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We at LOM Glassworks a major glass manufacturing company located in China had listed top 20 glass manufacturing companies based in USA.

Glass bottles and containers allows beverage, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics manufacturers a faultless way to package their products in order to keep it safe, fresh, and healthy for a longer period and ease transport. Glass bottles and containers are majorly used in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage industry due to their ability to maintain chemical inertness sterility and non-permeability.

Beverages hold the largest market share in this main market. With the public getting increasingly cautious about what they consume and in what material it is packaged, their insight towards glass is progressively becoming positive due to the key reason that glass is the safe packaging material with an almost zero rate of chemical interaction, ensuring product integrity.

As more and more consumers turning toward environment-friendly solutions to improve their contribution to protect the environment, glass packaging is seen as an endless recyclable substitute to plastic packaging. Glass can be 100% recycled as well as re-usable, without losing quality. According to a survey by G&S Business Communications, glass bottles and jars came out on top, with 57% of the US consumers believing that it is the most sustainable.

Glass Bottle Manufacturers China-LOM Glassworks


The Cary Company is your source for Containers and Packaging, Spill Control Products and Industrial Filtration Solutions for both industry and consumer.

  • Distributor of non-toxic, recyclable and reusable glass bottles.
  • They have an extensive line available in eleven colors with ounce, gallon and milliliter capacity.
  • Bottle containers available in beer, round, champagne, dropper, French square, growler, hot sauce, wide mouth, woozy and other styles and flat, mini punt and punt bottoms.
  • Bottle containers are more likely to be suitable for wine, beer, milk, drinks, beverages, chemicals, juice, smoothies, sauces, cream, decor projects, lotions, oils, bath and body care and other applications.
  • They offer designing, labeling, logistic, product sourcing, warehousing and used tote disposal services also offered.

Cincinnati Container

Is an Ohio-based distributor that mainly focus on superior service since 1932, they cater customers from large or small companies and creates long lasting customer relationship and superior service.

  • Distributor of glass containers from 1/8 fl. oz. to 5 gal., plastic containers from 1/2 fl. oz. to 85 gal., metal containers from 4 fl. oz to 55 gal. & fiber containers from 1 gal. to 55 gal.
  • They have glass containers available include glass Boston rounds, glass handled jugs, round mouth wide packers, standard glass jars and straight sided glass jars.
  • Plastic containers include plastic Boston rounds, plastic cylinders, plastic pharmaceutical rounds, plastic wide mouth oblongs and plastic wide mouth polypropylene and styrene jars.
  • Metal containers include closed head drums, cone top cans, oblong cans, pails, round paint cans, steel drums, utility cans and metal container accessories.
  • Container caps available include black phenol, dispending items, metal, molded plastic, metal plain screw and Yorker spout caps.


CL Smith

Known to be custom manufacturer and distributor, C.L. Smith Co. Is known to manufacture various types of plastic, glass tin and steel containers. They also have distribution services including stock programs, Vendor Managed Inventor (VMI) programs, and consignment inventories.

  • Manufacturer and distributor of glass bottles in various shapes and sizes.
  • Their styles include narrow mouth, wide mouth, packer, paragon, straight sided, economy, boston round, and french square.
  • The colors available amber and clear glass.


Crown Packaging

Crown Packaging worked with the world’s leading manufacturers of packaging products in order to provide customized packaging and personal services you deserve in order to help fin the best solution for their customers needs.

  • They offer a variety of wine, beer, and beverage bottles
  • They have amber, flint glass, and green colors available.

Berlin Packaging

Freund Container is a division of Berlin Packaging, they aspire to continue their quest in delivering unbeatable service and selection of industrial packaging equipment, products, and supplies.

  • Their products include glass, plastic and metal containers, including bottles, jars, jugs, vials, closures, cans, tins, drums, and pails.
  • They also cater the shipping, safety, material handling and janitorial supplies.



The company proudly showcases innovation of the company with their licensing machines to producing bottles, from manual to automated inspection technologies – O-I automated every production process, bringing the sustainable power of glass into everyday use. More than 25,000 employees work with their customers and partners to define the future of glass.

  • Manufactures glass bottles for wine, spirits, food, and beverages, etc.
  • In addition to its catalog of stock shapes, the company offers custom bottle design, decorating, and similar services.


TricorBraun is a leading source of rigid packaging, with extensive capabilities in package design and engineering, logistics, and international sourcing, all driven by a dedication to excellent customer service. Whether your need is plastic bottles, glass bottles, closures, or other rigid packaging components, our team of experts will work with you to find or design the right packaging for you.

  • Bottles are available in various sizes, capacities, finishes, styles including barrel, canister, cylinder, dropper, concave/convex, flask, jug, roll-on, tablet, tapered, vial and wide mouth and 6, 8 and 10-sided, square, oblong, triangle, round and oval shapes.
  • Various features include flat bottoms, beveled, handles, screw threads, wire ball assemblies and shrink band beads.


The Illing team of packaging specialists combines over 150 years of experience in the container industry and is dedicated to setting the standard for service and customer satisfaction.

  • Available in a wide range of sizes, colors, shapes and configurations, styles, neck finishes, resin choices, and linings.
  • They had served industries served are beverage, automotive, chemical, food, industrial, personal and health care, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural, shipping, paint, and coating.


