Glassex India Private Limited


The Glassex India was established in 1992, they primarily known to be the one-stop solution glass bottle manufacturing and distributing company in India. They are able to provide custom designs, they also provide service such as sourcing, trading, and logistic solution. Thy are defined in the industry of glass manufacturing in India as one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of glass bottles.


  • They offer competitve prices for wholesale and bulk glass bottles and still meeting client requirements and specifications.
  • They provide the most cost-effective glass bottles for beer bottles, soft drink glass bottles, liquor glass bottles and decorative glass bottles.


Empire Industries Limited-Vitrum Glass


The organization was established way back 1990 as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Glass Bottles and its accessories. They hold a strong position in the industry as a glass manufacturing organization that caters food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries.


  • They have a great variety of glass bottles available in-stock and custom made. Amber glass bottles, Beer Bottles, Syrup Glass Bottles, Dropper Glass Bottles, and Amber Glass Vials.
  • They also showcase a wide range of product capacity and sizes that are available upon request of the client.


Haldyn Glass Limited


The Haldyn Glass Limited was first established in 1991 and was formerly known as Haldyn Glass Gujarat Limited. They primarily manufacture soda lime flint and Amber glass containers manufacturing them in pristine quality that is distributed with their partner brands and businesses in the food and beverage industry.


  • They showcase superior quality glass bottles that are manufactured in Press & Blow technology.
  • They have great facilities for decoration, consisting of modern multi-color printing machines and automated manufacturing machines.


PGP Glass Private Limited


The PGP Glass has been in the scene of the glass manufacturing industry for years and they have grown to acquire clients and offer glass packaging solution to over 50 countries globally. They have been working with industries in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic & Perfumer, and Specialty Food and Beverage.


  • They offer a great selection of glass bottle packaging that is designed with world-class in-house bottle moulding machines that are automated and capable in producing glass bottles with excellent detailing
  • They are renowned for having dedicated facilities that manufactures and craft premium glass bottle decoration such printing, hot-foil stamping, coating, frosting, decal, fitment gluing and metallization.


Ajanta Bottle Pvt. Ltd


The Ajanta Bottle Private Limited was founded in 1981 and was formerly called as Ajanta Packaging Company. The company has been the authorized stockist for Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Limited (HNGL) known to be the largest glass packaging solution provider in India. They have warehouses that are situated in Delhi, Roorkee, and Mumbai.


  • Offers a glass bottle product portfolio of 177 and more glass bottle and glass jar designs, sizes, color and shapes.
  • The primarily serves clients that are in the field of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies in India.

Borosil Ltd

Borosil Ltd. Started their company way back 1962 and goes by the company name of Industrial & Engineering Apparatus Company Pvt. Ltd.. With their continuing grit and dedication in serving the best glass bottles and in competitive prices they have acquired numerous of clients from large- and small- scale brewing or beverage companies across the globe.


  • Primarily offers a great style of water glass bottles in various sizes such as 550ml and 1000ml.
  • They have a great style and sophisticated designs such as Puro Neo Bottle Pink, Crysto Glass Bottle in wide mouth, Neo Glass Bottle in Black Lid, Puro Neo Bottle Green and so much more.


HSIL Ltd., Packaging Products Division, AGI Glaspac


AGI was founded and established in the year 1972, they mainly manufacture high-quality glass bottle containers that is distributed throughout the country. They meet stringent and demanding quality standards from their clientele in need of food, pharmaceuticals, soft drinks, spirits, beer, wine and so much more.


  • They are proud to produce glass bottles that varies in product cpacity like 5ml to 4000ml glass bottles.
  • They are capable to produce and design glass bottles for food, pharmaceuticals, and beverage market. Many of the standard glass bottles are available in stock.


Pragati Glass PVT LTD


Pragati Glass was founded way back 1982 and up until now they are still in the glass bottle manufacturing industry delivering complete glass bottle packaging solution in India and in Oman. They have a great presence and customers in over 60 countries from all over the globe.


  • The glass bottles available in their catalog are Smith, Pot, Shandara 2A, Blue Decorative Glass Bottles and Bay. There are many options to choose from in their catalog.
  • They have an extensive line of delicate designs for decorative glass bottles and standard glass bottles available in their warehouses.

Hindusthan National Glass

The Hindusthan National Glass manufacturing company has made its name as one of the leading and pioneering fully automated glass manufacturing plant at Rishra and the very first glass manufacturing plant to have this technology in India. They strive for continuing to improve their overall productivity and glass bottle product quality.


  • Glass bottles are crafted with sustainability and great for reusing and recycling. A variety of glass bottle selection in sizes and shape are available.
  • They have outstanding catalog that showcases dramatic designs, beautiful colors and features for the glass bottles.



Eagle Glass Deco Pvt. Ltd


Eagle Glass Deco has been established since 1996 and continually grow and support their clients across the globe. They primarily manufacture glass bottle products for glass tumblers, wine glasses, decorative glass bottles, glass decanters and so much more. They also have customization services such as cutting, hand printing with Mongram by Screen painting & by transfer films.


  • They have a great line of glass bottle products such as Glass water tumblers and Bottles, wine bottles and Carbonated drinks glass bottles.
  • They have variety of sets and product capacity that will give solution to all to their clients needs and specifications.
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