Expert Amber Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale

LOM Glassworks can provide you with amber glass beer bottles in bulk with swing tops and crown caps.

Beer Bottle Factory Supply You Amber Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale

LOM Glassworks manufactures high-quality beer bottles and glass jars. Our wholesale empty beer bottles come with swing tops and caps. Among the beer bottles we manufacture and store are long neck bottles, short neck bottles, stubby bottles, Belgian bottles, and growlers. Amber glass bottles are available in sizes ranging from 330ml, 355ml, 500ml, 650ml, 750ml, and 1000ml for home brewing and craft beer.

Choose Amber Glass Beer Bottles In Bulk

8oz Amber Glass Beer Bottles

We recommend 8oz amber glass bottles for beer, wine, and other beverages. Amber is recycled to protect your beer’s taste from UV radiation.

12oz Amber Glass Beer Bottles

It is a suitable choice for liquor, craft beer, wine, and vinegar in a 12oz (355ml) amber glass bottle with a swing-top.

16oz Amber Glass Beer Bottles

16oz amber glass beer bottles have straight, smooth walls that are easy to label. They come with gold, silver, or black crown caps.

500 Amber Glass Beer Bottles

Choosing proper crown caps for beer bottles of 500ml brown glass to prevent carbonation and fermentation.

750ml Amber Glass Beer Bottles

750ml amber glass beer bottles with swing tops are convenient and leak-proof.

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Swing Top Glass Bottles Wholesale

Our swing top glass beer bottles wholesale suppliers can provide you with recyclable colored bottles in colors such as brown, blue, green, dark, pink, and frost. You can use them for water bottles, beer bottles, wine bottles, and homebrewing. Round or square shapes are available.

Glass Growler Wholesale

Growler bulk bottles usually come in clear, black, and amber colors. You can store beer, water, and wine in glass jugs with capacities of 32oz, 64oz, 1L, and 2L. These are airtight caps with twist-off tops and swing-off tops.

Boston Round Bottles Wholesale

Wholesale Boston round bottles in a variety of colors and sizes. Choose plastic caps, droppers, sprayers, dispensers,s, and brushes. In the food, medicine, and beverage industries, Boston round bottles are used to contain essential oils, medicines, and vaping liquids.

Support Your Business with Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale

We have been manufacturing glass beer bottles in China for 23 years. We provide different styles of amber glass bottles, clear glass bottles, blue glass bottles, and green glass bottles. Our amber beer bottles will protect your beer wine products from ultraviolet rays.

Please contact us for further discussion if you need to customize our glass bottles.

Amber glass beer bottles wholesale has different shapes

LOM Glassworks Glass Beer Bottles Wholesale & Manufacturer

Amber Glass Beer Bottles on production line
100% Recyclable Materials

All the glass beer bottles we provide you are 100% recyclable and made of environmentally friendly glass raw materials.


For the sake of preventing beer taste and carbonation change, we provide airtight glass beer bottles. Amber glass bottles are a fantastic choice.

Competitive price

For glass beer bottles, we have two production lines. We offer competitive prices so you can find the right package for the right price.

Multiple Caps and Closure

Depending on your product application, we supply glass bottles or glass jars with many different closure options.

Free Bottle Samples

You will receive free glass bottle samples for testing, and your customized bottle will be proofed within 15 days.

Comprehensive Service

Besides providing labeling services, we also provide different closures, such as swing tops and crown caps.

Safe packaging

Since 1999, we have manufactured glass beer bottles in China. Our glass amber bottles are packaged in safe pallets.

Wholesale Amber Glass Beer Bottles from LOM Glassworks

As a trusted glass beer bottle supplier, we can provide amber glass beer bottles in bulk, whether you are a small or large brewery. In our glass bottle warehouse, you can find the style you want, or you can customize your glass beer bottles.

We offer beer in a variety of colors, including blue, green, brown, and clear. Among the wholesale sizes we offer are 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 22oz, 330ml, 500ml, and 750ml. You can purchase glass beer bottles with swing tops or glass beer bottles with crown caps.



Amber glass beer bottles are made from durable, thick amber glass. This product is suitable for homebrewing, Kombucha, whiskey bottling, soda, cider, kefir, vinegar, oil, vanilla extract, and more.


With the Flip Cap, Ez Cap, Screw Cap, Swing Top, and Metal Cap, you can seal tightly to ensure that the contents inside stay as fresh and delicious as the day you bottled them.


Perfect for filtering light and protecting your homebrew.


The durable glass amber beer bottles we offer are built to last so you can use them over and over. They are packed safely so they won’t break during shipping.


Flip Cap, Ez Cap, Screw Cap, Swing Top, and Metal Cap tops are constructed with strong steel and thick rubber gaskets to provide a long-lasting seal.

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