Top 6 Glass Jars Wholesale Singapore

The overall packaging of a brand says a lot about you and your business, opting to use glass jar containers in storing, preserving and bottling your products is a sure way to get you ahead of the food and beverage industries. There are a lot of companies in Singapore that showcases glass jars that are unique in shape, classy and elegant in style. There are a lot of of ways to produce, manufacture, and decorate glass jar containers for your packaging needs. We at LOM Glassworks compiled a list of glass jar manufacturer in Singapore.




They have been sourcing for quality and reliable glassware packaging to deliver to their clients within the country and overseas. They have been serving their clients with years of experience in the industry. They have placed their great effort in making sure to deliver their glass jar packaging in great shape and in top-grade quality. They offer their glass jar packaging in various industries such as local cafe, food stall and simply in the food and beverage industry


  • They provide a wide range of packaging products to choose from, be it from cookies jar and glass jars and various glassware packaging available.
  • They have glass jars that can cater 170ml to 1000ml and their clients can customized their metal lids in black and beige in color.


Katrin BJ


Katrin BJ, known to be the leading household supplier of glass jars in Singapore and started in the year 2022 and since then they have been supplying glassware container and jars around the country. They primarily specialize in manufacturing and customizing glass jars for various packaging purposes. Their company has grown with utmost quality and with dedication in serving their clients from all over the country. They are trusted and is known to be a reliable supplier and manufacturer of glass jar packaging.


  • Their glass jars are decorated in luxurious design and style. Glass jars can be used for preservation and storing of foods and their metal screw top lid is made up of 2 pieces, a replaceable vacuum seal and metal screw band for secured closure.
  • The have a variety of glass jars available are handled jar, preserve jar, push top jar, and spice jar.



Tong Huat Trading Co., (PTE) LTD


The Tong Huat Trading Co. Has been in the industry of manufacturing and distributing glass jars for years and has been improving their manufacturing procedure for the following years. Their production are highly focused in improving and developing the quality of their glass containers and bring the absolute best for their clients. The increasing rate of their customers has given them an opportunity to extend their market across the world.


  • They have Mini Glass Jars with Wire Clip, that is available in variety of product capacity. The glass jars are produced in thick and durable glass to ensure longevity of usage. The airtight container is great way in storing your products.
  • Glass Jar with Wire Clip that is available in larger containers and can store product for as much as 1000ml to 3000ml. Durability of the glass jars and their design can be easily used and accessed by their clients.



Medtra (S) PTE. LTD.


They established their company since 2001 and has been delivering glass containers throughout the country. They primarily supply the Food and Beverage Industries and they also supply other packaging products and accessories for different industries, such as Medical and PharmaceuticalIndustrialfragrance and essential oil, and others. They often plan strategic ways in order to alleviate the brand’s glass packaging or jars design with intricate details and its outstanding durability.


  • They are quality conscious manufacturer and distributor company and always ensure Quality Assurance programs from factory to post delivery.
  • They are able to utilize sustainable and renewable materials in the production of their top grade glass jar containers.
  • Variety of glass jars are available in their product catalog and can be customized upon request.





The Gerresheimer is a great company that offers assistance to clients globally for glass packaging solution of clients who specializes in the industry of food and beverage and pharmaceuticals market. There has been a great reviews from their clients and has been offering their services for many years. They have developed and improved their production process to deliver their pristine quality glass jars that is distributed within the country.


  • Glass jars are molded in a way to cater a great amount of product capacity. With its wide mouth opening ensuring accessible access of the glass jars.
  • They provide customization services for their clients. They accommodate orders that is possible to be customized in shape, enclosure and intricate glass details.




Leading glass manufacturer and distributor, Interwaters has been offering their service for glassware packaging solutions. The overall service that Interwaters provide for their clients within Singapore and overseas is supplying bulk and wholesale glassware packaging for their customers. They are able to have facilities that equipped with latest modern technology for efficient and seamless production process.


  • They have glass jars that are available in crystal clear and amber colored glass. Wide-mouth opening for their glass jars that convenient use.
  • There are variety of glass jar sizes available in their product catalog. The glass jar available ranges in size 20ml to 500ml.
  • The glass jars are securely packaged and they make sure that the products are delivered to your business safe and sound.




The identity of your brand relies greatly on how you present your overall product packaging to your clients and customers. In the glassware manufacturing and distributing industry it is without a doubt that it plays a significant role in charming your clients and customers with the competitive competition in the market of food and beverage industries. In Singapore there a lot of options you can choose and the discover in finding the right glassware packaging for you it may be in retail, bulk and wholesale orders.

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