Top 10 Glass Candle Jar Manufacturers Australia

With the increasing demand of scented candles in Australia, glass candle jars plays a vital role in the growing market of candle-making industry. The glass candle jar manufacturers in Australia offers a great deal for selling glass candle jars in wholesale which makes it easier and efficient for your business and brand, Being able to take  time in conducting research in searching for the right glass candle manufacturer for you will get you ahead in the candle-making industry. We at LOM Glassworks compiled a list of glass candle jar manufacturers in Australia.


Candle Supply


Candle Supply was established late 2004 and have been within the Candle Supply trade ever since.We have over 4,000 candle creators clients that we supply and provide glass candle jars in both Australia and Modern Zealand to enjoy the experience of candle making. Numerous of our clients build a great relationship with us and choose us as their reliable supplier for glass jar candles.

  • Candle Supply carries a great range of glass candle jars and over the years we have renamed many of them including Candalina, Mexicana and Fiesta and these names are slowly becoming part of the Candle Making industry in Australia.
  • They have great competitive price range that both caters retail and wholesale.

Koch & Co


Koch & Co is an Australian family owned business and has been a manufacturer & florist supplier for more than 90 years. The company first started in 1931 by Mr Henry E. Koch. He was a German born immigrant who was passionate about trading and selling to florists. They are known to be a great supplier for florists in Sydney Flower Market, Brisbane Flower Markets, Adelaide Flower Market and Perth’s Leederville flower precinct.


  • They have Pressed Glass Cube Vase Clear, Hurricane Glass Jar Clear Small, Glass Votive Candle Holder Stripe Mercury Silver, and Glass Votive Candle Holder Stripe Mercury Gold.
  • They offer classic design with a glamorous twist, votive holder and pressed glass jar are striking pieces. Fits our range of tealight and votive candles, and holds up to 80ml.


Pack My Product


Pack My Product are proud to showcase a great range of selection of candle glassware including the most popular styles on the market including Metro jars, Galaxy candle jars, French Apothecary jars, Statement candle jars, Oxford candle jars & more. Bulk candle glass jars are available at wholesale prices with stock ready to ship across Australia. .


  • Their glassware range has been specifically crafted to hold hand poured, quality candle wax and ensure that your product is safely contained whilst looking beautiful.
  • Their wholesale candle glass jars are in stock in a range of styles, sizes and colours. They ensure that the bulk candle glass jars are all made from quality glassware to ensure they are fit for purpose and durable.


Aussie Candle Supplies


Started in the glass candle jar manufacturing and distributing industry in 2005. Known to be one of the largest supplier of a great range of glassware especially glass candle jars and containers for packaging solutions. They are the first company to establish importers and distributor within the country.


  • Their glass candle jars have a solid lid and are manufactured using time-tested methods.
  • All glass candle jars and containers are specially designed to withstand the heat from burning candles.




They begun their journey in importing glassware for candles most especially glass candle jars and containers for scented candles way back 2007. They primarily offer glass candle jars for their clients who enjoys meditation and candle-making. They have a great range of glass candle jars that have different styles to fit every personality and delicate designs and personalized touch.


  • They have a great collection of all things Christmas, Allure Collection, Divine Collection, Art Noveau, Diamond Cut Canister, park lane Collections and so much more.
  • They offer a variety of sizes and shapes that will fit to your packaging needs.


Luxury Candle Supplies


The Luxury Candle Supplies has a great range of wholesale candle making supplies and has been one of the Australia’s Largest Distributor of glass candle jars. They have a great clientele that they provide services and products all over the world. The manufacture and distribute top-grade glass candle jars and containers that are long-lasting and excellent style and designs.


  • They have Glass Candle Jars like Bow Jars 140ml, Circus Jar, Cloche Small 120ml and Large 270ml glass candle jars, and diamond original jars in 350ml and Dimple glass candle jar.
  • They also offer variety of lids and packaging such Geo cut Glass Lids, Metal Lids, Marble Lids, Plastic Lids, and Wooden Lids.


Simply Candle Supplies


The Simply Candle Supplies is a family owned business which was started  their journey on the Gold Coast, Australia, and was established in 2015. All of their glass candle jars are Australian made. They source their products locally and internationally from trusted and expert suppliers, and ensure thorough quality testing before selling to their customers.


  • Their products are of the highest premium quality available on the market, and are always looking for ways to improve their products through strict quality control.
  • They have Ascot Range, Big Apple, Cairo Range, Camden Range, Christmas Range, Diana Range, Harvard Range, Kensington Range, Kubik Range, Marrakech Range and so much more available in their catalog.


Adelaide Moulding and Candle Supplies


Adelaide Moulding and Candle Supplies was established in 2005 by Dental Technician, Grant Evans in South Australia. They started their company putting great effort in sourcing authentic Australian manufactured glass candle containers. They have a great customer service and has been catering clients within the country and across the globe.


  • They have an extensive collection of over 40 glass candle jars and containers for your next DIY Candle-making project.
  • They offer different collections with great shapes, designs and highlighted features like the Adel Collection, Chevron Collection, Geo Collection and Metro Jars.




Eroma was created to fuel economic growth in the candle making industry. Both founders of Ecoya and Eroma were originally international pilots and by relentlessly exploring the globe candle makers now have seamless access to the most inspiring opportunities from around the world. They have over 100 employees across our group of companies and growing rapidly we continue to lead the industry with their unsurpassed knowledge and our vertical integration


  • Their glass candle jars available are made specifically for candle making and can easily withstand molten wax during the candle making process.
  • Each of their wholesale candle jars and containers have a unique style and feel giving your range of candle glassware the edge on the competition.




They cater and welcome all crafters, merchants and professionals to choose everything you need for your brand and business. They have everything you need to create your own candles, soaps, body care products and giftware. They are a local, family-owned Gold Coast business that has grown substantially over the years, they have expanded from a staff of 2, to a staff of 9. They are here to help and offer advice when it comes to your creative ventures.


  • Theuy have oxford clear jars in different sizes available, geo cut jar 250ml clear glass, small bling jar in rose gold, vintage glass jar in cheetah print and so much more creative designs available for you.
  • They source glass candle jars and containers with unique shapes, colors and design.




Having a partnership with some of the most leading glass candle jar manufacturer for your business venture in the field of candle-making industry is a great idea to make sure that you are getting the best quality of glass candle jars and containers available in the market. We hope we were able to give you a idea on what will be the best manufacturing and distributing company that works best for you and your brand.


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