TOP 5 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Philippines

The Philippines widely known for their manufacturing system utilizing local labor force to produce and distribute glass bottle containers throughout the country. There is a huge industry of glass bottle manufacturing as the Philippines is showing significant growth over the years using glass bottle containers instead of plastic bottles. If you need a affordable and trusted quality glass bottles, learn more from us.




In 1956, Bestpak was established and has been widely known to one of the leading glass bottle manufacturer in the Philippines. The Bestpak prides itself in delivering the durable and reliable glass bottle packaging for different businesses and brands in the Philippines. They specialize in production, decoration of fine details and distributing of glass bottle containers.


  • They have an outstanding selection of glass bottles that can be use of beverage, juice, non-alcoholic drinks, beer and many more.
  • Glass Bottles available in product catalog can be colored, amber or can be used to store essential oils and fragrances.


ECPack General Merchandise


A glass bottle packaging supplier and distributor that is highly recommended for clients that are in need of glass bottle packaging for their skin care, cosmetics and essential oil products. They offer retail prices and wholesale prices for their products and they can arrange the courier and logistics for their customers. They are great in customer service and is always striving to improve their products.


  • Glass bottles for fragrances, essential oils and for skin care are available in stock. The have 50ml Glass Square Frosted, 50ml Glass Sexy Frosted, 50ml Glass Rectangle Frosted, 50ml Glass Tall Frosted, 60ml Glass Tubular Frosted, 85ml Glass Tubular Frosted and 100ml Glass Tubular Frosted.
  • Cap colors available in White and Black. They have a variety of sizes available for your needs.




Arcya, situated in Calamba, Laguna is one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in the Philippines. They started to produce glass bottles to help provide packaging solution for the local breweries since 1966. They primarily specialize in manufacturing glass bottles for soft drinks, condiments, and beers.


  • They have a great range of glass bottles with great durability. Different styles and designs available in stock.
  • You can customize glass bottle accessories such as caps, screw caps and swing top in variety of colors, sizes and designs.


San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation


One of the leading glass bottle container provide in the Philippines. They are known to have passed their expertise and experiences generation after generation to improve and still embody traditional glass bottle manufacturing and discover improvements in their journey. They strive to be provide durable and high-quality glass bottles for businesses in the Philippines.


  • They offer decorated bottles, novelty bottles, custom-designed glass bottles in amber, green and flint.
  • They provide glass bottle packaging needs for beer, soft drinks, spirits and liquors, pharmaceuticals, food, personal care and chemicals.


UNLIPACK Packaging Philippines


Unlipack is branded in the glass bottle manufacturing industry in the Philippines to be a company that produces high-quality glass bottle products that sis aesthetically pleasing, with great functionality and features. They have a great range of glass bottles that can cover for all your packaging needs and can make your products stand out from the shelves.


  • They offer Boston Rounds, Cylinderical Straights, Ovals, Packers, wine Bottles, Sauce Bottles and so much  more.
  • They also have different colors available for you such as amber, natural frosted, and flint crystal clear.
  • Their size range is 15ml to 1000ml product capacity.




Getting to know the glass bottle manufacturing in the Philippines will help give us an insight on what kind of glass bottles that are perfect for you and your business and being able to learn more about their companies will give us a better understanding on how these companies will be able to support and assist you in the glass bottle manufacturing process.

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