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United Kingdom glass jar manufacturing and distributing industry has since been improving their presence in the global market. In 2020 there has been around 6000 people that are still directly employed in industrial glass production in the UK and the sector turns over £3B annually. This is a great indication that the industry has been in great demand of these past years and manufacturers and distributors around the country are striving to surpass such achievement.


Wares of Knutsford


For years in the glass jar manufacturing they had acquired great experience and competence in the glass jar global market. The business grew rapidly and they decided to move in a larger store to cater clients from all over the country and to add more product lines in their collection. They begun to learn importation and exportation to continue their services to other parts of the world.


  • They have a outstanding collection of glass jars in various styles and shapes with over 1800 product lines available in the product catalog.
  • They have a great collection of glass jars that can be used in storing, preservation, fermentation and so much more uses for home care, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Glass Bottles


Glass Bottles is a rapidly growing and has already established glass packaging supplier based in Hyde, Greater Manchester that provides glass jars and glass packaging containers for the food and beverage industries. They are proud to produce glassware and glass jar product to help lessen the plastic wastes all over the world. They have a great clientele that they support and gives 100% full service.


  • They have 500ml Elena Glass Jar & 70mm Deep Twist-Off Lid it is the perfect addition to your packaging family. This jar is made of high-quality clear glass which an array of matching lids.
  • They offer 167ml Bonta Clear Glass Food Jar & Lid is a simple glass jar for storing pickles, sauces and preserves. From jam to honey to pickles, it’s a fantastic store cupboard jar. The lightly curved surface is easy to label.


Jars and Bottles


Jars and Bottles has dominated the online platform with their convenient ordering process. They have a great selection of glass packaging such as glass jars that are expertly manufactured to be durable and top-grade. They have acquired a great presence in the industries of food and beverage. They offer wholesale and bulk product discounts for their clients and great customer service is offered.


  • They have Jam Jars, Honey Jars, Pickling Jars, Premium Glass Jars, Preserve Jars, Sweets & Gift Jars, Spice Jars and so much more.
  • They also have a great variety of glass jar shapes such as round jars, square jars and hexagonal jars that can be customized in product capacity and lid enclosures.




The Ampulla distributing and sourcing company has made its name for the recent years as one of the leading source of glass jar containers for packaging in United Kingdom and they received great reviews from their clients around the world. They specialize in quality assurance, ensuring that the glass jars are delivered to their clients in pristine quality and with the specifications that the client required.


  • There is a great selection of glass jars available in their product catalog and these include the option of glass jars with or without lids.
  • Glass jars that have wide mouth opening and available in variety of shapes and product capacity.
  • The styles and design can be customized according to the requirements need by their clients.



The Bottle Jar Store


Primarily known to be a great manufacturer and distributor within the country, they have been joining the global market in the recent years by exporting and importing glassware containers most especially glass jar packaging. They have premium glass jars available in their product line has been receiving great reviews from their clients all over the country.


  • They have open-topped jars for candles and fragrances.
  • They offer geometric jars with an eye-catching shape.
  • Famously known to have round jars to simply show off whatever you keep inside.
  • Square jars for a classic look to store jam and other preserves.



Glass Jars and Bottles


The Glass Jars And Bottles .Com is a manufacturing and distributing company that provides the best value, top quality and great customer service to their clients. They strive to provide you with highly competitive prices without compromising on quality or service. They ensure that they can provide top quality jars and bottles with a minimum carbon footprint and they try to source as much glassware as they can directly from the UK.


  • Products available can be used in a variety of applications including food and drinks, cosmetics, wedding favours, candle holders, and more.
  • They offer a great range and selection of glass jars for their clients in terms of sizes, shapes, style and designs.



Jars Direct


Jars Direct supply a great range of high quality produced glass jars online, as well as bottles and lids suitable for food and drink. Their main objectives are sourcing high quality glass jars in bulk from environmentally friendly manufacturers and supplying them at better than competitive prices. their wholesale glass jars, bottles and lids are suitable for a wide range of customers, whatever your size or quantity needs.


  • They offer food jars to wedding favours and candle glass, Jars Direct are your friendly glass jar wholesalers operating in the UK. As suppliers we look for quality and cost-effectiveness as their main priority in serving their clients.
  • They have Mini glass jars, Hexagonal 8oz Glass Jars, Panelled 8oz Glass jars and Standard Jam Jar.



Rawlings & Son (Bristol) Ltd



They are branded to be the UK’s largest portfolio of bottles and jars for food and oil-based products, used by some of Britain’s best-loved brands. They have exclusive UK rights to the market-leading Le Parfait glass storage jars, and if you want sweet and gift jars, spice jars or wedding favours they have everything in stock. Glass jars are a great packaging in achieving that luxury appearance in your products.


  • They have 43ml Glass Jam Jar, 45ml White Flint Glass Hexagonal Preserve Jar, 55ml Hex Glass Preserve Jar and 3.5oz Rawlings Mustard Glass Jar.
  • They have a great line of glass jar collection available in the inventory and you can accessories each glass jar container with your preferred glass jar lids.



