Top 15 Glass Jar Manufacturers In USA

Choosing the right packaging for your business is vital to the success of your brand. Many business goes out n a venture in search for the right glassware packaging for their brand and this says a lot about the brand of the business. Glass has been a great choice for companies that promotes eco-friendly and food-safe packaging containers as glass is impermeable and non-porous which guarantees a great quality of the product that is being package. Glass can be reused and recycle and is a better packaging solution for the classy and luxury aesthetic brand look.




They have been in the industry for over 100 years manufacturing and supplying local brewers, and food and beverage business of quality glass bottle and glass jars. They started as small scale glass jars and bottles supplier within the industry and since then they have been growing in business and developed a great range of packaging products especially glassware packaging solution.


  • They have glass jars in blue, amber, green to crystal clear flint glass. There are a variety of glass jars and containers that can be used for healthcare, industrial and household goods.
  • They have 101 product line for their glass jars and its product capacity ranges from 15ml to 1000ml. Sizes include small, mini, tall and standard jars that comes in variety of shapes such as square, round and hexagon.


Burch Bottle & Packaging


They have 35 years of experience as a glass jar manufacturer and distributor for industries in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.They offer wholesale and bulk discounted prices for their clients and since then they have been one of the leading distributor of glass jars in a competitive price range.


  • They primarily have the popular glass and the best seller jar that is straight-sided jarsfor jams & jellies, salsa, and candles or the glass  Mason Jars for sauces and pickled vegetables.
  • Burch Bottle only stocks the highest quality containers and packaging and the best part is the wholesale pricing.
  • They offer a great collection of mini glass jars that is great for a wedding favor and other occasions.


SKS Bottle & Packaging, Inc.


The SKShas a great collection of glass jars that is availabel in the market. They have variety of glass jars that can be used for different industries such as food and beverage, cosmetic jars, mason jars, jelly jars, paragon glass jars and so much more. They primarily offer quality assurance to their clients around the world putting extra effort to provide a product that is superb in quality, shape and in a affordable price.


  • They offer clear glass mason jars, jelly jars, cosmetic jars, paragon jars, amber glass containers, and frosted containers. They provide 100% customer support providing only the best for you and your business.
  • They have variety of glass jars in shade id amber to provide UV Protection to your bottled or stored product.




They are proud to showcase their years of experience in the field of manufacturing and distributing pristine quality glass jars across the country and around the world. They provide a one-stop shop experience for their clients providing custom glass jar production and manufacturing process as well as labeling and decorating the glass bottle. They also support sustainability and has been producing glass jars using recycled glass.


  • They  have square, round, octagonal, heart and tube shaped glass jars, in clear and colored styles, perfect for a range of industry-related products.
  • Their myriad of jar styles offer the perfect containers to present and preserve scented fragrance products as well. They also have corresponding accessories such as caps, closures and metal racks for a complete product packaging solution.

The Cary Company


A great company that has been in the industry for years and has been providing clients with a great range of glass jars that are perfect for the food and beverage industry, beauty and health industries and home care. Glass jars can be used in various of ways such as in storing and preserving your products and helps maintain the freshness and quality of your product.


  • They have a variety of glass jars available in stock and some of them are Paragon Glass jar, Straight Sided Glass Jar, French Square Glass Jar, Clear Glass Mayo Jar and so much more.
  • Their inventory has a great selection of styles, product capacity, neck finish, enclosure type, neck width, color and glass wall thickness.


Silver Spur Corporation


They have established their company in 1978 in Cerritos, California. They have grown to be one of the top and pioneering glass jar manufacturer and distributor in the country. The glass jars that are available in their stock line has increased in number all throughout the years with their consistent market research and product design.


  • They have a Flint Glass Woozy, Flint Paragon with Lug or CT Finish, Flint Spice Jar, Round Spice Jar and Squat Wide Mouth Jars.
  • They also offer enclosure for their clients to tightly secure the product or food in the glass jars such as metal lids that can be customized in color for your preference.


MJS Packaging


MJS Packaging started their glass manufacturing and distributing journey when they saw the potential of the glass jars a prime and luxury glass jar packaging that can be used in various industries such home and lifestyle, health and beauty, food and beverage industries. They have developed their manufacturing process to be able to provide seamless designs and top-grade glass jars and containers for your packaging needs.


  • Their glass jars are available in styles of Glass Straight Sided Jars, Glass AC Jars, Glass Wide Mouth Jars, Glass Wide Mouth Economy Jars, Glass Mason Jars, Glass Olive Jars, Basic Glass Round Jars, Glass Honey Jars and Glass Hexagonal Jars.
  • Various sizes and shapes are available in stock and if their client has a specific design and preference they cater custom glass jar manufacturing.




