Top 6 Glass Bottle Manufacturers In UAE

UAE is an elected monarchy composed of seven emirates, including Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain. In this country, the glass bottle manufacturing industry thrives on growth and development. Here’s a quick guide to glass bottle manufacturer and distributer in the UAE.


RAK Ghani Glass LLC, UAE


RAK Ghani Glass manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical glass containers. They are experts in glass bottle manufacturing, packaging, finance, investment, and strategic planning.

RAK glass bottles manufacturer and pharmaceutical glass manufacturer
  • They offer Neck 20 PP, Neck 22 PP, Neck GL 18, Neck MCA 2, Neck 28 PP, and type II VIALS.
  • They use the latest equipment. Pharma companies require international accreditations and quality certifications to export to European markets.

Al Wara


Founded in 2004, Al Wara manufactures glass bottles for customers around the world. Their services include glass bottle manufacturing, printing, and decoration.

AI wara Glass perfume bottles manfacturers in UAE
  • This company creates custom glass bottles with color coatings as well as transparent, matte, gradient, frosting, soft-touch, and more.
  • Also, they offer a foil printing process that uses premium foil to give your product a boost in packaging.


Ajil General Trading FCZ


Ajil was established in 1982 and refounded in 2015 after it was revised and improved. The company specializes in packaging glass bottles for the Chemistry, Medical, and Laboratory markets. As the company has grown, it has developed and researched eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

Ajil-glass bottles manufacturer and pharmaceutical glass manufacturer
  • Their specialty is pharmaceuticals. You can find clear Boston and Winchester glass bottles, glass bottle stoppers, and amber Boston glass bottles.
  • Additionally, they offer chromatography vials, clear injection vials, and amber dropper bottles.
  • Glass vials are available in sizes ranging from 1ml to 36ml.


Global Packaging


The company delivers the highest quality glass bottle containers and packaging solutions to clients in the UAE and abroad. Global Packaging produces glass bottles that are eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective. They also offer custom designs.

Global packaging-glass bottle manufacturers in UAE
  • Glass bottles are used mainly for perfume bottles, essential oils, diffusers bottles and fragrances. Their sleek designs are attractive.
  • Many types of glass bottles are available, including transparent, decorative, and zinc, ABS, and surly caps.




Samapak is a leading glass bottle manufacturer in UAE, specializing in perfumes and fragrances bottles. They are innovative, dedicated, and committed to providing you with the best glass bottles available. They are experts at crafting glass bottle products.

samaapack-Glass perfume bottles manufacturer and supplier
  • They offer a broad range of glass bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes. These include frosted, crystal clear, marble, and colored glass bottles.
  • Each enclosure can be customized according to the preferences of the client.




Saverglass is a reliable company for small and large businesses for glass bottle manufacturing and marketing in the global market. The company is committed to excellence and improvement. It is praised internationally.

Saverglass-Glass bottle manufacrurers in UAE
  • The sleek design of glass bottles can be used to bottle spirits, still wine, Champagne, and Sparkling water.
  • They offer different glass tints, glass engraving, and glass decoration services.

LOM Glassworks

As a leading glass packaging manufacturer, we have clients in more than 108 countries. LOM Glassworks offers custom glass bottle and jar manufacturing services.

FDA, G.R.A.S, SGS, and UV certification are all required for food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical glass containers. Additionally, we offer caps and closures to make glass packaging a one-stop shop.

LOM Glassworks-Glass bottle manufacturer China



Demand for glass bottles has increased in the UAE due to the rapid growth of the perfumery, fragrances, food, and beverage industries. Our list of the best glass bottle manufacturers in the UAE can help you find the right glass bottle for your business. With the rapid advancement of technology in the UAE, your glass bottle idea will become a reality.

If you are looking for the glass bottle manufacturer and supplier China, welcome to contact LOM Glassworks.

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