The Bottle and Jar Company


The Bottle and Jar Company offers a exquisite range of glass jam jars, glass bottles, lids and caps, jar gift packaging, perfect for your jams, sauces, chutneys and preserves all at competitive prices for their clients that is looking for a bulk and wholesale prices. They have a great inventory in their warehouse located in West Sussex and fantastic customer service to cater all your needs.


  • They have a great production line of standard ranges of jam jars, honey jars, chutney jars, pickling jars, sauce bottles and decorative jars used for wedding and party favours.
  • The Bottle and Jar Company have sourced glass bottles and jars from top UK and European producers.
  • Their collection includes clip-top jars from the legendary French glass-maker, Le Parfait, and swing stopper bottles and preserving jars from leading glass factories in Milan, Italy.



Freeman & Harding Ltd


Started their journey since  1992, they have built up an innovative range of glass containers and closures primarily for food and pharmaceutical products. With their extensive knowledge from previous roles in food and healthcare packaging before Freeman & Harding Ltd was created they were able to innovate and develop their products especially their glass jar containers.


  • Their supplies are drawn from leading manufacturers from the UK and mainland Europe and include shapes exclusively produced to our design. Their products are specially chosen to provide performance and value.
  • Glass Jars Containers have a great variety in terms of shapes and sizes they offer high-quality and durable glass jar containers for their clients.



Pont Packaging


Pont Packaging are pleased to introduce a featured range of glass powder jars that are produced, shipped and stocked from within the UK in various pallet quantities for a continuous and reliable supply. They offer a wide range of capacities that are suitable for all powders, pills and tablet packaging. Pont packaging has given a great selection and variety of products for all around glass jar and container packaging solution,


  • Glass jars and container makes a great secure packaging choice, being robust, sustainable and completely inert.
  • They have amber glass that makes your glass jar container equipped with UV protection to your packaging whilst still showing off the contents within. It protects substances from the degradation caused by sunlight.



Patessons Glass Ltd


Pattesons Glass Ltd was founded in 2007, and continued their growth and improvement in the industry as a group that continues to make their name as one of the leading glass jar manufacturer and distributor all over the country. They continue to make improvements and add more products in their production line for more clients to be catered in different fields.


  • Pattesons Glass offer cost effective standard articles as well as delivering a portfolio of custom designs.
  • They offer a wide array of glass jar container for every needs of their clients in a variety of designs, styles and shapes. There are a variety of glass jars with different product capacity.



World of Bottles


They had started their glass jar container manufacturing and distributing with the love and passion for making glass bottles. They primarily started with a few products in line and eventually built a reputation of outstanding source of glass jars in different parts of United Kingdom. Up to this day they have been one of the leading distributors of glass jar containers in the country.


  • They offer a great range of glass jar containers in various sizes and shapes and in bulk and wholesale in prices.
  • They have built a reputation to be one of the glass jar distributor with a great selection of glass jars available in stock and in warehouses.


Bruni Erben


Primarily known to be a superior manufacturer and distributor of glass jar containers for your every need of glass packaging solution. They have a range of classic & unique glass jars to suit various products, from traditional preserves & jam to artisan sauces & non-food items. Whether you’re looking for round, square or hexagonal,they are confident that they have something to complement your brand.


  • Various glass jars are available in stock such as Barril Jar, Bonta Jar, Cee Standard Jar, Cilindrico Alto Jar, Cuadrado Jar, Evolution Jar and so much more.
  • They have glass jars that are available in different sizes and shapes such as round, hexagonal and squares with various product capacity.


Bottle Company South


The Bottle Company offer a great collection of jam jars in all different shapes and sizes. They got everything you are looking for such as standard round, square or hexagonal glass jars, or something a little different like the orcio or ermetico jar. All glass jars are available with matching lids that are usually available in a selection of colours.


  • They offer a great deal for wholesale and bulk orders of glass jar containers.
  • Glass jars can be modified according to your preferences such as their enclosure and its shapes.
  • They also support and recommend glass jars in customized orders.



Glass Works International


They are popular choice for various glass jars in the global market and they distribute a great range of supplies and glassware containers in the industry. The food and beverage industries are the main target market for their glass jars and they have been serving their clients for years. They have a great reputation in making sure that the glass jar bottles are in perfect condition and are manufactured according to the preferences of their clients.


  • They have a great  assortment of styles and sizes to make your products stand out. Their jar capacity sizes range from 190ml to 1500ml for use with a variety of preserves, foods and pastes.
  • They have 30ml portion jar, 42ml portion jar, 80ml karino, 106ml universal jar, 106ml orcio jar, 125ml artisanal jar and so much more.




In the United Kingdom the demand for glass jars is significantly rising throughout the years as people are into living in a sustainable life and making a change  for the environment. There has been a growing development in the fields of glass manufacturing and distributing with the advancement of technology making their production much more efficient and precise. LOM Glassworks has compiled a short list of the possible glass jar manufacturer in United Kingdom to help you achieve everything you need for glass jar packaging.

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