Top 6 Glass Milk Bottles Wholesale UK

In the recent years there is a great demand and surge of the glass milk bottles in United Kingdom and this has been known all over the country with dairy products and milk products to be packaged in glass bottles and containers are more popular. The Glass Bottles and Containers especially for milk glass bottle the industry is growing with a production of 689.94 billion units in 2020 was valued at USD 58.64 billion in 2020, and it is expected to be valued at USD 78.41 billion, and reach 922.43 billion units by 2026, registering a CAGR of 4.18%, during the forecast period 2021-2026.




The Pattesons Glass Ltd was established in 2007, and significantly grew in different departments across Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Finance, Warehousing and Logistics in 2021. Way back 2017, Pattesons announced the majority take-over by IPG (Industrial Packaging Group) who are part of the family-owned company, Gaasch Packaging. They have been delivering outstanding glass milk bottles all over the country and has received great reviews among their clients.


  • Pattesons Glass offer a comprehensive range of glass milk bottle and containers for beverage markets. With their expertise they can help you find the right glass bottle for your business.
  • They are the perfect source for customized glass milk bottles with a great selection of sizes and shapes.



Jars and Bottles


This is a great company if you’re looking for a great glass milk bottle that is perfect in its quality and from its durabilty. They are known to  UK’s largest supplier of glass jars and bottles and they have everything you need. They have a  trusted network of worldwide suppliers means they can provide customers of every size with their exact requirements, without ever compromising on quality.


  • They have various sizes for their glass milk bottles and these includes 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 1500ml.
  • There are a lot of options available such as in classic design and style or more convenient packaging with handles.


World of Bottles


The world-of-bottles (Flaschenland) showcases their love for manufacturing and distributing glass milk bottles across the country and overseas. They offer a wide range of different bottles, stoppers, glasses and accessories. they offers are addressed to private and commercial demand. No matter if liqueur aficionado, major distilleries, winegrower or bottling industry -they offer each appropriate bottles in suitable amounts.


  • Glass milk bottles available in wholesale prices and may vary depending on how many bottles you need to purchase.
  • There are different caps available for your glass milk bottles such as screw on caps, swing tops and metal lids.




They offer wholesale and bulk prices for their glass milk bottles that are discounted and bulk prices. They are known to be suppliers of glassware especially glass milk bottles in durable and stylish features. They have been serving clients from all over the country and has been distributing glass milk bottles worldwide. They are trusted with their clients for delivering glass milk bottles in fast transaction process.


  • Glass Milk Bottles, Cordial & Water Bottles are available in trade and wholesale prices from MBS – UK Supplier of quality glassware and crystal.
  • They have various glass milk bottles in variety of styles and features available in their catalogs.



Wares of Knutsford


They have been in the glass milk bottle manufacturing and distributing industry since 1992 and has been continuing in growing and developing designs and styles of glass milk bottles and containers for the needs of their clients in United Kingdom and across the globe. They have acquired numerous clients with their great attention to detail and sustainability performance in manufacturing and producing glass milk bottles.


  • They have various classic design of glass milk bottles available in store. They have 500ml and 1000ml glass milk bottles with metal lids in classic gold color.
  • They have bilk and wholesale glass milk bottles that are great a deal for large quantity of milk bottling process.




Known to offer distinct aesthetics and looks for glass milk bottles at a affordable price. They have a reputation on delivering outstanding service in providing the perfect glass milk bottles for clients in United Kingdom and across the world. They are renowned glass milk bottle manufacturing and distributing company that has gained years of experience in the industry.

  • The offer classic and vintage looks of glass milk bottles in half-pint, 500ml, 1000ml and customized glass milk bottle depending on the size you need.
  • They have a great line of premium glass milk bottles that are produced and manufactured with intricate details to provide a much more personalized finish with their products.





With the increasing competition of glass milk bottle manufacturers and distributors they are always on the road for the growth and development of their glass milk bottle products. They continue to strive and look for more ways to develop and manufacture their glass milk bottles in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. There is a lot of options and glass milk bottle products available in the market and this is a sign that the industry of glass milk bottle packaging is in demand and is continuing their advancement in the market

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