Top 19 Glass Bottle Manufacturers Europe

The great continent of Europe is widely known for its striving and booming market for their wines and beverages. Europe has been known for ages as one of the world’s biggest manufacturer of glass with their market share of around one third of the total world production.

The European countries pursue to strive to enhance their technological capacity, innovation, and labor force to continue delivering pristine and high-quality wines, liquors, carbonated beverages, juice and many more glass bottles for packaging solution.

LOM Glassworks has compiled TOP 19 LARGEST GLASS BOTTLE MANUFACTURING COMPANIES IN EUROPE. These are the following:


Dekorglass Dzialdowo S.A.   


Mainly started in the glass making industry way back 1991 in the northern region of Poland, Dzialdowo. They started to manufacture mainly glass bottles packaging for beer, liquors and flavored carbonated drinks, now they are expanding their line in manufacturing glass cosmetic jars and containers.

Dekorglass Dzialdowo S.A.
  • Extensive line of glass bottles and jars. Especially crafted for food and beverages.
  • They offer personalized service to for custom orders
  • Bulk and wholesale prices for glass bottle container are available in catalog.


Vetropack Group


Great glass manufacturing company with clienteles over 7 different countries from all over the world and astonishing 3000 employees to fulfill their orders. They were established glass bottle manufacturing company since 1966 and located in Bulach, Switzerland.

Vetropack Group
  • They are mainly known as a glass manufacturing company that is greatly concerned with the environment.
  • They manufacture and produce light-weight and durable glass bottles with their distinct innovative manufacturing process.


Donohoe Drinks Company


They are located in Waterford, Ireland and has been operating since 1993. Their bottling operations specializes in manufacturing glass bottles for beverages, soft carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks and many more. They have a great number of regular clientele from all over the world.

Donohoe Drinks Company
  • They can accommodate your custom glass bottles.
  • They are flexible and offers specialty promos for wholesale and bulk orders.
  • Glass Bottles are available in various product capacity.




Mainly stationed in Courbevoie, France and has been producing durable glass bottles for wines, beer, liquors, and juices since 1827. They had accommodated and still catering thousands of clientele from all around the world bringing top-notch quality glass bottles for large- and small-scale breweries.

Verallia- Glass bottle manufacturer europe
  • They primarily caters industry in food and beverages glass bottles.
  • They offer a great range of pristine glass bottles products.
  • They are widely popular for their line in the fluorescent glass innovations.


Verrerie Flaconnage Agussol (VFA)


Glass bottle production and manufacturing has greatly improved in the last 40 years since they were starting. They have garnered a great number of clients from all over the world trusting their expertise for their glass bottle packaging solutions.

Verrerie Flaconnage Agussol (VFA)
  • They produce perfume and cosmetic glass bottles ranges from sizes 2ml to 1L
  • They also have industrial sizes glass bottles in larger product capacity available in their catalog.
  • Primarily manufactures for pharmaceutical, industrial and cosmetic glass bottles.


Id Labo


Manufacturing company that was established in 1991, produces glass bottles for pharmaceutical, perfumes, and cosmetic industries. Their company offers great customer service and caters orders even on holidays. Id Labo Glass Bottle Manufacturing  company is trusted by countless of customers from all over the country.

d Labo
  • Glass bottles are available in various shapes and sizes.
  • The glass bottle product capacity can be customized.
  • Company’s customer representative are always available in taking your orders and specifications needed for your business.


VOA ALBI Factory


The company was founded way back 1896 and for years in the glass bottle making industry the company has persevered and made its name as one of the top selling glass bottle manufacturing company. They are equipped with high-class technology that is innovative and efficient in the bottle making process most especially using glass.

VOA Verrerie d'Albi
  • They mainly design and manufacture glass jars and glass bottles for food and beverage industries.
  • They cover a wide range of size, shapes and design to cater all your specifications.


Stoelzle Glass Group


The company, founded in 1805, initially focused on designing, developing, manufacturing, and decorating pharmaceutical glass bottles. Over the years, Stoelzle has expanded its product collection and manufacturing capabilities and now employs 2800 people.

Stoelzle glass group
  •  They supply premium glass products to the pharmaceutical, prestige spirits, food, perfumery, and cosmetic industries.
  • Stoelzle’s Medical Laboratory division offers laboratory consumables, instruments, and medical products.
  • In recent years, They have added value to many products by adding decoration steps. And offer three in-house decorating facilities.


Ardagh Group


Ireland’s largest glass bottle manufacturer, founded in 1932, supplies non-alcoholic beverages, wine, spirits, cider, food, and beer industries. Ardagh employs 20,000 people in 16 countries and has approximately $10 billion in sales.
Ardagh group
  • With over 600 standard glass bottles and jars in different styles and multiple in-house decoration options, their current glass packaging product catalog can meet any client’s needs.
  •  Ardagh produces glass packaging in almost 20 colours for brand owners worldwide in all shapes and sizes.




Located in Denmark, the company joined forces with German C.E. Gätcke’s Glas (Treffpack) and Belgian Gaasch Packaging, both of which have headquarters in Hamburg and Brussels, respectively. As a result of the partnership, Nova-Pack will offer improved, innovative, and environmentally friendly solutions to its customers.

