Everything You Need To Know About Glass Boston Rounds

The first appearance Glass Boston Rounds were in United Kingdom since  the 19th Century  and was called as  “Winchester quart” bottle with a capacity of 2 imperial quarts (2.273 litres). At the time, a system of dry capacity measures known as “Winchester” was still in use.  A “Boston round” has a cylindrical shape without a handle and a short curved shoulder. It is threaded for closing with a screw cap. It was particularly used in these times as form of packaging for medicinal syrups . It is in Amber shade or in colored glass bottle to protect the content of the glass bottle from UV rays and to protect light-sensitive contents.



These glass bottles are the main bottling container for beverages, most especially carbonated drinks. It’s base is shaped on round and has a height that could fit 500ml-1000ml product content. They Boston Round Bottles are primarily called like that due to its shape and form.


  • Types of Boston Round Bottles


Boston rounds bottles has a variety of sizes and height. They have different widths that will enable breweries to control the product capacity of a specific glass bottle. The shade amber on the bottles are vital and important in keeping its content safe from UV rays and especially contents that are photosensitive or that may spoil or get damaged upon long contact with the heat and light of the sun.


  • Glass boston Round with caps

Glass boston rounds are equipped with caps that can safely secure and fasten the glass bottles. It is important for the boston round glass bottles to have caps as they will help in maintaining the freshness and quality of the product.


  • Glass boston round with dropper

Glass boston rounds with dropper care greatly convenient and essential to minimize spillage of the products and contents of the bottle. It is great to help control the amount of product that will be dispensed using a dropper that is attached in the caps. Usually it is used for medicinal syrups and essential oils.


  • Glass boston round with cork

Glass boston round with corks are a great in aesthetic and appearance wise and also it serves as a airtight cap that is great in maintaining the product quality inside the glass boston bottles. The corks are a great way to also minimize plastic wastes as the corks are environmentally friendly material.


  • Glass boston round with glass lids

Looking for a elegant upgrade on your glass boston rounds? The glass boston rounds with glass lids is a sure way to go. The design and precision in  moulding the glass lids are a great indication for the quality of the glass boston rounds and it is much more easier to clean because it is made of glass.


  • Glass boston round with pump

Glass boston round with pump, this glass boston round bottle is equipped with a pump that you can use in distributing a the products or the content of the glass bottle much more efficiently and convenient. It is a great was to control the product that is being dispensed


  • Glass boston round with sprayer, fine mist sprayer, trigger sprayer

In the chemical and household care industries, glass boston round are equipped with trigger sprayer that can control fine mist and even jet sprayer for product dispensing and distributing it equally. The glass boston rounds with trigger sprayer is a great tool for household cleaning materials that can hold harsh and strong chemicals.



What are the usage of boston round bottles?


You can use Boston Round Glass Bottles for a lot of things like for home cleaning and care, bottling of beverages, liquors and non-alcoholic drinks, bottling of medications and syrups, bottling essential oils and fragrances and so much more.


How to choose the right boston round glass bottles for you


  • Screw Caps

Screw caps are among the most used accessories and enclosure for your glass boston round bottles because they are tamper-evident and leak-resistant. They are available in metal caps and plastic caps and can be customized in terms of shape, size and its color to fit your glass boston round bottle.


  • Fine Mist Sprayer

The fine mist sprayer can be attached to your glass boston round bottles and can be used for spraying mist and just small amounts of product in a surface area. The fine mist trigger sprayers can be customized according to the look that you are going for your brand. The metal collar and sprayer can be customized in different kind of colors.


  • Mini Trigger Sprayer

Mini Trigger Sprayer can be used as an enclosure for glass boston round bottles as they are able to dispense a fair amount of product in the surface. Right now it is on trend as it is used for rebottling alcohol used for hand sanitizing and it is travel friendly and compact in shape.


  • Lotion Pump

Lotion pump can be used in variety of products such as handsoaps, liquid dishwashing and even syrups in a cafe. The glass boston rounds bottles are compatible with lotion pumps to tight secure the contents withing the glass bottle.


  • Dropper

There are various of ways to use the dropper that comes along with the boston glass bottles. It is a perfect pair and partner in order to distribute and dispense a product without a mess and minimal dispensing feature. This will help you control the product that is going to be used.


  • Cork Stopper

Cork Stoppers are mainly used for wine and liquor bottling and they help maintain the quality and the freshness of the beverage and alcoholic drinks for a long time in a glass boston round bottles. It is also great that the boston round glass bottles are colored in amber or other shade in order to keep it safe from UV light that is emitted from the sun and harm or spoil the contents inside the glass bottle.


How many color for boston round glass bottles are available?


There are a great selection of boston glass bottles that are available in various colors such Amber, Clear, Blue, Green White, Black, Frosted or any color that you prefer. The color for your glass bottles is an important step to take in consideration as this will represent your brand as well this will also keep the content of the glass bottle fresh and in good quality for your clients.

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