Top 5 Glass Jars Wholesale Australia

Australia has been branded as on of the leading countries to use glass jars for their food and beverage packaging. Glass jars are great in packaging they are non-porous and impermeable this is a great guarantee that glass jars will not affect the content of packaged product and there is no chemical interactions with the authentic flavor of the product and its packaging. The glass jar will keep the strength, aroma, flavor and quality of the product packaged with a longer shelf-life.




Cospak has been in the glass jar manufacturing and distributing industry since 1969, Cospak has grown and developed their company being able to build a team of over 250 strong staff working in Manufacturing, Warehousing, Design, Sales and Administration across all Australian states, New Zealand and China. They have a great inventory and maintaining the collections in stock all year round to provide their clients with consistent supply, technical support, flexibility, excellent service and the capacity to innovate and design entirely new packaging formats.


  • Provides their clients with valued and diverse packaging solutions utilizing their professional experience in Design, Manufacture, Sourcing and Supply Chain.
  • They have a variety of glass bottles and jars products in their catalog and they also have a great collection various sizes and shapes.



Ballmason Australia


Ballmason Australia is a great supplier and distributo of self-reliance supplies such as glass jars. They  take pride in helping their customers to live a more self-sustainable lifestyle, with our 3400 SQM warehouse and over 4500 products we are constantly seeking out new products and glass jars to add to our growing collection of products. They are known to be the largest Australian importer and distributor for a huge range of high-quality glassware products such as glass jars.


  • They have a great selection of glass jars that are sold in retail and wholesale prices. They have fermenting glass jars, baby food glass jars and preserving jars.
  • The glass jars that are available in stock are in crystal clear and is great to easily see the contents inside the glass jars.



Plasdene Glass-Pak


They started their glassjar manufacturing and sourcing company way back 1987 from a position of zero sales and one employee, Plasdene Glass-Pak today boasts more than 10,000 products in their inventory. They cater multi-national company, or a small family business they always strive to provide superior service, cost effective products and creative packaging solutions proudly delivered by Plasdene Glass-Pak – “Your Partner in Packaging”.


  • They offer a 1000ml Flint Glass Round Food Jar that is in 82mm wide moth with twist screw cap finish.
  • They offer durable and top-grade quality glass bottles for you and your business.


Just Jars Australia


Just Jars Australia is a retail glass jars supplier that specializes in small beautiful jars that can be used for events and occasions such as weddings, pastries, debuts, bridal  showers and so much more. The Just Jars Australia has been known throughout different parts of the country for providing stylish and beautiful designs of glass jars that is available in different shapes and sizes.


  • They have 30ml round jar, 50ml round jar, 55ml hexagonal jar, 100ml round jar, 110ml square jar, 110ml hexagonal jar, 150ml round jars. They have a great mix and collection of glass jars that can be used as packaging for your mini giveaways.
  • You can choose different lids to math with the look and aesthetics your are going for and they have a wonderful customer service.


Centaur Packaging


Established in 1998 Centaur Packaging has found its place in the market with the distributing and sourcing glass jars and bottles throughout the country. Under the Ownership of Graham and Michelle Rowe in October 2010 the business took on lots of new challenges. In 2012 we introduced great environmental solutions that were sustainable packaging for our planet and utilize glass jars and bottles for packaging.


  • They offer a variety of glass jars that can hold various of product capacity that ranges in 50ml to 250ml.
  • They have a great selection of glass jars in round, square and hexagonal in shape. Crystal clear glass with various lids that are available to be customized in different color such as silver, gold, white and black.




The market for glass jars in Australia has been in increasing in demand and as this continues manufactures and distributes are finding a way and researching how they can develop and improve their glass jars packaging. There a a lot of designs, styles, shapes and sizes available in the market and it is important to consider the company that would deliver your glass jar containers in pristine quality and in a competitive and affordable price.

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