  • A variety of shapes, sizes, and colors are available in their glass packaging catalog or customers can design their own containers.
  • The variety of glass containers at Nova-Pack ranges from 20 to 2500 ml. Colors include white, extra white, green, brown, embossed and unembossed.




BlueGlass was founded in Stockholm in 2002 as a glass bottle manufacturer. Its product catalog has glass bottles and jars for the food, beverage, cosmetics, and beer industries.

Blue glass
  • The glass bottles, containers, jars, and products are all made in Europe to the highest standards.
  • They offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of glass packaging that can be decorated and embossed to meet client branding needs.


Menke Industrial Packaging


Menke Industrial Packaging was founded in 1947 in Seevetal, Germany. They offer  packaging solutions for different industries. To meet the packaging needs of their customers, the company offers glass containers, plastic, tinplate, aluminum, sheet-steel, and even cardboard.

Menke industrial packaging
  • Glass bottles made for food, beverages, and chemicals range from 5 milliliters to 2,5 liters.
  • Glass jars are also used for storage boxes, pharmaceutical doses, pill jars, round cans, and cosmetic jars.


Hillebrandt Glas


Hillebrandt Glas was established in 1986 in Berlin, Germany. Founder Klaus-Rüdiger Hillebrandt managed a liquor company in Berlin for almost a decade before starting his glass bottle manufacturing company.

From 20 ml to 3,000 ml, Hillebrandt Glas markets over 200 standard variants on behalf of German and foreign glass manufacturers. Thanks to proprietary mold tools, some of the products can be customized. Shapes with design protection can be discussed.

Hillebrandt glas
  • They offer standard beer bottles in 250ml, 330ml, 500ml like long neck bottles, vichy bottle, NRW bottles and Euro beer bottles and ale bottles.
  •  They offer nearly all of the standard shapes at advantageous prices for liquor, such as whiskey and gin
  •  They offer  250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml for wine bottles within a wide colors such as green, amber, black, red and blue.




Having a history of 450 years and extensive experience in development and prodution. With almost 2,000 dedicated employees in the glass, PET and logistics divisions, we offer our customers holistic, complete solutions.
  • Over 2,000 different bottles and glasses in high quality, multifaceted, and individual. Their  additional services include finishing, packaging and ironing your glass bottles
  •  Their glass packaging is innovative and individual. Discover a wide selection of wine bottles, beer bottles, spirits bottles, and other glass packaging in their product catalog.


PGP Glassworks


PGP glassworks was founded in 1924 in Ukraine. The company offers a wide range of shapes and sizes of glass bottles and jars in flint, brown, and green colors. Flint and colored glass (brown and green) are produced today. 62% of jars are produced, 38% of bottles.

  • They produce high-quality glass products for the beer, alcoholic beverage, wine, soft drink, and canning industries.
  • Their focus is on the latest technological advancements, international experience, and modern technologies. They monitor every step of the process, from glass packaging to delivery to the warehouse.

Pont Europe Group


The Pont Europe Group was founded in 1906 by Constant Pont as a supplier of glass containers. There are 14 offices and warehouses located within the European Union, all dedicated to packaging needs.

Pont europe
  • As an expert in food, beverages, vitamins and sport nutrition, chemicals, personal care, and pet care packaging, they can fully understand and address all your needs.
  • They can emboss, print or custom colour your lids, dosing spoons and sleeves to highlight your logo or brand name. Minimum order quantity applies to these options.




GLASPACK is one of the leading Austrian bottle wholesalers since 1992. GLASPACK offers economical and ecological filling options including sustainable deposit or returnable bottles for private individuals and bulk buyers.

  • Their glass bottles and glass packaging come in a variety of sizes, from the 1l glass bottle to the 3l beer bottle or small juice bottle.
  • There are also glass closures for bottles and jars, such as corks, screws, swing stoppers.


Sklárny Moravia


A glassworks with almost 200 years of Czech tradition, located in the small village of Úsobrno. Their products include glass bottles, cups, flacons, and Apothecary jars. We also make luxurious black and biphotonic violet glass besides traditional colours such as flint and extra flint. Premium products, like premium gin or cream liquor, are packaged in pure black glass unable to be penetrated by daylight.

Sklarny moravia
  • They produce bespoke glass packaging for liqueurs, spirits, wine, cosmetics, and food in different sizes, shapes, and colours
  •   Various adjustments can be made to these shapes to make them unique. Hence, even a small amount of bottles can be produced in concurrency, which allows for low-volume production. We offer most bottles in all colours of glass.


Allied Glass


Allied has supported this vision for more than 150 years. Glass packaging that stretches the bounds of possibility, inspired by our customers, is among our most innovative designs.

Allied Glass
  • They offer bottles and jars for food, spirits, beers, and waters.
  • The company supports differentiation through shape, color, and decoration, offering flexibility in short runs and high volume production.


Overall the European market and glass industry is well known for its high-quality glass bottles that is competitive and top-notch in quality. Flexible and customizable glasses are available and always catered by the European Glass Manufacturing Industry. The key to right packaging is looking for a glass manufacturing company that will be able to achieve and make your preference come to life and help you and your business grow in the food, beverage, medical technologies and industrial markets.

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