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Glass Pineapple Jar Wholesale and Manufacturer From China

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Supply You Pineapple Jars Wholesale and Bulk

As a pineapple jar wholesale and manufacturer, we offer a variety of pineapple-shaped glass jars. The glass is non-toxic, durable, recyclable, and heat-resistant.

With our glass pineapple jar, you can store beverages, food, candy, and candles.

We also offer metal lids, plastic lids, and straws, so you can get pineapple mason jar straws and different materials candle lids for your candle jars wholesale.


Empty Glass Pineapple Jar Wholesale and Manufacturer

We offer your empty clear glass pineapple jar wholesale, we can paint it in red, yellow, green, blue, brown, gray, black, white, and electroplate it in gold, silver, copper, and bronze to suit your project. 

Glass pineapple jars are available in multiple sizes, such as 300ml, 500ml for pineapple mason jars, 300ml for pineapple candle jars, and pineapple shaped candle jars for 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days. 

Please let us know if you need custom capacity and shapes.

Big Pineapple Beverage Jar
1.2 Gallon, 1.5 Gallon and 1.7 Gallon large pineapple beverage jars
Pineapple Candle Jars
Pineapple candle jars with lids in gold, sliver and copper
Pineapple Mason jar
350ml, 500ml pineapple mason jars with straw and closure
Pineapple Jar with straw
16oz pineapple jar with metal lid and straw in painting color
Pineapple Drinking Jar
18oz pineapple drinking jar with handle and straw
Pineapple Candle Jar
10oz pineapple candle jars bulk in gold, clear, black and sliver
Glass Pineapple Jar
Clear glass pineapple jars for beverage and juice with metal caps
Pineapple shaped glass jars
Pineapple shaped glass jars for candle 7days. 15days and 30days.

How to custom glass pineapple jars?

If you are interested in our model and capacity, we would be happy to provide free samples. You also can have custom design
  • Our engineer will make the design and drawings for you within 24 hours.
  • Make 3D models
  • Confirm the size, weight, and capacity
  • Make a sample mold within 10 days
  • Sample proofing within 7 days
  • Send you the first samples for approval.
  • Start mass production
  • Do surface treatment as your request
  • Custom lids and straws for your pineapple jars
  •  We can help you with custom packaging.

What Finish We Can Do For You?

  • Color Painting
We offer wholesale pineapple jars and color painting. We have milk white, blue, black, yellow, green, and gradients.
  • Electroplating
Decorative candle jars can be electroplated with silver, gold, copper or bronze, with an easy-to-remove metal coating.
  • Matte and Frosted
Standard matte color is black. The matte black surface is not easy to scratch, frosted finish adds mystery to candle jars.


Pineapple Jar Bulk

Mason Jar



Glass Pineapple Jar Wholesale

  • Wholesale Pineapple Jar

Factory offers the best wholesale prices

  • Fast Production
Every day, we make 400,000 bottles. Short production time.
  •  Free Samples
Free samples of glass jars are available to help you choose.
  • Low Quantity

We produce non-stop and have a large inventory


How to make your pineapple jar?
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