Top 20 Glass Bottle Manufacturers UK

The United Kingdom has always developed and improved their glass making manufacturing process that makes them stand out in the global market. The glass manufacturing industry has made significant innovative improvements to their glass bottle products that pumped up its worth in the food and beverage industries to £28 billion. They primarily curate glass bottles that can withhold scotch, wine, champagne, whiskey, and so much more food and beverage products.

Here at LOM Glssworks we made a list of the Top 20 Glass Manufacturers that are based in United Kingdom. Here are the following:


Blueglass Of Sweden AB

The Blueglass was established way back 2002, the company is proud to showcase creative and professional that bring high-quality glass bottle products to their clients from all over the world. They deliver glass bottles to large-scale ad small-scale breweries around Europe. They are greatly trusted by their clients with their outstanding customer service.

  • They have the most exhaustive range of glass bottles and jars that can vary from different sizes and shapes.
  • Their production team takes a great time to tailor-fit the needs of their clients ad deliver it s best as possible.

Rawlings & Son (Bristol) Ltd

With over 165 years in the industry, Rawlings was established in Bristol way back 1850. In the year 1927, they started to import glass bottles from all around the globe and became one of the leading supplier of United Kingdom’s popular brands. Over the years they have assisted their brand partners and clients with great designs and durable glass bottles for their business.

  • They are highly concerned in the sustainability and using eco-friendly materials for the production of the glass bottle products.
  • They have a great selection of glass bottles and jars that can be used in bottling and storing milk, juice, carbonated beverages, smoothies , and liquors.



Primarily known to be a family-owned company that manufactures glass bottles and closures. They have been in the industry for nearly 150 years, and it has been a journey of constant improvement and innovation of their glass bottle manufacturing company. They have garnered well-known clients from all over the world.

  • They have an extensive selection of bottles and jars that can be used in bottling for beers, soft drinks, foods, wines, spirits and even home, beauty, wellness uses.
  • They are capable of accepting customized bottles for your orders.


Berlin Packaging


One of the most popular and highly sought-after glass bottle manufacturing company in UK. Berlin Packaging had been in the industry for years, they had the company established since 1951. With their continuous growth and development the company has garnered countless of clients not just in Europe but all over the world.

  • They have a great inventory that can support bulk and wholesale glass bottle packaging for their clients.
  • They offer a great discounts and customization services to their customers.



G&C Packaging has been in the glass bottle manufacturing industry for over 30 years and with their professional experience, they offer pristine quality services and glass bottles to their clients around the globe. They have been noted as a leading independent glass bottle manufacturing company in UK.


  • They have a great range of existing standard glass bottles that are ready to be shipped for your business.
  • They can also cater custom orders and make your ideas to reality with their innovative technology and mould development.

Colorlites Clear & Coloured Glass


A family run company for over 35 years, Colorlites Clear & Coloured Glass has been in the industry of glass bottle manufacturing making it’s name as a supplier of glass packaging to aromatherapy, cosmetic, food, home fragrances, and beverage industries.  They offer competitive prices for their glass bottles in UK.

  • Competitively priced glass bottles, glass jars, candle glass, diffuser bottles, and many more.
  • They are a great supplier of hundred of stock lines to their customers primarily based in UK.


A widely known leading glass bottle packaging supplier that is located in Hyde, Greater Manchester. They are focused in a friendly, efficient service and always strive to source stylish, sophisticated and durable glass bottle packaging designs for their clients.

  • Ampulla has this amazing selection of glass bottles that can accommodate small quantities and even large quantities.
  • They provide glass bottle packaging solutions to cosmetics, home, food, and beverage industries.


The Bottle and Jar Company

This glass bottle company has made its name to be one of the leading suppliers of glass bottles and jars in UK. They primarily cater services that from all over the world and promotes that they practice efficient manufacturing and delivering process for their clients.


  • They have a wide range of glass bottles, glass jars, airtight lid and cpas, and cosmetic bottles.
  • All their products are carefully handled and packed form their warehouses to the hands of their clients.

Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc.

The Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc. Has been in the industry for years and has positioned themselves as a highly sought-after glass bottle manufacturer in the global market. They have been improving and innovation their manufacturing process, making it automated to be highly efficient and catering thousands of customers from all over the world.

  • They greatly emphasizes that the manufacture glass bottle keeping in min sustainability and using raw materials that are eco-friendly.
  • They have a great selection of standard and can be customized glass bottles and jars for your business.



Glassworks International Ltd

Glassworks Internationals has been in the industry for over 20 years and they have been supplying and designing great quality glass bottles and jars for large-scale and small-scale breweries. The specialize in the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution of glass bottles to their clients around the world.

  • They mainly offer wines, spirits, beer, soft drinks, and beverages glass bottles. They are noted to be durable and has a great touch to design and details.
  • Glassworks International has been delivering and manufacturing countless of glass bottles and glass jars to different companies in the food and beverage industry.



Pattesons Glass Ltd

The Petessons Glass Ltd was established in 2007, and has been delivering great quality glass bottles throughout United Kingdom. They have been continuing their growth over the years having 35 employees. They are driven and enthusiastic glass bottle manufacturing company that offers sophisticated, elegant, and long-lasting glass bottles.

