glass perfume bottle they have Enamel or Organic Ink, Hot Stamp, Pad Print, Spray, Metalization and Frosting.


Kaufman Container


Kaufman Container has been one of the pioneering glass perfume and cosmetic manufacturing and distributing companies in the USA for over 100 years in the industry. They have provided their services to countless of local clients and international clients. They provide stock and custom packaging solutions, package development and quality assurance services for their clients.


  • They provide a avariety of bottle decorating services and finishing touch to your glass perfume bottles to improve the aesthetic of your glass perfume bottles and stand-out from the shelves.
  • They have a great selection of styles such as 30ml Glass Perfume Bottles (Victor), 100ml Square Glass Perfume Bottles (Dillon), 100ml Glass Perfume Bottles (Stone), 100ml Glass Perfume Bottles (Wing), 50ml Round Glass Perfume Bottles (Oslo) and so much more available in their catalog.




Verescence has been one of the to and leading glass perfume bottle manufacturer in the industry they have been with the global market of manufacturing and distributing glass perfume bottles for over 120 years. They have a great experience and professionalism in the industry coverage and they have gained numerous of clientele in 4 continents. They are proud to introduce cutting-edge technology that has served their clients and helped fulfilling countless of bulk orders form different countries.


  • The perfume bottles available in stock has a magnificent silhouette that could attract sophistication in design, product customization is highly endorsed by the company. They are equipped with multiple glass and decoration techniques.
  • They release every year new designs available in the market and a great selection of in stock and possible customization for the glass perfume bottles.


Berlin Packaging


They have over a 100 years of experience in the industry and has been operation in countless of countries to provide the best and complete glass perfume bottles you’ll ever need. They are noted as a packaging juggernaut as they are developing and innovating in steady organic growth for the company acquiring clients from all over the world. They have excellent performance in manufacturing, distributing and customizing orders for all of their clients.


  • The Berlin Packaging offers a product capacity of less than 0.5ozl perfect and best suited for tester and mini vials of perfume and up  to 16oz best suited for large quantity glass perfume bottles.
  • They have 0.5oz clear glass bulb bottles for perfume glass bottle container. The accessories and caps are available in store and upon request of the client


New High Glass


The New High Glass manufacturing and distributing company has been with glass packaging industry for more than 40years with their developed and innovative skills and equipment to serve their notable customers in various fields such as food and beverage and in skincare and in fragrances industries. They take pride in offering bulk and wholesale glass perfume bottles that will fit for your needs and specifications.


  • Outstanding manufacturing service offering different glass perfume bottles in Delacroix Perfume Bottles, Morisot Perfume Bottles and David Perfume Bottles.
  • They also have the perfect perfume caps, collars and pumps that will secure and will fit to each glass perfume bottles. This will help improve and personalize your fragrance brand aesthetic and overall functionality of your glass perfume bottles.



SGB Packaging Group, Inc.


They are noted as a full service and complete glass perfume packaging provider in the region. They are noted to be one of the leading supplier and distributor unique and high-quality glass perfume bottles for well-known brands especially in Mid and Luxury fragrance and perfume markets. They are great in customer care an will tend to fulfill request and specifications of clients in great detail.


  • They introduce their clients with an extensive range and supplies of glass perfume bottles such as in Crystal,Verdi Eco, Verdi Fragrance, Alto, Piramide, Damier, Felix, Polygone, Zara, and so much more available in their product catalog.
  • They have a variety of fragrance caps such as Wood Fragrance Cap, Emy Fragrance Cap, Emaraude Fragrance Cap, Woork Eco Friendly Dropper, New Nub Fragrance cap, Omrelle Fragrance Cap, Rectangle Fragrance Cap, Rex Fragrance Cap, Rotari Fragrance Cap and so much more in their product selection.

LOM Glassworks


LOM Glassworks is a Chinese glass perfume bottle manufacturer and supplier that exports eco-friendly empty perfume bottles wholesale. In addition to perfume and fragrance bottles wholesale, we offer sprayers, glass sticks, stoppers, atomizers, droppers, and glass applicators.

LOM Glassworks-China Perfume Bottle Manufacturer

  • In our experience with exporting wholesale glass perfume bottles and industry reports, 50-150ML glass perfume bottles are the best sellers. The sizes offered are 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, and 500ml. For perfume samples, we offer wholesale 2ml, 5ml, and 10ml small perfume bottles.
  • We make unique perfume bottles wholesale by labeling, engraving, spraying, silk-screening, hot stamping,  painting, frosted, matte.


In starting your fragrance and perfume business journey it is important to know whats best for you and for your brand. We at LOM Glassworks shared few of the leading glass perfume manufacturers in the USA. The growing competition in the global market for the glass perfume and fragrance bottles in the market has helped developed the quality and durability of the glass perfume bottles by utilizing sustainability in their production and manufacturing process.

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