India has been known in the global market for perfume bottle manufacturer acquiring international clients from all over the globe. They are one of the leading developing economies and in the scene of perfume bottle manufacturing and it says that the global market is USD 1,556.2 in 2019 and will have a significant growth in project reaching USD 1,604.6 by 2027.


The country has been in the competitive market of perfume bottle manufacturing and always strive to develop and innovate their standing in the industry. We at LOM Glassworks compiled a list of Top 5 Perfume Bottle Manufacturer in India. Learn more!


Mahalaxmi Industries

As a reputed manufacturer and trader they Mahalaxmi Industries first started their journey in the perfume bottle manufacturing industry way back 1986. They offer top-grade products most especially perfume bottles. They are prominent in the industry in delivering excellent designs and functionality of their perfume bottles.


  • They have a great range of 6ml glass attar bottles and 12ml glass attar bottle perfect for small product capacity perfume bottles.
  • Perfume glass bottles comes in clear and transparent shade and its cap is golden round screw cap for secure closure.



CTC Glass Pack


In 1965, the Chaudhary Glasspack Private Limites was established and they are currently funded and supported by the third generation family. The company is widely know to be a great supplier and distributor of glass containers and packaging solutions most especially for perfume glass bottle container.


  • The range of glass perfume bottles in their inventory has countless of designs and features to choose from.
  • They have 8ml square and round roll on glass perfume bottles, 10ml Amritanjan Balm, 10ml Carat, 15ml Charlie, 20ml Charlie and small decorative glass perfume bottles in stock.

K.D Enterprises

The K.D Enterprises has been a manufacturer, exporter and importers since 2013, they are situated in capital of the country, Delhi. K.D enterprises takes pride with their overseas clients, they cater custom designing, such as variety of colors, patterns, and materials requested by the client.


  • The categories they have in their catalog are Perfume Glass Bottles, Fish Bottles, Infinity Perfume Bottles, Perfume Esteem Bottle, Perfume Riya Zen Bottle and Riya Bawri Perfume Bottles.
  • They have a great range of sizes, product capacity and accessories to fit your needs.


Vishwakarma Industries


The Vishwakarma Industries was established way back 2001, and they have been a certified manufacturer and exporter of various glass perfume bottles in the industry. The are equipped with latest technology in manufacturing the glass perfume bottles using primarily the best raw materials to improve the quality of the glass perfume bottles.

  • Their product range includes: Plastic Pet Bottles (20ml to 5L), Jars or Crystal Jars, HDPE Bottles, PP Caps & Inner Plugs, Metal Enclosures and Shells and so much more.
  • Perfume Glass bottles that are perfect for storing scented oils and fluids that may evaporate over time. The glass is made considering the durability of the glass perfume bottles.


Samkin Industries


Noted as one of the leading and pioneering manufacturer and distributor excellent quality and sleek design perfume bottle in the country. They are well known for utilizing raw materials that are sustainable and durable for a long lasting use of the glass perfume bottles. They serve industries from the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and most especially cosmetics.


  • They have a great variety of products available such as Plastic Closure, Foam Bottle, Honey Bottles, Gel Jars, and Glass Perfume bottles available in stock.
  • They have a  wide selection of glass perfume bottles such as 150ml square Perfume Bottles, 50ml Perfume Bottle, 20ml Crimp Black Bottle, 8ml Tester Bottle, 20ml Conical Bottle and Crimp Neck 30ml and 50ml perfume bottles.




In conclusion, it is without a doubt that the industry of glass perfume bottle manufacturing in India has been continuously improving and developing bringing more clients overseas and serving clients  with various specifications and request with much dedication and passion to support their businesses. With these compilation, we hope LOM Glassworks helped you in discovering and learning more about the Glass Perfume Industry in India.

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