McKernan has been known for years supplying and distributing wholes glass jar containers for various local and overseas businesses in the food and beverage industries or the health and beauty industries. They are highly noted to be one of the leading wholesale supplier in the country and has been contributing greatly to the product development and designing of glass jars.


  • The wide mouth containers are in stock in a variety of shapes and sizes. While the glass jars are most often clear or flint, you can find them in other colors and in frosted glass.
  • Smaller glass jars are perfect for cosmetics, personal care and travel sizes, and larger jars are great for fresh pack foods, honey, canning, spices and other foods.



Arkansas Glass Container Corporation


The AGCC has been in the industry for years delivering quality glass jar containers as a packaging for their clients in various industries. They are equipped with modern technology that makes production of glass jars much more efficient and convenient for the company and for the clients. They accept large scale orders and can be arrange within 30 days.


  • The AGCC have various glass jar containers that is very useful for storing food, spices, jams, and honey.
  • Various product capacity are available in their catalog such as 8oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, 24oz, 25oz, 750ml, 32oz, 1000ml, 64oz, 65oz and Gallon glass jars.


Amen Packaging


They have been in the industry for over 40 years and they primarily offers their glass packaging solution and services for their clients locally in the Rocky Mountain Region. They have been serving clients spanning in multiple industries and they specialize in providing quality design and manufacturing of their desired glass jar containers.


  • Amen Packaging offers glass jar containers that is highly suitable for cosmetics and beauty industry.
  • They have variety of sizes available in stock and different glass styles such as crystal clear glass and frosted glass.



All American Containers


Been one of the leading glass jar manufacturer in the country, they are highly praised for the quality and product line that s continuously expanding throughout the years. They have been designing and researching product development and making sure that all glass jar containers that is used for packaging in various industries are safe, durable and made from top-grade materials.


  • They have various glass jars available in stock such as Mayo, Mayberry, and so much more. Different product capacity and shapes are also available.
  • They have variety of closure that is perfect to tightly seal the glass jars. Leak-resistant and tamper evident seals are also available in store.


O-I Glass


They have started their journey with years of experience in the field of providing packages for breweries, food service and cosmetic industries. They have been one of the competent glass jar manufacturing company to be able to import and export their products and serve clients locally and overseas. The company has improved their performance throughout the years delivering service professional and catering their client with great care.


  • Glass jars are available in various sizes and shapes and can be used as a container and packaging for your favorite spices, syrups, food, and jams.
  • There are various styles available such as textured glass, colored glass and glass jars with handles.


Kaufman Container


Over a century of professional experience and delivering quality glass bottles, glass jars and glassware containers for their clients all over the country and the world. Kaufman Container has been serving multiple industries throughout the years and has made their inventory and collection of glassware container superb in amount available in stock and stock that can be customized according to the client’s preferences.


  • The Kaufman Container has a great selection of glass jars available in their catalog that comes in various sizes and shape and can be used for storing and preserving food or storing your favorite creams and cosmetics.
  • They have a product capacity for mini glass jar containers for sample size and party favors and product capacity that can withhold a hug amount of product.


New High Glass


Primarily serving clients in the industry of beauty and cosmetics, New High Glass has been one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of glass jars that are luxurious, elegant and great in quality. Glass cosmetics jars are highly in demand as they are a great packaging for creams that are sensitive and consist of great quality ingredients that possibly affect the formulation of the packaging used is not glass.


  • They have a great selection of glass jars that is perfect for various creams. There are a variety of glass thickness that can be modified and customized.
  • Glass jars can be customized according to the aesthetics that you are working with and they can manufacture a specific jar made only for you and your business.





The is one of the leading glass jar manufacturer in the industry that has been operating online in serving their clients real-time. Their company has set a great record of producing bulk and wholesale glass jar and container for their clients. They put great emphasis in delivering superb quality glass jars and this has been recognized by their clients. They are a trusted glass jar manufacturing company within the country and overseas.


  • They have wide Mouth Cylinder Jars, Tureen Jars, Straight Sided Jars, Round Jars, and Hexagonal Jars.
  • They also have Swing Top Wire Bail Round Copper, Swing Top Wire Square Frosted White, and FIDO Wire Bail Square Canning Jars. They are available in various product capacity.




In the recent years there has been a significant growth in the need of glass jar packaging in USA and these companies has supplied and manufactured every needs of either small-scale and large-scale orders in the food and beverage industries as well as the cosmetics, health and beauty industries. It is no surprise that the global market trend of using glass containers and glass jars are significantly high in the past years for it is a great solution in minimizing the usage of plastic and for companies to be able to contribute in providing glass containers that are a 100% reusable and recyclable.

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