Arkansas Glass Container

Manufacturing company located at Jonesboro, specializing in the making of an assortment patented glass bottles with capacities ranging from 8oz. to one-gallon jugs.

  • They have an extensive range of glass containers available for juice, beer, and carbonated drinks packaging.
  • The glass containers can be used to be wine, beer, and candies container.


BASCO, Inc. Has been providing outstanding source of industrial packaging: drums, pails, bottles, cans, cartons, filter bags/cartridges, and shipping room supplies since 1946. Their customers include major manufacturers of chemicals, coatings, lubricants, inks, and food products, as well as users of those products.

  • They are proud stocking distributor of round glass bottles use for holding chemicals, powders, flavor extracts & fuel samples.
  • Their glass bottles are available in 4 oz. to 32 oz. sizes with 20 mm to 400 mm neck finish.

Andler Packaging

Andler Packaging a manufacturer and distributor of standard customized packaging products, most especially known for their glass bottles. They offer services such as personalized graphic designing, structural assembly, fulfillment and distribution.

  • They specialize with glass bottles that can withhold beer, wine, champagne, vinegar, and juice bottles.
  • Bottles are available in various models, styles, colors, neck finishes and sizes.

Bulk Apothecary

Bulk Apothecary was founded in the middle of the year 2010, they have an grown to become the largest online supplier of natural ingredients and essentials oils. They are also known to provide packaging materials such as glass bottles for essential oils with diffuser and glass droppers.

  • Provides a complete series of of assortment of flint (clear), cobalt blue, amber, and green glass bottles for the packaging of essential oils, roll-on ingredients, etc.
  • The product capacity of glass essential bottles and candle jars are available in 5 to 120ml


US Plastic

United states Plastic Corporation manufactures and distributes 23,000 plastics and safety items serving over 85,000 clients operating in a factory five acres under roof. The major product they specialize is manufacturing high quality plastic accessories for packaging and accessories of glass bottles.

  • Their glass bottles includes boston rounds, French squares,wide mouth, straight sided clear glass.
  • The glass bottles can be customized in color such as amber, cobalt blue, and clear glass.
  • A number of options are available such as coated, frosted, and matte glass.

Filmore Container

The Filmore Container was founded way back 1997, they specialize in distributing glass bottles for food and beverage packaging. They are known to be a single source for quality glass container, closure and accessories manufacturer.

  • Their products include glass jars that are perfect for candles, candies, or for your small trinkets.
  • Plastic and metal enclosures available for personalized touch.
  • Sizes range from 1 oz. To 128 oz. glass containers.


Saxco International are highly favored by clients in USA, they distribute prime packaging solutions such as glass bottles perfect for beer, champagne, juice, smoothies and so much more.

  • They have an extensive collection of glass bottle styles for wine, beer, liquor, food, and beverage, etc.
  • They offer caps enclosure, lids, and jars for your packaging needs.
  • The company offers a suite of services as well from package design to supply chain management.


Silver Spur

The Silver Spur Corporation specializes in manufacturing standard and customized glass bottles. They are in the glass making market since 1983, their main products includes glass bottles for food and beverage packaging.

  • They have glass bottle container perfect for food jars, beverages, oil, vinegar, liquor, wine and beer bottles.
  • Various shapes can be customized.
  • The colors that are available are Amber Glass Bottles, Cobalt Blue, and Flint.

ABA Packaging

ABA Packaging Corporation esteemed glass company manufacturer since 1984. Primarily focuses in the cosmetics field of industry, they supply a extensive glass bottles and jars for cosmetic packaging.

  • They can customize glass bottles that are perfect for your cosmetic business.
  • Sizes can be personalized and product capacity can be modified.
  • Colors and features can be added for your brand.

O.Berk Company

O.Berk primarily provides wholesale and bulk glass bottles especially used for storing the spirits, food, pharmaceutical, and similar industries. They are known to be industry pioneers of creating wine, beer, water, juice, coffees, and sports drinks glass bottle appearance innovative and durable.

  • They provide an excellent inventory of glass bottle container that includes french square, boston rounds, and bullets.
  • Glass bottle containers are also suitable for many other industries, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical supplies, health and beauty, and personal care items.


JG Finneran

J.G. Finneran Associates, Inc. primarily known to be a manufacturer creates glass bottles especially for biotech, environmental, and laboratory markets with products ranging from Boston rounds to septum bottles.

  • They manufacture glass vials, closures, microplates, jars, tubes, and bottles.
  • Their company designs, engineers and manufactures glass and plastic vials and accessories specifically for laboratory use

SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc.

SKS is a supplier, consultant and designer of glass and plastic bottles. They offer bulk and wholesale prices for their products. They can cater large- and small-scale companies for glass bottle packaging solutions.

  • They have an online selection of glass containers and closures that is priced with great discounts for bulk and wholesale orders.
  • They offer blue, amber, clear, green, natural glass bottles.


We at LOM Glassworks summarized the top 20 manufacturers and distributors of glass packaging solutions. There is a great industry of glass making and it is in high demand. It is certain that there are still differences in each of the manufacturing companies in their services offered.

Now that we had familiarized the top 20 manufacturers and distributors in USA, you can assure that looking for the right glass making company is at bay to meet your needs and specifications.

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