If you are looking for a way to start your candle making journey this article will help you and guide you in starting your journey. In the candle making process the ABC’s in starting the process is acquiring the right candle jars to fit your candles. They can be in different shapes, styles, design and colors. There are a lot of options available in LOM GLASSWORKS for everything you need in candle jars and containers for the perfect packaging and moulding of your candles.


Whether you are in a full blown candle making business or starting out as a candle making enthusiast and hobbyist we cater small-quantity order and large-quantity orders with great deals and competitive prices. Read on to learn more about the perfect candle jars for you to choose.



  • 4oz Glass Jars with Metal Lids

Great for small candles, this 4ounce glass jars with meta lids are perfect for mini sized candles and classic with elegant look. The silver metal lids are perfect for securing the candles inside the jar. The 4oz glass jar with metal lids are highly recommended for candle making newbies.



  • 12oz Glass Jars with Lids

Larger in size glass jars that are perfect for candle mold that is bigger and heavier in quantity. The 12oz glass jars with lids is perfect to showcase the different colors of the candle and be able to use the candle much more long-lasting.



  • 8oz Glass Jars

8oz glass jars are highly recommended for candle makers as they are a perfect fit for the melted wax to have this beautiful shades of colors to be showcased and is great with the overall quantity of the candle.



  • Candle Jars with Metal Lids

There are dozens of metal lids to choose from but its main reason that the metal lids are available is for securing and maintaining the quality of candles especially when transported and delivered to your loved ones or customers.



  • Glass candle Jars with Wood Lids

Leaning in a more simple and minimalist look glass candle jars with wooden lids gives a much more youthful look and perfect for your home and gifting.



  • Amber Candle Jars

Amber shade and tinted glass jars are perfect for candles with scent and fragrance to maintain its quality of the product and not get damage directly if the candle is not in use.



  • Clear Candle Jars with Glass Pressed Lids

Perfect for maintaining your candles a dust-free and making its shelf life longer. The pressed lids are great with their sleek and straightforward design that attracts candle makers.



  • Clear Glass Square Candle Jars

Giving a sophisticated look, this design is compatible with candle makers in achieving a elegant candles for gifting of home displaying.



  • Clear Glass Round Candle Jars

These clear glass round candle jars is a go-to glass candle mould and container of candle makers. It showcases vibrant colors of melted wax.



  • Frosted Round Candle Jars

Frosted Round Candle Jars are a great option for candles that are aromatic and scented. They offer a great aesthetics for your packaging.



  • Ceramic Candle Jars

Available in various colors and design this ceramic candle jars are perfect for different candle designs and aesthetics.



  • Candle Tins

A much more convenient and easily produced, candle tins are great for canning and should work fine for candle making.



  • Luxury Candle Jars

A great option for candle  makers to upgrade their glass container in a far more luxurious aesthetics with variety of details and textures


  • Straight Sided Jars

A common glass candle jar that is used by many candle maker. It is an excellent option for beginners in candle making.


  • Candle Holder

Great for centerpieces and display of candles. Glass candle makers and manufactures opt to use glass candle holder to give a great wow factor from their clients.


  • Colored Glass Candle Jars

The colored glass jars are perfect for themed candles or if you are going for a specific aesthetic an color. The vibrant glass jars are perfect for making your candles stand out from the shelves.


  • Matte Black Round Glass Candle Jars

These candle jars are in a perfect shade of matte black and gives a strong look for the candles. It is manufactured with excellent quality glass jars that is resistant to cracking when filled with hot wax.


  • Romantic Glass Scented Candle Jars

Themed glass candle jars are perfect for gifting to your loved ones or displaying it at home making your home extra cozier.




  • Glass Jars

Glass jar container for candles have become one of the go-to candle types in the candle market. Their most popular feature is the airtight and secured from was dripping aspect of this style of candle compared to other free-standing candles. One of the feature of glass jars is that it create a pool of liquid or melted wax thus concentrating the scent and fragrance of the candle making the room or space filled with beautiful scent where the candle is burning.


  • Ceramic Jars

Ceramics Jars for candle are a great choice as a candle container. The ceramic jars should be treated with in manufacturing with great precision because ceramic jars are made with clay like in flower pots thus it is no longer porous and may result to bigger and larger flames of your candles. It is important to choose high-quality ceramic jars to easily control the flame that is emitted by the candle,. It’s better to choose ceramic containers that is safe from being soaked in liquids.


  • Metal Tin

Metal Tin is highly recommended, as it’s too light and will not break. Metal Tins are a common packaging option and affordable in terms of pricing wise. In other words, ordering metal tins wholesale is an easy way to keep your necessities stocked up without the high costs. It is always in stock and a great option for candle maker’s to have a durable packaging for their candles.




  • Metal Lids

Metal Lids that are mostly known as twist top jars use a lug or “twist-off” closure to secure the lid to the jar. These lids highly compatible fitting straight sided jars candle jars. The metal lids can be customized in a variety of colors such as black, gold, silver, red, pink, green and so much more.


  • Glass Lids

Glass lids equipped with an open friction fitment in a “plug” style that fit snugly into candle jars. The glass lids are elegant in style and design and you can see through the glass jar container for the candle and its contents inside. Glass lids can be customized in design and size to fit your glass candle jars.


  • Bamboo Lids

A classic minimalist look for the candle jars with our bamboo lids that are manufactured for sustainability and eco-friendly materials. They are crafted with great precision to tightly secure and maintain the fragrance and scent of your candles during shipment.


  • Plastic Lids

The plastic lids feature a continuous thread system that interlocks with the threads around the opening of the jar for a secure fit. Plastic lids fit Straight Sided (Threaded) glass candle jars and will tightly secure the candle for shipping and delivery of candles to different parts of the world.



  • Frosted glass candle jars  

Frosted glass candle jars are perfect for a stylish and sleek look for your candles. They are the perfect glass jar container for house candles, center pieces in wedding and other vents and occasions and they are great in making a accent in the shelves. They can be customized in a variety of colors and can make your candles tone down the tone of their light to either warmer or cooler glow.

  • MatteBlack candle jars

36o Degrees Glass candle jars are printed with strong matte colors and can be variety of shades such as black, white, red, pink, amber, green and blue. The intensity of the colors of the glass candle jars can fit very well to your desired room aesthetics. They are a perfect choice for glass candle jars that are scented or with fragrance.


  • Screen printing

Screen Printing is a way to go for customizing your desired shade of colors or printed patterns in you glass candle jar containers. They are highly compatible in distributing the shade of colors or design in the right amount and in uneven surfaces or ares. The screen printing is the most recommended glass candle jar color customization process for bulk and wholesale clients.


  • Label Sticker

The main identifier of your brand is the label, with our high-end technology printing process of label stickers are highly efficient and is great with complicated and information that should be placed in your products. The label sticker is printed and cut with high-end technology to fit the glass candle container perfectly.




There are so many ways to improve your glass candle jar aesthetics and to make sure that your glass candle jars are the perfect packaging containers for your business venture. There are countless of process to enhance the look and overall presentation of your glass jars and we at LOM GLASSWORKS will help you in every step of the glass candle jar manufacturing, processing and decorating. We ensure you that our customer service representative will discuss each processes to you that will be vital in the making of your ideal glass candle jars that is perfect for you and for your customers.

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