Top 6 Glass Jar Manufacturers In Canada

Canadian glass manufacturing industry started in the era that consisted of pressed glass, machine-made glassware formed by pressure between a mechanically moving plunger and a mould. Their outstanding reputation in importing Glass and glassware are accounted to be 0.58% of total import flow to Canada  which is in 2020 the total imports to Canada amounted to $ 405 billion. There is so much potential in the glass jar market in Canada and they have been known to increase their overall market every year.


Consolidated Bottles


Founded by the Korolnek family in 1910, Consolidated Bottle has a renowned glass jar packaging solution provider to global markets across industries.Their business model is defined by a commitment to Project Management, Inventory Control and Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction.

They have over 500,000 square feet in Toronto and Montreal and they bring a unique service oriented approach to our customer base including innovation & design, global sourcing, quality assurance, inventory control, logistics management, and service excellence.


  • They supply a wide product range including glass, rigid plastics, flexible packaging, metal and assembled products.   These products are offered through stocking as well as special order programs.
  • They have a great selection and range of affordable glass jar pacakging for different kinds of usage.



Wells Can Company Ltd.


Wells Can Company Ltd. has been a leading source and supplier of glassware products and glass jars. They primarily offers a great range of glassware packaging for countless customers throughout the country and overseas.  They offer a great deal for clients that opt to purchase wholesale and bulk glass jar orders and they can help you with your customized glass jar needs.


  • They have a great selection of glass jars that can package tall or short contents. The glass jars are available in 500ml, 250ml, 30ml, 9oz and 4oz.
  • The glass jars caps and lids can be customized according to your preferences.


I.M. Packaging


I.M. Packaging, puts a great emphasis in quality control and only delivering the best quality glass jars for you and your business. They believe that packaging is the face of your enterprise and your products so it is important to have a eye-catching display of your business philosophy or a bold declaration of your personal style. I.M. Packaging has been providing professional packaging services to Canada and the United States for more than 35 years.They have always prided ourselves on our hands-on approach and dedication to quality assurance.


  • Offers  360-degree comprehensive service. They offer custom-made designs and cater to each and every detail of your preference. From drawing mockups that will bring your ideas to life, to delivering sample options, to providing continuous support, we are committed to serving our customers with passion and integrity.
  • Offers a great range of glass jars that can be used for string, preserving and packaging your favorite foods and smoothies and shakes.


Richards Glass Co. Ltd.


The company was established in 1912 as Richards Glass Co. Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of glass containers for the retail drug trade and pharmaceutical industries. They offer a great selection of glass jars that is fairly useful in packaging and especially in maintaining sterility in the fields of medicine. They are known to produce and manufacture glass jars in an efficient and convenient process and serves a great service to their valued clients.


  • They offer short cylinder, tall cylinder, hex jars, round jars and square jars perfect for your every need of packaging.
  • They have a variety of sizes available that can cater 30ml glass jars to 750ml glass jars.




Ampak is a manufacturing company with over 60 years of valued experience committed to producing high-quality bottles, jars and packaging components. They produce for a variety of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical-nutraceutical, industrial and automotive, and health and beauty. Ampak manufactures stock and custom containers and closures in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They carry over 1000 molds in inventory and use FDA resins.


  • They are highly know to be able to maintain a clear understanding of customers’ requirements throughout the design, production and delivery process with a view to exceeding their customer’s expectations in every way.
  • They are equipped with facilities that can hold  injection molding, extrusion blow molding and reheat blow molding.
  • They have a in-house tool and die department enables them to react quickly to make modifications and repairs to molds and machinery as needed in order to ensure smooth and timely production.





Tricorbraun has been branded one of the largest and known glass jar manufacturer in Canada with a 100-year-old legacy, they are a undisputed industry leader in packaging solutions both rigid and flex, focused on providing innovative, custom solutions for many of our customers. They provide solutions covering length and breadth of various industries namely Food and Beverage; Health and Beauty; Nutraceuticals; Industrial and Household; Pharmaceuticals.


  • They cater and serve clients with their in-house design team to provide customized packaging solutions. They are proud to have the ability to deliver your package with greater flexibility than most competitors.
  • They offer a great price range for bulk and wholesale buyers and clients for their glass jar products.




The competition of the leading glass jar manufacturing and distributing company in Canada is very challenging and competitive thus resulting to more glass jars that are enhanced and developed with a affordable prices offered. The glass jar manufacturing industry has been in great demand since the recent years as people are trying to make changes to be much more sustainable and reducing the use of plastics in their daily lives. In this compiled list of wholesale manufactures of glass jars we hope we can enlighten most of your questions about glass jars manufacturers in Canada.

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