  • They have a great selection of glass bottles and glass jars especially in hexagonal, square and round in shape.
  • They have a wide range of selection in the sizes and product capacity of their glass bottles.



Stoelze Glass Group


Stoelze Glass Group primarily relies on their professional experience delivering pristine quality glass bottles for over 200 years in United Kingdom and in different parts of the world. They highly put a great emphasis on their glass bottles created with sustainable materials in making the glass. They have seven manufacturing plants, three decoration sites and several sales offices worldwide.

  • Stoelzle’s glass bottles has been in the food and beverage industry making its name as manufacturing premium glass bottles for bottling.
  • The offer high-end glass bottle containers for countess of brands and businesses in United Kingdom.




Encirc is locates in three sites within England, Northern Ireland and Italy. They are established in 1998 and has been one of the leader in the European market for sustainable glass bottle manufacturer in United Kingdom. They showcase a great commitment in developing their glass bottle products as well as customer care.


  • Encirc has always been a renowned in leading a responsible manufacturing process to deliver sustainable glass bottles that are great for long-lasting use and can be recycled.
  • They have a great record of being a high performance company that is efficient and innovative in the process of glass making.


Cumbria Crystal

First started in the year of 1976 and was highly recognized for their handcrafted glasses that is primarily crafted by their artisan workforce. They are internationally acclaimed with their glasses used in popular films and highly recommended by businesses that caters formal dinner and occasions.

  • Glass bottles are applauded with their highly intricate designs.
  • Cumbria Crystal primarily focuses in the service of providing custom orders for their clients around the globe, especially for delicate designs.



Wains of Tunbridge Wells

A family business that has been operating since 1963, supplying an extensive range of glass bottles and glass container for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies. They have a great line up of experts that has been continually improving their glass bottle products for their clients around the world. They have a great experience of 50 years in the industry thus making them one of the trusted glass bottle manufacturing company in the UK.

  • Large warehouse inventory of glass bottles for beer, milk, beverages, liquors, whiskey and wines.
  • They have enclosures and corks to ensure your products are tightly sealed and secured.


Pont Europe Group

The Pont Europe Group has been in the industry since 1906, they dominated the global market in terms of delivering a great range of glass bottle container. They have warehouses and offices located within the European Union. They are fully dedicated into meeting the packaging needs of each and every customer they serve.

  • Thy are great supplier of wide range glass bottles and jars in white flint and amber glass.
  • Thy carry various of unique and great items such as enclosures, metal caps, and so much more.

Ardagh Glass Group

One of the largest and leading manufacturer of glass bottle packaging manufacturer in United Kingdom. They produce glass bottles for the popular brands in the industry of food and beverage. They are the only producer of glass bottle packaging in the Nordic Regions and they are based in Holmegaard in Denmark and Limmared in Sweden.

  • They are prominent and known to manufacture award winning and sustainable glass bottle packaging in UK.
  • Their fling glass bottles and jars ranges from 65ml to 1300ml and are available in a great selection and variety of shapes and designs.


Allied Glass

They have dominated the glass bottle manufacturing industry for over 150 years of experience. They are highly innovative and developed company manufacturing glass bottles that are sustainable, recyclable, eco-friendly, and durable. They are continually driven to serve and maintain their standing as one of the leading global glass bottle manufacturer in UK.

  • They have an exceptional range of glass bottles such as premium manufactured glass bottles made with the finest extra white flint glass and standard pre-made collection.
  • They proudly present their portfolio carrying unique designs and stunning luxury glass bottles available for all their clients to choose from.


Bottle Company South

Bottle company South has been delivering beautiful selection og glass bottles, jars and containers for their clients from all over the country. They put a great emphasis on the durability and clever design ideas for their glass bottles, jars, and containers for packaging. They have been in the food and beverage industry providing excellent quality glass bottles for years.

  • They specialize in class and elegance of their glass bottles most especially for their wine Italian glass bottles, gin and spirit glass bottles, milk bottles, jam jars, beer and cider glass bottles.
  • They have a wide variety in their inventory that is ready to be delivered and hipped to their clients from all around the country.

Beatson Clark

Pioneering as one of the mos established glass bottle manufacturing company with over 270 years of experience in the industry. They are great in terms of order specification flexibility, glass bottle quality and efficient glass bottle manufacturing process. They have a great team to assist you in the initial concept to manufacture and decoration of the glass bottle packaging.


  • They offer a great line and range of general glass bottle containers that are available in different sizes, shapes and unique designs.
  • The glass bottles the produce are primarily used for milk bottle packaging, beer bottling, wines, spirits, whiskey, gin, champagne and so much more.




United Kingdom is one of the world’s leading economies and has great relations with trading around across different countries around the world. Glass bottle manufacturing in the United kingdom is greatly flourishing and developing as of today talking sustainable and environmentally friendly paths in manufacturing such durable and pristine quality of glass bottles for the food and beverage markets.


If you are looking for a great manufacturer for your glass bottle and glass packaging solution you can check out more in their websites. We hope that this list will greatly help you and your business in looking for the perfect match glass bottle manufacturing company for you.

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