TOP 7 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in South Africa

The Packhouse


The Packhouse was established in November 2009 by Meg Clear and was initially called as Maverick Trading and has been in the glass bottle manufacturing industry since then. They have become one of the best glass bottle packaging supplier in South Africa. They are reliable in competitive glass bottle packaging solution for cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food packaging sectors.


  • Their catalogs for glass bottles have a great range of everything you need from variety of sizes, use and colors,
  • They offer amber glass bottles, Asparagus glass jars, Basquaise, Cassi, Catering Jars, Chutney glass jars.


Berlin Packaging South Africa


Located in Cape Town, Berlin Packaging South Africa together with Berlin Packaging UK is one of the world’s largest hybrid glass bottle packaging supplier and distributor in the global network. They have a great range and variety of glass bottle packaging products, closures, and accessories. Berlin Packaging South Africa is supported with solid support and trusted with global clients.


  • The Berlin Packaging South Africa has all the glass bottles and containers such as Spirit Bottles, Beer Bottles, Gourmet Bottles and Standard Glass Bottles.
  • They have closure and accessories like metal scre caps that is made with high-quality tin and aluminum material and offers a great leak-proof resistant feature for the glass bottles.


Dalgen Packaging CC


Dalgen is one of the leading glass bottle manufacturer and distributor in South Africa, they distribute pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, wine and beverages glass bottles for Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Mauritius. They are internationally acclaimed glass bottle manufacturer with their clients around the world.


  • The range of manufactured glass bottles by Dalgen Packaging includes glass bottles for craft beer, glass spirit bottles, and glass water and juice bottles.
  • They have a great selection of customized features such as product capacity, glass bottle color, neck finish, accessories, cap liners, and screw caps.

Glamosa Glass

Glamosa Glass was established since 1958 and has been manufacturing since then large volumes of glass bottles and distributes it across the country ans around the globe. The glass bottles manufactured by Glamosa Glass is highly customizable in terms of its sizes, product capacity, and features.

  • They are primarily a glass manufacturing company that offers custom-made glass bottles for many businesses in different countries.
  • They are great in customer-care service and in assisting clients with finalizing and improving their specifications of their glass bottles for their businesses.




Consol is prominent in the field of manufacturing and distributing glass bottles. Consol is committed to generate and produce glass bottles for sustainable glass bottles. Leading glass packaging manufacturer in Sub-Saharan Africa with six manufacturing plants. They have established a great production facilities, provides technical and innovative glass bottle product development to support many businesses in the food and beverage industry.


  • Improves customer service through value enhancement and cost-effective initiatives.
  • Consol has a broad and established customer base, underpinned by long-standing customer relationships from all over the globe.
  • Provides a full capability mould manufacturing facility, reducing cost and shortening new product development lead time





Bonpak renowned glass bottle supplier and distributor that was established in 1990. They focus on production of glass bottles for foods, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, fruit juice, mineral water , wine, and spirit industries. They are capable in catering both large- and small scale business owners. Bonpak’s competitive pricing and flexibility in catering orders and specifications for their clients.


  • They have a great varition of glass bottle shapes such as Curved, Haxagon, Rectangle, Round and Square Glass Bottles.
  • They glass bottles that can be used for storing and bottling Asparagus, Beer Glass Bottle, Miner Glass Bottles, Juice Bottles and Liquor Bottles.




Nampak is one of the leading glass manufacturers in South Africa and has been in the manufacturing industry since 1984.  They have a great range of wine bottles and standard glass bottles that caters countless of international clients. Nampak, has boosted its technical and automated production line over the years. They deliver a great deal of glass bottle packaging solutions in the market.


  • Nampak offered a great quality glass bottle especially for packaging wines and liquors. They craft glass bottle with delicate designs and sophisticated designs.
  • They offer a broad range of glass bottles accessories and caps. They have available in various sizes and shapes.
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